10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Tennis Player Dads

Published on 09/23/2022 · 7 min readIs there a dad in your life who loves playing tennis? Finding him a gift for Father’s Day is easy with this gift guide from Tennis Expert Brandon M.
Brandon M., Tennis Expert
By Tennis Expert Brandon M.

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Is there a dad in your life who loves playing tennis? Finding him a gift for Father’s Day doesn’t have to be difficult with the help of a Tennis Expert here on Curated. We have an extensive selection of racquets, shoes, clothing, and other gear that he might need for playing his beloved game.

While buying your dad a new racquet can take a bit of information and sleuthing about his current setup, playing style, and preferences, plenty of other gifts can be purchased with as little as his shoe size or clothing size.

However, if you want to get your tennis-loving dad a new racquet for Father’s Day, getting him a backup of his current racquet is a great move. Finding out what he is currently using should be relatively easy; we just need a model, grip size, string, and preferred tension. A Curated Expert will make sure you are getting him the correct one and, with our in-house stringing service, get it all set up for him to hit the courts after the grilling is done on June 19th.

If picking up a new or backup racquet seems too daunting, here are more gifts that would make great choices for any tennis-playing dad!

1. Head Boom MP Racquet

I know I said that picking out a new racquet can be tricky, but the new Head Boom MP racquet is excellent for a wide variety of players. The Boom MP is a racquet that just feels right from beginner to advanced. It’s an ideal choice for a dad who wants to modernize from the racquet he’s had for 20-plus years or step up from a big box store racquet. It’s got a seductive mix of power, easy access to spin, and great touch. Getting your dad the Boom MP will take his game to the next level.

2. Head Lynx Tour 16g String

String is another very personal choice for serious tennis players. It’s also one of the most overlooked pieces of gear for the more casual player. Many players go for years without changing their string because they don’t know you can or they haven’t broken a string and think it must still be ok. String loses tension pretty quickly which significantly changes the way a racquet plays. Granted, stringing a racquet requires know-how and a stringing machine, so it is most often left up to a professional, but most cities have at least one racquet stringer in the area if you ask around.

Getting your dad and his new Boom MP or his current racquet strung up with Head Lynx Tour string will help his game tremendously. It’s easy on the arm, textured for spin, and holds tension well. It’s my string of choice and one that would make an excellent gift for your dad.

3. Yonex Super Grap O/G Overgrips

Overgrips make an excellent gift for dads—they are consumable and every tennis player loves the feel of a freshly wrapped grip. The Yonex Super Grap O/G is one of the best out there with a great tacky feel that isn’t sticky and stays dry in the most humid weather. I love the clean look of a white overgrip, but it comes in multiple colors to fit your dad’s style, and the 30-pack will last until next Father’s Day.

4. New Balance 1006 Tennis Shoes

Both tennis players and dads love New Balance shoes, so here is a slam dunk gift for a tennis-playing dad! Sure, he can play in one of his go-to New Balance white sneakers, but getting him a true tennis shoe will help make the game much more enjoyable. A performance shoe like the New Balance 1006 will be more stable, more secure, and more durable on the court than a typical cross-trainer. As luck would have it, they even come in that classic white colorway to match his everyday style.

5. Adidas Club 3 Stripe Polo

Is your dad still playing tennis in the same ragged old t-shirt he bought at the bookstore when they dropped you off at college? Give him an upgrade that will help him look better and feel better. The classic, understated look of the Adidas Club 3 Stripe Polo fits any dad’s style, and the performance fabric will help keep him cool in the heat of his match.

6. Adidas Club 3 Stripe Short

Now complete Dad’s new ensemble with a matching pair of Adidas Club 3 Stripe Shorts in white. White shorts are a timeless look on the court for a reason, and the subtle three-stripe logo on these ties in with the polo seen above. These shorts have high-performance, moisture-wicking fabric that will keep your dad cool. A 9” inseam is a great length that anyone can like.

7. Lasso Performance Compression Socks

Socks don't seem like a good enough present for your dad? Hear me out. These are not any ordinary six-pack of crew socks from your local supercenter. These high-performance socks from Lasso are specially engineered to combine ankle support and arch support with gentle compression. This helps reduce soreness and muscle fatigue to help improve performance and recovery after that long three-set match dad plays.

8. Onix Stryker 4 Composite Pickleball Paddle

Does it seem like all of your dad’s friends are playing pickleball now and giving up on tennis? That’s because they probably are! Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the nation, and courts and leagues are popping up everywhere. Longtime tennis players are flocking to pickleball for its smaller court, which is easier on their aging bodies. Getting dad a quality entry-level paddle like the Onix Stryker 4 will let him join Rand and Nance from across the street for a weekly pickleball game without feeling like he is totally turning his back on tennis.

9. A Tennis Gear Bag

Most tennis players head to the court with a simple setup—a racquet, a can of balls, shoes on their feet, and maybe a water bottle. All of these are often found rolling around in the car's back seat for weeks on end.

Help your dad keep his gear organized with a new bag. There are tennis backpacks and smaller racquet bags to carry just the essentials. Still, serious tennis dads bring a lot of gear to the court such as multiple racquets, changes of clothes, a towel, overgrips, sunglasses, shoes, food and drinks, a hat, sunscreen...the list can be extensive. What better way to help your dad carry all that gear than a new tennis bag?

My favorites are 6, 9, or 12 racquet bags like this Head Djokovic 6 Racquet Combi bag that can be carried both over the shoulder and as a backpack. While I don't carry that many racquets in my bag, the spacious compartments mean I can keep all my gear close by and organized. Find out what brand his racquet is, and let your Curated Expert show you some great bags to match so your dad can take the court in professional style.

10. Time on the Court with His Favorite People

Experts say experiences make the most memorable gift. How about giving your dad an experience he won’t forget for a long time? Maybe you haven't played before, it's been a while, or you have a child who your dad can share his love of tennis with. A chat with a Tennis Expert can get you or your child set up with all the right gear so you can join dad on the court and make memories to last a lifetime. We have racquets and gear for all ages and abilities, and our Experts will make sure you choose the right one.

A Curated gift card could be just the ticket if one of these 10 gifts doesn’t work for your dad. Gift cards are good across all of our categories, so even if your dad loves tennis, he could decide to buy a new fishing rod, bike helmet, or a set of snowshoes. Ask your Tennis Expert to get you set up with a gift card, one of the gifts from our list, or anything else you can think of for your active dad.

Brandon M., Tennis Expert
Brandon M.
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Brandon M.
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