How to Choose the Right Golf Bag for You

Every golfer needs a bag. But how do you choose which type is right for you and your needs? Golf expert Rob H. offers some insight.

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Bags, bags, bags, We all have one. We all need one. So, what is the difference? This has been one of the hardest questions to answer in my 15 plus years in the golf industry. A lot of it is personal preference and what you need it for. Let me walk you through the major categories of golf bags and let me share with you my thoughts on each.

Tour Staff Bag

A white, red, and black golf bag reading TaylorMade on the side. It is full of golf clubs
The club collection in the staff bag. Photo by Rob H.

The number one bag style on the PGA Tour...well they do get caddies to carry them. These bags have a lot of space. There are numerous pockets and some cases pockets in pockets. These bags are really durable, but they are really heavy. You can usually find a cooler pocket on them, and in some cases, two. There is also the price - most of these start at $350 and go up.

Although these bags are fun and sometimes collectors items, they are not the best bag to have on the course. They are bulky and ultimately not very functional. The best use I have found for mine is holding my old clubs and golf accessories.

Cart Bag

A black and yellow golf cart bag
14-way top cart bag. Photo by Rob H.

Now that we have survived the monster bag, let us move onto one of the popular ones, the cart bag. These are designed to fit into push carts and electric carts. All pockets, pouches, and features face the golfer for easy access so the bag can attach the bag to the cart. Usually you will find a good-size ball pocket and cooler section to keep your drinks cool. These are still heavier than the bags to follow, because they are designed not to be carried. Price ranges on these size bags run from $150 to upwards of $500.

These bags are great for everyday use. Whether you are walking with a push cart or riding in a golf cart, these are a much better option than the staff bags. One of the best features you find, is a 14-way full-length club divider top. Each club has its own sleeve and it keeps grips safe from rubbing on the other grips and wears out prematurely.

Stand Bag

A black golf bag with golf clubs in it and a ninja turtles headcover
The Gamer bag. Photo by Rob H.

We arrive at the biggest category of golf bags, the stand bag or carry bags. This category has the widest range in size, weight, and prices. All of these bags have legs that deploy with pressure on the bottom of the bag to allow the bag to stand up. Most stand bags have double straps/backpack style, although single straps are becoming more popular. While most stand bags do not have every feature that you may be wanting, there is definitely a bag that will fit your needs or wants. Bags in this category have a price range from $100 to upwards of $500.

Personally, this is the type of bag I use. I like to walk and carry my bag on my back, mainly for exercise. The bag I use has the same 14-way top that you find on cart bags, but you can find all shapes and sizes. If you occasionally want to carry on your back and want to use carts, you need to find one that is cart-friendly.

Sunday Bag

A lightweight blue and black TaylorMade golf bag
Lightweight Sunday bag. Photo by Rob H.

Welcome to the complete opposite on the Tour Staff bag. Sunday bags (sometimes called Moon Bags) are extremely lightweight and lack features. You can get a full set into them, but they are more meant to bring half sets or less. These typically do not have legs and very few pockets. Most of the time, they are made of lightweight materials to keep them light, and most only come with a single shoulder strap. Usually you can find these from $70 to $100.

These bags are great to take if you are going for a practice session or you are only going to your local short golf course. When I practice, I usually only take half my set. This is a great option if you like to only play with a few clubs.

Bag Companies

A turquoise golf stand bag with OGIO written on the side and a smaller inset photo of the opening of the bag
The OGIO Fuse 4 Stand Bag

Most major club manufacturers offer bags as part of their product lineups. Many of them are outsourced to bag specialist companies, including Sun Mountain, Ogio, and Vessel, just to name a few. These companies often add new features into bags or try new materials to reduce bag weight. Sun Mountain, for example, is always trying to add features to bags and cutting the weight out, but not compromising durability. If you look at my bag (Sun Mountain 4.5LS 14-way), it has lots of features like the 14-way divider top and cooler pouch. Usually you would only find these features on bigger, heavier bags.

Different color options for bags have also been in big demand lately. No longer are black, white, or grey your only options. You can find crazy colors, even camo prints on bags now.


Now that we have all that covered. The decision now lies with you. You know how you want to play golf and you know what kind of experience you want with golf. Look at the features, colors and styles. We can help you find what you need here at Curated.

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