4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Golfer Dads

Published on 06/07/2022 · 4 min readLooking for a Father's Day gift? Shopping for your dad can be tricky, so check out these suggestions for the golfer in your life from Golf Expert Timothy Jones.
Timothy C Jones Jr, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Timothy C Jones Jr

Golfing in Juneau, Alaska at Mendenhall Golf Course with the glacier in the background with my Dad! Photo courtesy of Timothy Jones

Shopping for the father in your life isn’t always easy! What’s the goal when giving a present? For the gift to express gratitude for the role he’s played in your life? Or for the gift not to end up buried in the garage?

Well, good and bad news! The bad news is that golf is the ultimate gear collecting sport! There are an endless number of products, and golfers tend to be superstitious about what goes in the bag or is taken to the golf course. The good news, same as above, there is always a piece of gear that golfers can use to help their games, so dad can feel appreciated.

I grew up in golf shops and have seen just about everything gear and gadget-wise. I also spend every day on the golf course. I know what I like, but I also know what my dad likes and what my grandpa liked when it came to golf gear. And as a gear nut, I can also tell you what is in my friends' golf bags! So, let’s get started and find a rocking gift for the golfer dad in your life this Father’s Day.

1. Devant Ultimate Microfiber Towel

No matter the type of golf course or driving range, no matter the climate, and no matter the golf bag setup, a microfiber towel is a must-have. Personally, I use two towels—a cloth or cotton towel to clean my clubs, and a microfiber towel to clean or wipe everything else. Wipe off the screen of a phone? Sure! Wipe off sweat from my face or hands? Absolutely!

A golfer dad needs a microfiber towel on the golf bag, and I am guessing that if I looked at your golfer dad’s golf bag, it will have at least one cotton, clip-on towel attached that they received free at different tournaments or events. Time for an upgrade…

Two other gifts that would rock at this price point:

2. Callaway Shield 64 Golf Umbrella

A golfing umbrella might not be something that gets daily, or even monthly, use. It may sit in the golf locker or jammed into the corner of the golf bag for weeks on end. If the golfer dad in your life plays enough though, a time will come where the umbrella will become vital to his golf round. It does not matter if the golfer dad walks or rides his rounds; either way, nature will bring the rain! And when the rain comes, there is nothing better than pulling a nice golf umbrella out and telling his playing partners that he is okay to continue playing. Keep the dad in your life playing in the rain with a quality umbrella!

Two other great items:

3. SuperSpeed Golf SuperSpeed C

Every golfer out there, especially the golfer dad, is looking to gain yards and smooth out the golf swing. Well, here it is—an easy training aid that does not require any high-tech or complicated instructions. Grip it and rip it! This training aid, if put to any regular use, will improve swing speed. And increased swing speed will lead to what just about every golfer dad is looking for: increased yardage. This weighted device is the standard version that can be added to other weighted options as your dad builds his swing. Swing away and hit it longer, golfer dads!

Two great gifts at the same price point:

4. Callaway Golf EZ Laser Rangefinder

This one comes from personal experience with both my dad and my grandpa. As we age, eyesight can be an issue. Even using a rangefinder can be tough if the yardage is displayed within the scope or viewfinder. Callaway has created a solution with the EZ Laser that displays the yardage in a digital format outside of the scope or viewfinder. Again, personal experience here, but I use my rangefinder ALL the time. No matter where the ball is, it is easy to grab the rangefinder and get an accurate reading, taking one of the factors out of the equation. Not to mention when your dad goes to play a new course, or even wants to find out yardage on the driving range, boom! The Callaway EZ Laser will be put to use!

Two more gift ideas:

None of these options sound right? Speak with a Curated Golf Expert and get a personalized gift recommendation, or get your dad a Curated gift card. Golf dads are like people—diverse! So, Curated is here to find the right gift for the golfer dad in your life to get him excited this Father’s Day.

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