10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Skier Dads

Was your dad's ski gear looking a little worn this season? Surprise him this Father's Day with a gift to upgrade his setup! Ski Expert Robbie M. shares 10 great ideas.

The author takes a selfie with his dad while they wear ski helmets.

Best day skiing is with Dad! Photo by Robbie M.

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Having trouble thinking of gift ideas for your rad skier dad? Want to get your dad something that says, “You’re pretty legit, both as a father figure and a shredder”? Look no further than this list for some suggestions!

Gifts Under $50

Product images of the Smartwool Men's Performance Ski Full Cushion OTC Socks, the BlackStrap The Hood Balaclava Facemask, and the Coal Frena Beanie.

The Smartwool Men's Performance Ski Full Cushion OTC Socks, the BlackStrap The Hood Balaclava Facemask, and the Coal Frena Beanie

1. Smartwool Men's Performance Ski Full Cushion OTC Socks

Slipping into a new pair of ski socks is one of the best feelings in the world. Smartwool makes some of the best ski socks with their Merino-wool blend that’ll keep your dad’s feet warm and dry. I personally ski exclusively with Smartwool on and love their strategically placed padding zones around the shins helping provide a comfy ride on the mountain. Plus, they get my Minnesota cold-weather stamp of approval, having used them on many days below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. BlackStrap The Hood Balaclava Facemask

In my personal experience, this is one of the best facemask/gaiter/balaclavas on the market. Unlike other face covers, the BlackStrap has held up well over time as it's machine washable and doesn't suffer from the “pilling” that I’ve gotten on different gaiters. The Hood can be worn comfortably under helmets and has a super useful pivoting facemask that keeps your face covered or uncovered both very comfortably. Along with keeping your dad warm, the Hood is rated at SPF 50, providing him coverage from sun and wind.

3. Coal Frena Beanie

I always like to carry a beanie hat in my jacket for the hike in from the parking lot and when the ski day is done, and the apres begins. The Coal Frena Beanie is stylish, affordable, and comes in a few different colors. The hipster dad in your life will be stoked to don such a fresh tuque (Canadian for hat).

Gifts Under $100

Product images of the Smith Optics Squad XL French Navy/Chromapop Sun Black Goggles, the Dakine Ski Sleeve, and the Outdoor Research Men's Point N Chute Sensor Gloves.

The Smith Optics Squad XL French Navy/Chromapop Sun Black Goggles, the Dakine Ski Sleeve, and the Outdoor Research Men's Point N Chute Sensor Gloves

4. Smith Optics Squad XL French Navy/Chromapop Sun Black Goggles

For a budget-friendly goggle with two lenses, the Smith Squad XL is an excellent pick. The large cylindrical lenses allow for great peripheral view and slight distortion, providing a crystal clear terrain view. The primary lens is ideal for sunny conditions, whereas the secondary lens is made for low-visibility days, giving your dad the best coverage possible.

5. Dakine Ski Sleeve

The Dakine Ski Sleeve is a super convenient way for your dad to get his skis from point A to point B. I use my ski bag to haul gear in my car to protect the interior of my vehicle and when flying with my skis and poles. Skier hack; ski bags can double as a suitcase for plane trips.

Pro tip: Pack your clothes rolled up around your skis and maximize the 50-pound bag limit of the airlines and protect your gear with your t-shirts and base layers.

6. Outdoor Research Men's Point N Chute Sensor Gloves

A good pair of gloves can make a big difference over the course of a big day. The OR Point N Chute gloves have durable and warm leather construction with a layer of GoreTex to keep your dad’s hands warm and dry. I personally use gloves containing leather as I’ve found them to last much longer and be much warmer than most synthetic gloves.

The author holds up his baby who is in a snowsuit.

My little grom! Photo courtesy of Robbie M.

Gifts Under $250

Product images of the Giro Jackson MIPS Helmet, the The North Face Men's Freedom Insulated Pants, and the Smith I/O MAG XL Goggles.

The Giro Jackson MIPS Helmet, the The North Face Men's Freedom Insulated Pants, and the Smith I/O MAG XL Goggles

7. Giro Jackson MIPS Helmet

Helmets are recommended to be replaced every five years, and noggin protection is a great gift! The Giro Jackson utilizes the latest MIPS tech to minimize direct impact to the head during a crash, keeping even the sendiest of dads safe. Plus, the matte finish looks pretty sweet!

8. The North Face Men's Freedom Insulated Pants

The North Face has been in the outdoor apparel industry for a long time and makes excellent gear. For an affordable ski pant option, TNF Freedom Insulated Pants are a great choice. Waterproof and insulated, these pants will keep dad warm and dry in all sorts of conditions on the mountain.

9. Smith I/O MAG XL Goggles

My goggle of choice, the Smith I/O MAG XL, is a fantastic choice for those looking to get their dad the best option on the market. The goggle frame contains small magnets, allowing for a mind blowingly easy lens change. Like the Smith Squad XL, the MAG XL is slightly oversized for better peripheral vision and comes with two lenses for different conditions.

Gifts Beyond Value!

The author and his father smile at the top of a Jackson Hole ski run.

Jackson with my dad! Photo by Robbie M. 

10. A Personalized Ski Setup

What better gift for your dad than a set of skis, boots, bindings, or whatever other gear he is looking to add to his quiver?

Talk to myself or other Curated Experts on how we can help get your dad fitted with the right gear for him, or better yet, provide him a gift card to get the full Curated experience himself. Any of our Ski Experts would love to help make sure your dad gets the best gear for Father’s Day!

Product image of a Curated Father's Day gift card.
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