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Published on 07/13/2022 · 9 min readThis review is my own honest opinion of the rod, which I bought with my own money in 2020.
By Fly Fishing Expert Josh H.

Photo by Josh H.

About this Review: This review is my own honest opinion of the rod, which I bought with my own money in 2020.

My Take

The Sage Foundation Fly Rod is one of the best put together and performing rods in the moderate price range. If a novice fly angler or the economically minded fly fisherman doesn’t know about it, they should. Commonly referred to as Sage’s introductory rod, it’s often associated with the Sage Foundation Outfit, although it can be purchased separately to pair with other well-known reels. The Foundation performs well above its price tag, delivering quality, castability, and dependable performance.

Photo by Joy H.

About the rod

  • Model: Sage Foundation
  • Length: 9ft
  • Weight: 8 wt
  • Pieces: 4 piece
  • Material: Graphite IIIe

Photo by Josh H.

About me

  • Preferred fishing styles: Dry Fly, nymphing, streamer fishing, saltwater
  • Preferred species: All trout species, salmon, panfish, all bass species, northern pike, muskellunge, carp, inshore, coastal, and blue water saltwater species
  • Experience: 30+ years

Test conditions

  • When I bought this: 2020
  • Reel paired with rod: Sage Spectrum C 7/8
  • Line paired rod: Rio- Elite Gold - WF8F (reviewed), WF9F, ESHS WF8F, Premier Streamer Tip WF8F/I & WF8F/S6, Outbound Short, Redfish & RXP
  • Duration tested: 2+ years
  • Waters I have used it on: Rivers, large & small lakes, reservoirs, inshore & coastal salt
  • Species targeted with rod during testing: Largemouth and smallmouth bass, red drum, carp

How it performs

Casting Ease

What I was looking for

I selected the Sage Foundation line of sticks to be loaner rods used in my introductory fly-fishing program that I developed for active duty service members. I was looking for a rod that had the versatility to be employed in several fly-fishing scenarios, while enduring the stress tests of novice anglers without having to worry about durability while on the water. I purchased these 8wt variants for the program participants in the coastal and surrounding portions of Georgia. With the availability of giant largemouth bass and incredible redfish opportunities, I wanted to have a rod that would be interchangeable in both scenarios. The Foundation fit the need incredibly well.

Photo by Josh H.

Why I chose this gear

After testing some budget offerings like the Redington Path and the Orvis Clearwater, I found that the build quality and performance of the Sage Foundation checked all the right boxes. Bass fishing requires throwing something big: big poppers, large weighted fluff just below the surface, or huge wind-resistant streamers on a sinking line. I needed to have a fast-action rod that could handle a long-line double haul, enough power to shoot line for distance––as bass fishing is rarely a sight-fishing technique––and enough backbone to handle unfettered aggression from the fish. As previously stated, this was a multispecies endeavor. I also needed a rod that had a simple-to-cast characteristic about it, which would handle the wind with confidence, provide the strength to strip set, and immediately apply unwavering pressure and control, all the while delivering a crab imitation accurately to short a cruising redfish 30 feet in front of me. At the price, the Foundation was the clear choice.

Photo by Joy H.

