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Should You Trade-In Your Old Golf Clubs?

Published on 06/15/2023 · 7 min readLooking to upgrade your clubs but worried about the price? At Curated we have a trade-in program for your old clubs! Keep reading to learn if it's right for you.
Ryan Hammond, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Ryan Hammond

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Trading in your old golf clubs is the most simple and straightforward way to receive value for them when purchasing new ones. Here at Curated, we are aware that the cost of a new set of clubs can add up quickly, and we are pleased to offer a trade-in program! Traditionally, selling your used golf clubs requires posting them, waiting for buyers, haggling over price, and meeting up, but I’ve found trading in to be a quick and efficient process! You’ll simply send back your old clubs once receiving the new ones, and you will be refunded their value.

In this guide, I’ll break down the entire trade-in process, as well as some best practices when it comes to preparing your clubs and estimating their value.

Curated's Trade-In Program

To start, thoroughly wipe your clubs down with a damp towel, removing all dirt and scuff marks from the face and soles of the club heads. Once your golf clubs are camera ready, lay them on the floor, or rest them up against the wall. It is important to choose a background with a neutral, light-colored background so that your clubs are completely visible. If you are having trouble finding an appropriate background, a beach towel or blanket can work great while also providing a bit of cushion between the clubs and the floor. If you are trading in an iron set, be sure to arrange the clubs from longest to shortest.

Please take pictures of the entire golf club, as well as any headcovers or tools that come with it. Then, work your way around the club to get shots of every different angle. It is best to include a topline, clubface, club sole, and back of clubhead shot, as well as the picture of the full club. Once you have taken all the needed pictures, send them over to your Curated Expert, along with the brand, model name, and any other information you can find on your trade-in.

Your Expert will do a bit of research on your clubs, assess the condition that they are in, and ask any needed clarification questions. Once they have all the information they need, they will reach out to our trade-in partners and provide you with an initial estimate of your trade-in value. Note that this is a preliminary estimate based on the information you provide, and the actual value may differ if the clubs are in a different condition than initially described.

Next, you will go ahead and make your new club purchase, paying the full amount. When your new golf clubs arrive, there will also be a provided shipping label for you to mail back your trade-in. Simply remove your shiny new clubs from the shipping box, and replace them with your old ones, making sure to cushion them appropriately to avoid damage.

Once we receive your golf clubs, our trade-in partners will assess and finalize the trade-in value. You will receive a refund for this final amount, reducing the overall cost of your purchase! This exciting new program from Curated is a fantastic way to save some cash on a new set of clubs while also saving storage space by clearing out your old equipment.

Estimating Your Trade-In Value

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Many golfers are curious as to what their clubs are worth and prefer to do a bit of research before reaching out to a Golf Expert and starting the trade-in process. There are a few quick and simple methods to find a ballpark estimate of your trade-in value, and all three can be completed in less than 15 minutes!

The best place to start when estimating the value of a used golf club is PGA Value Guide. Many golfers refer to the PGA Value Guide as the “Kelley Blue Book” of golf equipment, as it includes a massive database of club models and is usually fairly accurate when it comes to estimates. Their website is simple to use, and the entire process can be completed in less than five minutes.

2nd Swing Golf is an extremely popular online marketplace that both buys and sells used golf clubs. Their website contains an extremely comprehensive value guide containing the specs and value estimates of thousands of golf clubs. More times than not, the values provided by PGA Value Guide and 2nd Swing Golf will be very similar. This is a good sign, as these two websites are the industry leaders at determining used club value, meaning the estimate is likely to be accurate.

Once you have used PGA Value Guide and 2nd Swing Golf to get an initial estimate of your club’s value, it is helpful to check online marketplace like eBay, OfferUp, and Facebook Marketplace to see what similar clubs are currently selling for. While it may be tough to find an exact match of your club for sale, it is always helpful to seek a second opinion when trying to determine value.

Trading In vs. Selling Golf Clubs

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Many golfers wonder what the difference is between a trade-in and a sale when it comes to used golf equipment. Trade-ins offer superior convenience and a trustworthy guarantee while selling clubs can be a bit more involved and risky. Selling is still a better option in some cases, however, especially for those who are looking to hang up their golf shoes altogether.

The trade-in process is hands down the most convenient way to receive value for used golf clubs. There is no need to create a listing, haggle with potential buyers, or stress about the collection of payment. Curated’s trade-in program is one of the most simple processes of any option available and can be done from home in minutes.

There are certain situations where selling golf clubs can be a better option. First, trade-ins are only available when purchasing new golf equipment. Upgrading golf clubs is one of the most common reasons for selling clubs, but there are also golfers who have given up on the game and have no need for replacement clubs.

There are a number of online marketplaces where used golf equipment is bought and sold, and it is sometimes possible to receive a higher dollar amount for equipment by selling it peer to peer. eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces when it comes to golf equipment and will usually draw the largest audience when selling clubs. The main drawback of eBay is the hassle and cost of shipping an item, as well as dealing with returns if the buyer finds the clubs to be unsatisfactory.

OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace are also popular online selling platforms, though these require meeting up in person to exchange the golf clubs for cash. The need to load up the clubs and drive them to the meeting location is an added hassle, but some sellers prefer being able to collect cash for their clubs as opposed to online payment or store credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I trade in my golf clubs without purchasing new ones?

The trade-in program at Curated is only currently available when applied to a purchase at this time. For golfers interested in selling their current clubs without purchasing new ones, there are many different online marketplaces that are great options for selling golf equipment.

Here at Curated, we would hate to see you give up on the game of golf - and encourage you to reach out to a knowledgeable Golf Expert to determine if your current clubs are suited for your golf swing and play style. We believe that using the correct equipment is half the battle, and a new set of golf clubs can go a long way in terms of enjoying the most wonderful game on earth.

Can I trade in my clubs if I am using financing for my purchase?

Yes! Curated offers financing on all purchases through our trusted financing partner, Affirm. When using Affirm to finance purchases, you will complete the financed purchase, and your balance to be paid off will be reflected in your Affirm account. Once you mail back your trade-in with the provided shipping label, the trade-in amount will be credited to your Affirm balance!

What if my trade-in value is higher than the cost of my purchase?

Unfortunately, Curated is only able to accept trade-ins that are lower than the value of your purchase at this time. Currently, there is not a system in place to provide store credit on trade-ins that exceed the purchase value, but the team at Curated is on it in hopes to offer a program like this in the future!

Let's Check Out Some Clubs!

I hope this has answered your questions on club trade-ins, and hopefully, it has you excited to check out some of our clubs over at Curated. Let your Golf Expert know what your thinking for your next set!


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