4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Angler Dads

Published on 05/17/2023 · 6 min readDoes your dad love to fish? Get him the perfect Father's Day present this year with these ideas from Fishing Expert Alex Johnson.
Alex Johnson, Fishing Expert
By Fishing Expert Alex Johnson

Photo by Ryan Arnst

Father’s Day is a special day for anglers because if you’re like me or just about anyone else I’ve ever met, your dad was the one who took you fishing for the first time. Maybe you’re reading this because you still fish together, or you just want to bring back the tradition and need some ideas. Either way, this list is a great start for this year’s Father’s Day (Sunday, June 19). Make this one to remember with some truly exceptional fishing gifts your dad is sure to love. Plus, it's about time to pay him back for all the gear you “borrowed” from him!

Father’s Day is famous as a day where dads receive fishing gifts, but if you really want to impress your dad, grab a few or all of the products on this list. Regardless, no matter what fishing gift you get for your dad, I’m sure he’s just happy that you enjoy his passion for fishing as much as he does and that you enjoy time on the water together. At the end of the day, these gifts are simply intended to give you and your dad an excuse to go fishing together ASAP!

1. Tackle Storage

There are few things dads love more than organization, which is why some tackle storage pieces from the new Plano EDGE series are a great Father’s Day gift. This series won best in category for tackle storage at the most recent iCast convention, so you know he’ll be getting the best tackle boxes on the market.

With the Plano EDGE Flex, he can organize terminal tackle, weights, or hard baits so nothing ever gets misplaced again. In addition, the Plano EDGE Plastics Box allows for organization of those pesky soft plastics that seem to end up all over the place. With the PLANO EDGE system, he’ll have everything in one place. Lastly, nobody loves a dangerously tangled mess of treble hooks from a disorganized mess of crankbaits, so the Plano EDGE Crank XL Box is the perfect solution for his valuable crankbait collection.

The Plano EDGE system is an innovative and modular system for tackle storage. Boxes are lightweight, compact, and include customizable dividers to suit your dad’s organization needs. You can also rest easy knowing these boxes are completely watertight, so no water will get in on its own to corrode hooks and lures.

Never again will your dad curse over his tackle storage and the mess it has become (even if you carry some of the blame). These boxes from Plano will give him an excuse to organize everything and get it ready for the next outing.

2. Top-Notch Rod and Reel Combo

Does your dad appreciate the best high-quality gear money can buy, but he never spends it on himself? Blow his socks off this year with a baitcasting combo from industry leader Shimano. The Shimano Curado DC baitcasting reel is favored among many bass anglers and is revered as one of the best baitcasting reels on the market. Along with the Shimano Zodias Casting rod, your dad will have the best baitcasting combo on the water, and he’ll have you to thank for it.

If your dad is one of those old-school die-hards that still uses a spinning setup for everything, I’m certain a Shimano Curado DC combo will change his mind. With the Curado DC’s microchip component, it’s nearly impossible to backlash, so he’ll no longer be able to gripe about it anymore and make it an excuse. With the added control of a baitcasting setup, he’ll never want to use anything else.

3. Baits and Lures

Remember how I mentioned you probably owe your dad back for all that gear you “borrowed” from him? Well, baits and lures are a great place to start. If you’ve got a tight budget but still want to get your dad some gifts he’ll love, stocking up his tackle box is a guaranteed way to make him happy this father’s day without breaking the bank.

No tackle box is complete without some soft plastic baits. Creature baits are a must-have and can be used for a variety of fishing styles and techniques. The Googan Baits bandito bug is an excellent choice for starters. Other useful soft plastics include the revolutionary and increasingly popular Geecrack Bellows Gill, rebel chunk trailer, and classic Senko-style plastic worms.

You can also add to his crankbait box with a few colors of the Strike King 6XD for some deep diving action. If your dad is more of a squarebill crankbait fan, you can’t go wrong with the Strike King Hard Knock Squarebill. Don’t forget to add a few flipping jigs as well for those PB-worthy largemouths this summer.

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with some EWG worm hooks and Tungsten bullet weights. It seems there is always a need for those on the water and Dad is always the one lending the tackle, so do him a favor and reverse the roles for a change.

4. Accessories

Finally, no fishing gift guide is complete without a few accessories that can be enjoyed on and off the water. First, what dad doesn't love a good quarter zip? The SIMMS Rivershed Quarter Zip fleece pullover is perfect for an early morning fishing trip, a day at the office, or a round of drinks at his favorite bar. Your dad is sure to love the comfortable feel and stylish look of this top.

Next, the Rapala digital fish scale is great for putting those weight guesses to the test. Now you’ll be able to see who the true fishing champion is for your fishing trips, with bragging rights to follow. Was that “ten-pounder” really 10lb? Time to find out who’s full of it and who’s not!

Lastly, every fisherman should have a good pair of polarized sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun and allow them to see down into the water much clearer. The Suncloud Milestone sunglasses are an excellent choice for this year’s Father’s Day. The durable and stylish design will surely make them your dad’s go-to pair of sunglasses on and off the water.

We have a lot to be thankful for on Father’s Day. Our dads provide for our families and teach us valuable lessons. They introduce us to their interests that carry on into the next generations, and it’s hard to name a better father-child pastime than fishing. I hope your dad will love any of the items on this list, and the next time you go fishing, he’ll have you to thank.

Gear is great and allows us to pursue the fish we love to catch, but most importantly this Father’s Day, just take your dad fishing. Whether you haven’t gone fishing together in a long time, or you go together all the time, he will appreciate it. From observing my dad and other dads I've fished with, I know they take much more enjoyment out of teaching and watching others catch fish, so a fishing trip and these gifts can serve as just a small token of our gratitude for their selflessness.

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