What I love about it

  • Quality: Before the ever-growing accumulation of different three-letter acronyms regarding rod materials, there was graphite. Some of my favorite rods throughout time have been as simple as that to describe. This is the case here. The graphite IIIe blank is what it should be: a well-rounded and performing rod. Fast action, has a great-feeling full-wells grip and fighting butt, integrated hook keeper, and matte-black coloration, with ceramic and hard chromed guides. The best part of this rod is its slow-production-build superiority.
  • Versatility: The scope is good here: casting, fly acceptance, various techniques, and downright dependability all receive high marks. I have taken multiple species on the rod and I have very few complaints. I have stripped bass out of thick cover, jumped skiff to persuade reds out of mangroves, and horsed carp from the depths of mud-laden waters, none of which were a cause of concern. I can’t find another rod at this price point that delivers this level of versatility and confidence in its capabilities.
  • Use case: Regardless of the water in which I have fished it, this rod primarily serves as a bug shooter and power brake. The action and strength provides success with powerful species in both freshwater and saltwater. The flex under load is impressive; when I think, “It is going to go”, it just doesn’t. The four-piece configuration means it can be neatly tucked away for travel requirements. I trust the rod implicitly to handle every situation wherever I take it.
  • Action:
    • Ease of casting: Experienced casters will find this is an easy cast, and novice casters will appreciate the forgiving nature of the rod. It is on the fast side, although not so fast as to require copious amounts of concentration. The rod creates tight loops easily, and keeping the casting rhythm while slipping-in line is effortless.The rod loads predictably and unloads the same. Dampening is OK; I would be lying if I said there wasn’t any post-cast movement, but it isn’t overly-excessive.
    • Recovery rate: The rod recovers well and my variety of in-store voodoo tests had me impressed at this price point. Under line-load, the rod is pretty good about returning to zero without a ton of extra excitement.
    • Power: There is adequate power in this 8wt, and it likens more to a saltwater-specific rod than a multipurpose. It really shines at 35-45ft, generating tight loops and quick shots. I can effectively cast 50ft without really leaning into it and accuracy is still acceptable.
    • Line speed: The Foundation is advertised as a fast-action rod, and it feels like it in the heavier weights, yet it feels more medium-fast action in its execution in the lighter weights. While slipping line into the cast, I feel in control and as the carried line grows I can haul well-paced shots. It does generate impressive line speeds in its sweet spot.
    • Ideal casting distance: The Foundation is really good at 40ft, which is really the sweet spot for this rod, and it is good at 50. As I aired the 8wt out farther, I found myself paying attention and enacting solid fundamentals.
    • Accuracy: The rod is accurate. When casting the rings, it isn’t hard to find the mark repeatedly at moderate distances. On the water, the performance is admirable, placing flies accurately in front of cruising reds, and poppers between the pads.
  • Weight: I have several Foundation rods in different line weights, although as tested this 8wt rod is a beast best suited to saltwater applications with its fast-action, double-uplocking, black-anodized reel seat, and dual ceramic stripping guides. I venture to say that the 7wt would be better suited to bigmouths; I often overline the 8wt to increase the bendy bits, which is preferable to me when chasing bass and carp.
  • Literal weight: At 3.81oz, this rod isn’t the lightest, but its strength at this line weight justifies the added grams. The combined weight (rod and reel) of just over 10oz didn’t create excessive arm fatigue during my extended days on the water, but it doesn’t go unnoticed.
  • Length: The test length is 9ft and is the only length offered at this weight. Using it as I have, I found it adequate, packing enough punch to meet my expectations.
  • Sensitivity: The tested weight is for big eats from powerful species, so sensitivity was not a consideration, but also owning the Foundation in 4wt and 5wt, I can attest to considerable feels in those weights from cork to the tip top.
  • Grip: The 8wt Foundation comes with a AAAA cork, full-wells grip, and EVA-foam fighting butt. The durability has been exceptional, and the grip is comfortable even with considerable use.
  • Build: Built one at a time on Bainbridge Island, WA, the rod is 100% U.S. manufactured start to finish, and that speaks volumes.
  • Aesthetics: The rod is pleasing to the eye, with matte-black blank, silver-threaded wraps, and a silver-embossed U.S. flag that make it look stealth-like. The double ceramic stripping guides and chrome snakes give it a bit of bling; overall, I like the “ninjaness” of it.
  • Warranty: Every new Sage rod is covered by Sage’s original owner warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product. Should breakage occur outside of warranty coverage (when it's not the result of material defects or workmanship), a repair can usually be made for a fee. I have not had to use the warranty, and don’t think I will ever have to.

Photo by Josh H.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Presentation at this weight: This thing wants to sling. Opening the loop and slowing the casting stroke is the only way to present delicately, although most species being taken at this weight (8wt) don’t need a tender invite.
  • Casting: Shooting the 8wt over 60ft requires determination with a good casting stroke. At 40ft, it is awesome, although careful line selection adds distance. I would’ve liked to have it offered in a 10ft variant.
  • Literal weight: The rod is heavier than I prefer. When paired with a big saltwater capable reel, I don’t mind it terribly, but at nearly 4oz, the overall weight of the setup in its entirety is not ideal.

Photo by Josh H.

Favorite moment with this gear

I have many great memories with this rod; watching program participants set into a big fish or experiencing it for myself puts a smile on my face just thinking about it. Knowing that the rod will perform when I need it to is my favorite thing this rod provides. The build quality is superb, its strength is unbelievable, and the confidence it brings makes a good day on the water great.

Value for the money vs. other options

It is my opinion that one cannot find a better rod for the modest price of the Foundation. This is a legacy rod that will facilitate a lifetime of memories. The quality a Sage delivers eases apprehensions and allows for a truly enjoyable fly-fishing experience, time and time again. At around $400 for the rod, or $650 for rod, reel, line, leader and case, it is truly a bargain. I tested many rods for the program before eagerly adopting the Foundation, and if given the choice again, my decision remains the same.

Final verdict

The Sage Foundation Fly Rod is a gem to own at any line weight as each rod is built one at a time, exuding quality that’s designed, turned, and finished by hard-working Americans dedicated to providing performance. There are more budget-friendly rods out there, although from my perspective, one can get much more than they paid for by adding the Foundation to their quiver.

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Josh H., Fly Fishing Expert
Josh H.
Fly Fishing Expert
With many years as a program manager for fly fly fishing nonprofits, an industry professional, or just fishing for the love of it, let me share the knowledge I have gained with you. .Here to guide you-- let's get you setup for success, with the gear you'll love!
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Josh H., Fly Fishing Expert
Josh H.
Fly Fishing Expert
With many years as a program manager for fly fly fishing nonprofits, an industry professional, or just fishing for the love of it, let me share the knowledge I have gained with you. .Here to guide you-- let's get you setup for success, with the gear you'll love!
30 Reviews
167 Customers helped

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