Expert Review: TaylorMade M4 Combo Set

Published on 05/16/2023 · 4 min readThis review is my own honest opinion of the golf clubs, which I bought with my own money in November 2021.
Spencer Shelden, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Spencer Shelden

Back of an M4 Iron after 8 months of use. All photos courtesy of Spencer Shelden

My take

From my experience using the TaylorMade M4 irons and hybrids, they have been nothing but pleasant. From their feel to their distance control and forgiveness, they truly are a great set for the price I paid. Even on my mishits, I find myself in very playable situations and not out of bounds.

About the clubs I own/tested

  • Model: TaylorMade M4 Combo Set (2021)
  • Loft setting: Standard
  • Shaft type: Ventus
  • Shaft flex: Regular

About me

  • Average score: 85-89
  • Handicap: 13
  • Experience: 10+ occasionally and 2 consistently recently
  • Right/Left-Handed: Right
  • Typical ball flight: Mid-high
  • Golf ball used: TaylorMade TP5x

Test conditions

How it performs


What I was looking for

I was looking for a set of affordable and forgiving clubs to help my handicap index go down while still making some adjustments to my swings.

Why I chose these clubs

I bought this set because after testing several clubs they felt great, looked great, and were forgiving. I considered going with the TaylorMade SIM2 Irons, but for the several-hundred-dollar price difference, I had noticed only a bit of performance difference compared to the M4. For me, it was an easy choice for my budget. Compared to the old hand-me-down set I had for most of my adult life, they were an extreme upgrade. Not only adding my first hybrids to the bag but also adding a much more balanced and thicker iron to add the forgiveness I was looking for. When swinging these clubs, it felt much smoother, lighter (even though it was thicker), and a lot softer on the hands.

What I love about them

  • Forgiveness: The cavity back on the head of the clubs really distributes the weight in all the right places.
  • Feel: They feel extremely light and smooth on good swings and noticeably better than some other irons on mishits.
  • Shaft Feel: The shaft is lightweight, while still offering torque.
  • Shaft Performance: The Ventus shaft is one of my favorite shafts for both performance and aesthetics. It has just enough whip to offer power behind the shot without compromising my swing.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: These are easily some of my favorite-looking clubs. The red and black is extremely sleek behind the ball and fills me with confidence.
  • Launch Angle: The lofts that the M4’s come in offer an excellent, mid-high launch angle.
  • Spin: The wedges in the set offer great spin in greenside situations. I’ve used my AW many times to add backspin and stop the ball just short of the pin.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Distance: The distance these clubs can achieve is sacrificed a little compared to some of the other irons in TaylorMade’s lineup, but their forgiveness definitely makes up for that.
  • Sound: They don’t sound as premium on off-center strikes, only on pure shots.
  • Adjustability: There isn’t much adjustability with these irons.
  • Grip Feel: While the grip is quite a premium grip, I personally have chosen to swap them out to something that fits me a bit better. However, the stock grip offers a good feel for the average golfer.
  • Workability: I find myself able to hit draws and fades, however compared to some competitors it doesn’t excel in this category quite as much for the average golfer when it comes to precision and control in shaping shots.

Testing out the M4's on the driving range!

Best shot with these clubs

My best and personal-favorite shot was with one of the TaylorMade M4 wedges, specifically the AW. I had myself about 40 yards short of the greenside bunker, the pin was back right (just behind the bunker), and to save par I had to put it close for a chance. I chose to play the AW for the loft it provides and put it just over the bunker with a ton of backspin and stopped it within 3 feet of the pin.

Value for the money vs. other options

I can’t express enough that this set is almost guaranteed to be the best bang for your buck. I tested premium irons, such as the TaylorMade P790, Stealth, SIM2, Callaway Mavrik, Callaway Rogues/Rogue ST, and the PING G410 and G425. All of the others (except the Mavrik and Rogue) were significantly more expensive. Granted, some of the more premium and expensive irons felt even better, offered more performance and had more tech in them.

Final verdict

This set helped drop me down from my old score of around 90-95 down to 85-89 while making a lot of adjustments, in just about six months’ time. The value for the price is nearly unmatched across the golf market, and they truly feel like premium irons.

These clubs are featured in the Best TaylorMade Irons. Check it out for more recommendations and reviews.

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