9 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Hiker Dads

This Father's Day, get your dad something he will use over and over again on all of his outdoor adventures with these ideas from Camping & Hiking Expert Kat Smith.

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Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if your dad loves the outdoors, there are tons of great gift options! Whether you are shopping on a budget or pooling together with siblings to get your Dad the ultimate gift, give him something that he will use time and time again.

He could be a seasoned peak-bagger, beginner backpacker, or even the “Mayor'' of the campground you’ve been visiting every summer for your entire life. Regardless, here are several gift ideas that will get him excited to get outside this summer!

1. Compass

Product image of the Silva Starter #1-2-3 Compass.

The Silva Starter #1-2-3 Compass

A basic compass, such as the Silva Starter 1-2-3 Compass, is a fun, inexpensive gift for an outdoor adventurer. This compass has features such as a declination scale, which is an additional scale under the compass needle that allows for the most accurate compass reading, and a detachable safety lanyard. The measuring scale is compatible with most maps, and it is a simple and reliable navigation tool when out in the wilderness. So whether your dad adds it to his emergency kit to use “just in case”, or uses it regularly, he has no excuse to ever get lost again!

2. Headlamp

Product image of the Black Diamond Cosmo 300 Headlamp.

The Black Diamond Cosmo 300 Headlamp

A headlamp, like the Black Diamond Cosmo 300 Headlamp, is the perfect, affordable gift for anybody who likes to spend time outside. Holding a flashlight can be cumbersome if you are hiking, cooking at your campsite, or even taking the dog for an early morning walk around the neighborhood. A headlamp will give your dad that convenience of lighting the way, hands-free! The Cosmo 300 is Black Diamond’s most basic headlamp option, but it has plenty of features, including red night-vision mode, which preserves the user’s night vision, dimming mode, lock mode, and a compact, low-profile design.

3. Camping Coffee Setup: French Press and Mug

Product image of the TOAKS Titanium Cup and the GSI Outdoors Javapress.

The TOAKS Titanium Cup and the GSI Outdoors Javapress

If your dad loves coffee, then an anywhere, anytime coffee setup, such as the GSI Outdoors JavaPress and the TOAKS Titanium Cup are must-haves! The lightweight, durable, and insulated javapress allows your dad to have hot French-press coffee, even in the backcountry. And don’t forget the perfect vessel to drink that hot cup of coffee from. The TOAKS cup is made of titanium, giving it plenty of durability without the bulk. With a folding handle, it can be taken anywhere, and its ability to withstand high heat makes it versatile enough to even cook out of!

4. Hammock

Product image of a blue and teal Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest hammock.

The Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock

There’s no better way to relax than suspended in a hammock with nothing but the peacefulness of nature. Give your dad some much-needed relaxation with a hammock and suspension system, such as the Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock and the compatible Eagles Nest Outfitters Helios Suspension Straps. Lightweight and packable, this hammock system can easily be taken anywhere. So whether your dad finds himself at a remote alpine lake on a backpacking trip or in the backyard with a book, all he will need for ultimate relaxation is two trees.

5. Trekking Poles

Product image of the Mountainsmith Halite 7075 Poles.

The Mountainsmith Halite 7075 Poles

If your dad loves hiking and doesn’t already own trekking poles, like the Mountainsmith Halite 7075 Poles, then they are the perfect gift that he doesn’t even know he needs! Poles provide excellent stability on any surface and even take some of the stress off a hiker’s joints, keeping them going all day long. These poles are lightweight, collapsible for easy storage and transport, adjustable for a variety of user heights, and have ergonomic grips and comfortable wrist straps! No hike will be too long for your dad if he has a pair of trekking poles!

6. Grill Grate

Product images of the Wolf and Grizzly Grill M1 Edition and the Jetboil Jetset Utensil Set.

The Wolf and Grizzly Grill M1 Edition and the Jetboil Jetset Utensil Set

We all love roasting hot dogs over an open fire when we go camping, but by the third night, you may want to change it up. With a grill grate, such as the Wolf and Grizzly Grill, your dad can be the campsite grill master! Just place the grate over the open fire, and your meal options are endless! Throw in the Jetboil Jetset Utensil Set and your dad will have burgers, steaks, chicken, and veggies ready in no time!

7. Backpacking Chair

Product image of the Helinox Chair Zero.

The Helinox Chair Zero

A camping chair, such as the Helinox Chair Zero, is the perfect gift so that your dad can have a comfortable place to sit, literally anywhere! This chair weighs only one pound, packs up to the size of a water bottle, and is easy to set up. So whether your dad is deep in the backcountry fishing at his favorite lake, hanging out around the campfire with family and friends, or at a Fourth of July BBQ in the neighbor’s backyard, this chair is easy to bring along! Gone are the days of sitting around the campfire on uneven logs and pointy rocks. Your dad can have comfort wherever he goes!

8. Cooler

Product images of the YETI Tundra 45 Cooler, the YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag, and the Hydro Flask Unbound Mini Soft Cooler Tote.

The YETI Tundra 45 Cooler, the YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag, and the Hydro Flask Unbound Mini Soft Cooler Tote

Every dad loves a cold beverage, but on a hot summer day or in the woods without a refrigerator, how can your dad ensure his beverage is cold? A quality cooler! A cooler, like the Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler is perfect for car camping. It will keep food and drinks cold for days, so you’ll never again have to rush out and try and find ice in the middle of your camping trip. The Hydroflask Unbound Mini Soft Cooler Tote is also a great, versatile option. The soft material and smaller size make it easy to take to the beach, on a picnic, or to a concert! Or if your dad needs something smaller and super transportable for daily use, the Yeti Daytrip Lunch Bag may be the best option for him.

9. Navigation System

Product image of the Garmin InReach Mini 2.

The Garmin InReach Mini 2

If you are looking for a splurge gift for your dad this year, a navigation system, such as the Garmin InReach Mini 2 is a great option. And it’s not only a great gift for your dad, but it’s sort of like a gift for you, too! With this navigation system, your dad will be able to contact family and friends while in the backcountry. So whether he’s out on a week-long backpacking trip or just out for a day hike in an out-of-service area, you won’t have to worry. In addition to all the basic GPS navigation and training functions, the SOS alert is especially useful and can even be life-saving.

Regardless of what your budget is or what your Dad’s outdoor hobbies are, there’s a great gift out there! And if you aren’t seeing the perfect gift on this list for your Dad, a Curated gift card may be just the thing! Reach out to me or another  Camping & Hiking Expert if you have questions or need assistance finding the perfect, personalized gift for this Father’s Day!

Product image of a Curated Father's Day gift card.
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