8 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Cyclist Dads

Published on 05/15/2023 · 6 min readFather's Day is right around the corner, so Cycling Expert Nat Smucker shares his eight suggestions for the perfect present to surprise your dad with!
Nat Smucker, Cycling Expert
By Cycling Expert Nat Smucker

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Father’s Day gifts can be tricky. Your dad has lots of barbeque gadgets, “Best Dad Ever” mugs, and cool ties. They sounded like a good idea but really fell flat. If your dad, father-in-law, or father figure is a cyclist, consider something they’ll really appreciate on their next road bike ride. Here are eight gift ideas your dad will use for years to come!

1. A New Helmet

One of my dad’s catchphrases is “safety first,” and if yours is anything like mine, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times, too! A bike helmet is an important piece of safety equipment often overlooked. I see plenty of people wearing an old helmet on their bikes, which, other than having a decade of sweat soaked into the foam, won’t provide much protection in the event of a crash.

Experts recommend a new helmet every 4-5 years because the foam in the helmet breaks down over time under the sun’s UV rays, losing a lot of its protection capabilities. So if your dad’s helmet is looking old and shabby, this is your chance to get him a new one.

My favorite is the Smith Persist MIPS. It’s light, stylish, well-ventilated, and comes with MIPS protection for added peace of mind. MIPS helps reduce multi-directional forces in the event of a crash, lowering the chances of severe brain injury. I’ve been wearing versions of this model for years, and it’s incredibly comfortable. Get him the right size to ensure a snug fit.

2. Bike Computer

Long gone are the days of planning out a bike ride on a map and memorizing every turn! Modern bike computers have as many features as a smartphone. And while you can disable some of them for less-tech-savvy dads, you get turn-by-turn directions, current speed, and distance traveled.

You can even receive text and weather notifications from your phone via Bluetooth. These features mean you can get out there and ride without worrying about getting lost or being unreachable by the family. No longer needing to sneak a glance at your phone while riding cuts down on the chances of an avoidable accident too.

I’ve been using the Garmin Edge 530 for years with zero complaints. It’s robust, easy to use, and has a large color screen with good clarity to keep your dad on track on all his road biking adventures.

3. Floor Pump

Don’t roll your eyes at the thought of getting your dad a gift as boring as a pump. There are chic ones on the market today that come with a heavy cool factor such as the Classic Floor Pump from Lezyne. While you may not need to splurge as much, a quality floor pump means he no longer needs 20 minutes to pump up his road bike tires to 100psi with that mini-pump for roadside emergencies.

Any regular rider uses their pump at least every week, and having a quality high-pressure pump like the Classic from Lezyne with an easy-to-read pressure gauge makes pumping up his tires a pleasure instead of a chore. If your dad has ever complained about tire pressure, don’t ask, just get him one of these bad boys this Father’s Day.

4. New Tires

Bike tires are like shoes to a runner. They’re the only contact point with the ground, and the difference between a good and a bad pair is drastic. Quality road tires improve speed, comfort, and road feel (i.e. enjoyment). Old tires are more prone to flats, and nobody enjoys sitting on the side of the road repairing a puncture, or worse, being stuck with torn sidewall.

There’s a significant improvement when switching to something like the Continental GP 5000 compared to the economy model he may buy for himself. The GP500 is the gold standard for speed, comfort, and overall performance. It’s the only tire I use, and your dad deserves nothing but the best. Why settle for less?

5. Cycling Jersey

Cycling jerseys are always a fabulous gift idea. To the untrained eye, they look like a dry-fit T-shirt with a zipper at first glance. But road cycling jerseys today are made specifically for his favorite pastime. They feature built-in pockets for holding essential items like a phone, keys, and even a few snacks for those longer rides.

Because they are made of breathable fabric, he’ll stay cool on the hottest of days. They come in different fits for dads of all sizes. Wearing a tailored jersey will make dad feel and look great since it won’t flap around in the wind as his conventional T-shirt does.

For a great cycling jersey that’s comfortable and stylish, I recommend the Rapha brand, particularly the Core Jersey (for a relaxed fit), and the Pro Team Training Jersey (for a tailored, more aerodynamic fit). Both come in a few different colors, wick sweat away, and include outstanding features you come to expect from a quality brand name like Rapha.

6. Sunglasses

With summer fast approaching, it’s important to keep your eyes protected out on the bike. Besides UV rays from the sun, cyclists are also exposed to those same rays reflecting off dark road surfaces. Cycling-specific sunglasses are designed to fit under your helmet and protect from harmful UV rays while being aerodynamic and good-looking.

For a fantastic pair, look no further than the POC Aspire. Mix and match the frame color and lens style to go with your dad’s signature style and the type of riding conditions he faces out on the road. With rubber grippers on the temple and nose and plenty of adjustability, the Aspires are sure to fit your dad. He’ll love them so much he’ll forget he’s wearing them.

7. Turbo Trainer

If your dad complains about not being able to ride during the winter or foul weather, it’s time to get him a turbo trainer. These smart trainers attach to a bike’s rear cassette before connecting to apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad. The entire experience simulates riding outdoors extremely well. Changes in resistance take place automatically in the virtual world, like when going uphill.

For a totally immersive indoor riding experience, go for the Tacx Neo 2T, which you can ride even when not connected to a power source. That makes it perfect for race day or to warm up before your next GranFondo or gravel event. It’s extremely quiet and folds up for storage when not in use. A winter’s worth of training on the Neo 2T will have your dad hitting the roads in the spring like he never stopped!

8. A New Bike

If you’re thinking the gift ideas we’ve covered are simply inadequate for your dad, why not go the full distance and treat him to a brand new bike? NBD (New Bike Day) is the best day for any cyclist and guarantees to mark the day as one of the best Father’s Day ever!

Not just any bike will do. Treat dad to the new Cannondale Synapse LTD RLE that pushes the limits of bike technology. The Synapse RLE has an integrated radar and lights to warn the rider of cars coming from behind and alert other road users to braking, and it pairs with your Garmin (see number two above). A top-shelf gift for a dad totally deserving of the best!

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