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How to Pick Out the Perfect Men's Golf Shirt

There are a lot of options when it comes to golf shirts. Check out this guide from Golf Expert Jorge Arteta for some tips and suggestions on how to pick the right one!

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How do you go about picking out the perfect golf shirt? Does it have to be perfect to play a good game? I once gave a good friend of mine a very expensive golf shirt as a birthday present. I handed it to him at the golf club just before we played. He hesitated to put it on but did it just to appease me and show off his new shirt. He mentioned that it felt a bit small but decided to play with it anyway. Ten years later, he still reminds me that he lost to me that day because I gave him a smaller size shirt on purpose to limit his swing which I have absolutely denied (smile)!

A Little Bit About Me

As a golf professional and teacher, shirts matter a lot to me. I usually have a long-sleeve shirt on with UPF 50+ protection because the sun can get really hot in the summer. My golf gear has to be trusted, dependable, and have some of the best performance tech fabric available. I also look for something easy to clean, so I can always look professional.

When I first started as a golf instructor, the fashion piece of my brand wasn't so important to me, but once I got to learn from some of my mentors, I quickly began to prioritize my look. Some of my best shirts are from my favorite teams in the NBA, NFL, and MLB. It's fun to talk about sports to new people when you're wearing your team's colors!

I play on some mini-tours and always find that I use the same shirts over and over. They are stylish, yet traditional, offer sun protection, and most of all are comfortable. Wearing something that is too tight, too loose, and too distracting is the last thing I need to be thinking about when playing in a tournament. The shirts should be like a natural extension of your body. The less I have to think about the more focus I can put on my golf game!

Finding Your Style

There are golf shirts for every style, color, and function nowadays. They go from traditional to modern, cotton to high-tech fabrics, and they look and feel fantastic.

What features are important to you when wearing a golf shirt. Do you want to wear it on the golf course and at the bar later on? Are you looking to use it on casual Fridays at the office and then go play? To my friend, size and fit mattered. What attributes matter to you? Comfort, moisture-wicking, lightweight, collar or no collar, breathability, polyester, strip shirt, or no stripes. Do you like to wear something created by Tiger Woods? Do you like dri-fit technology? How about a full range of motion? There are many styles and colors. Let’s look at what makes the perfect men’s golf shirt.

Key Considerations

Questions to consider for finding the perfect golf shirt:

  • What kind of golf courses do I play—private or public?
  • Is there a collared shirt requirement to play?
  • What are the typical weather conditions and time of year?
  • Do I want a brand name or off-brand?
  • Do I want long or short sleeves?
  • Should I get material with UV protection from the sun?
  • Am I going to wear the shirt to a restaurant or bar after playing?
  • What colors do I like—bright or traditional?
  • What styles do I like—solid or patterned?
  • Am I going to wear it with other layers of clothing?
  • Do I want pockets?
  • Do I like lightweight or heavy materials?
  • Do I want breathability in my shirt?
  • What kind of fabric feels good on my skin—tech performance or cotton?
  • What size do I need?
  • What is my budget?

Check out the list below for some of the top recommendations!

1. Antigua Men’s Long Sleeve Tribute Golf Shirt

Man wearing the Antigua Men’s Long Sleeve Tribute Golf Shirt.

The Antigua Long Sleeve Tribute is a fantastic shirt for golfers on and off the course. I’ve been partial to the Antigua apparel brand for a long time and have more Antigua golf apparel in my closet than any other brand. Most of the clothing I've had for years still looks fresh and new, which is a tribute to their durability. The ample room in the shoulders offers a relaxing feel. It stretches flawlessly and moves easily through the golf swing giving you total freedom. The fabric is 100% polyester, moisture-wicking, and offers UPF 50+ protection against harmful UV rays.

This shirt is excellent for a variety of activities, including golfing, casual business meetings, or just going to a bar or restaurant. The company has been around for over 40 years and started in the golf industry. If you are looking for overall quality and comfort, this Antigua shirt is a great option to consider.

2. Adidas Sport Collar Polo Shirt

The Adidas Sport Collar Polo Shirt is designed for those golfers who want to break away from traditional shirts and have a modern look even in hot weather. Adidas has been creating golf apparel for years now, and they are one of the more popular golf brands. They got their start in running shoes, soccer, and a wide variety of sports; this company knows sports. This collar was made popular by Tiger Woods, and it modified a lot of “collar only” shirt requirements in many golf clubs across the world.

For the environmentally-conscious golfer, the material is made with at least 40% of recycled sources. There are multiple colors to choose from, and it is easy to wash and dry. Get a good value golf shirt for a reasonable price; I've enjoyed wearing Adidas golf apparel. It fits just right without being too tight or loose, and it always seems to stay clean year after year. There are many golf offerings with Adidas; there might be one just perfect for you.

3. Loudmouth Happy Hour Performance Shirt

The Loudmouth Happy Hour Performance Shirt.

The Loudmouth Men’s Happy Hour Performance Shirt tells you that it’s time to have fun on the golf course. While the Loudmouth brand might have you hesitate at first with its wild and loud colors, get ready to yell fore to tell everyone you're on the course. The company was established in the year 2000 and has quickly risen to success with its bold designs. It got a big endorsement in 2009 when John Daly signed on, and the rest is history.

A pleasant surprise is that the shirts are really comfortable and offer lots of mobility. I’ve had a few clothing items from Loudmouth, and it’s fun to wear; it’s a great conversation starter, at the least. The 100% polyester performance blend fabric is a four-way stretch designed for golfers of all skill levels to appreciate. The polyester fabric is wrinkle-free and machine washable, making this a fantastic option for those who want minimal care clothing.

This lifestyle brand gets you ready for everyone to notice you on the course, so bring your A-game when playing. It sure is fun, though, when you are comfortable and get to create some wacky pictures and memories with your choice of apparel.

4. Under Armour Men’s Iso-Chill Polo

The Under Armour Men’s Iso-Chill Polo.

The Under Armour Men’s Iso-Chill Polo is a high-quality and very lightweight, comfortable golf shirt. Under Armour has been around for more than 25 years. They developed the heat and cold gear clothing lines and got their big break in the movie, "On Any Given Sunday,” where the Under Armour gear was featured. Considered to be one of the best golf shirts, it’s available in multiple colors with modern designs.

The performance fabric is blended with 88% nylon and 12% elastane which helps the Iso-Chill material keep you cool and regulate the body temperature. It offers UPF 50+ sun protection, anti-odor technology, and tech performance material that wicks away sweat and dries fast. There’s lots of freedom to swing with the four-way stretch fabric material offering a full range of swing motion.

5. Bonobos Tour Golf Polo

The Bonobos Tour Golf Polo.

Engineered for performance, the Bonobos Tour Golf Polo is golf attire that is ready for anything on and off the course. The company was founded by two men who couldn’t find golf pants that fit correctly, so they began making their own—my kind of company! They thought American pants were too boxy and that European brands were too tight, so they created something in the middle. They also took online shopping to the next level, and eventually, Walmart acquired the company.

Upgrade your wardrobe to look sharp and ready for anything with a large variety of styles and colors; Bonobos has a lot to offer the golfer of today. Ribbed collar, moisture-wicking, UPF 50 sun protection, UV resistance, and breathable fabric make these shirts an outstanding option. If you want to see more information on golf shirts not highlighted in this article or have questions about which shirt may be the right fit for you, reach out to a Golf Expert here on Curated. We love sending recommendations and can’t wait to connect!

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