14 Gift Ideas for the Golfer in Your Life

Shopping for the golfer in your life? Golf expert Tyler Monroe has a list of suggestions to help you find that perfect gift.

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Let's face it—golfers can be peculiar. How we play is never our fault. Either the clubs are not playing well, the weather is not perfect, or the group in front of us is too slow, there is always something out of our control to blame. Worse still, we all turn into fashionistas—just ask John Daly.

Buying the right golf gifts for your beloved golfer—whether for the man or woman in your life, the new player, the junior golfer, the retiring golfer, or the parent or grandparent—can therefore be a bit of a challenge.

So I have a few ideas for finding the right complement and essential piece of equipment for that special golfer in your life, without having to get the latest news and drawn out updates on their golf games.

1. Tour Edge Lady Edge Women's Full Complete Set

A grey and turquoise golf bag with several golf clubs inside

Are you looking for the right complete set for the new woman golfer you know? Picking up the game of golf is a fun challenge and having the right set to do it with is always important. Improving at the game of golf means using the right clubs for each shot, with the proper shaft weight, length, and flex to propel our power and ability to achieve straighter distance. Being new at the game makes it even more necessary to have as many clubs possible with the right specifications and technology to learn the game properly and get more enjoyment out on the golf course. Offered in petite to fit ladies 5'5 and shorter, standard length, or 1 inch longer for ladies over 5'9, Tour Edge has the beginner woman player's needs all covered in this highly played complete set.

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2. Cleveland CBX2 Wedges

A chrome golf wedge labelled as the Cleveland CBX2

Having newer and higher-quality wedges is important to every player. Grooves in a wedge can wear after time, making it difficult to spin the golf ball and prevent it from rolling away from the target. Regardless of how long the rest of the set lasts in the bag, wedges typically need to be replaced many years sooner, so getting a new wedge or set of wedges can make anyone's golf day simpler. The majority of golfers play a forgiving, cavity-backed iron, and these wedges from Cleveland are designed to complement those types of irons in performance and feel to allow players to easily transition from iron game to wedge game. A versatile, forgiving wedge, the CBX2 is a great gift idea to replace a wedge or set of wedges and quickly improve the golfer in your life's scores.

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3. Cobra SPEEDZONE Fairway Wood

A black and yellow golf driver

Many golfers struggle to hit a good shot off the fairway or need a powerful alternative club to the driver to perform well from the teebox. If the golfer your gift is for is disgruntled with their 3-wood, or you know they could use an easier fairway wood to hit, look no further than the Cobra SPEEDZONE. Built with face technology intended to help exactly how mid to higher handicap golfers miss this shot, AND an adjustable hosel that enables players to change the loft to fit what height they need on the shot and change face angle to help if they miss right or left, this fairway wood gives players great control over this shot, which makes this an exceptional gift idea. An understanding of the flex the player uses and what fairway wood distance gap the new fairway is meant to fill is a perfect starting point to ensure the club fits in with the rest of your favorite golfer's equipment.

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4. TaylorMade SIM Max Driver

A black golf fairway wood labelled as the TaylorMade SIM Max

Everyone loves a new, more powerful driver. Hitting it long off the tee and being in the middle of the fairway makes for more confidence, more enjoyment, and lower scores. Designed for the average player, the SIM Max is the optimal choice for a vast array of golfers, and with the right specifications, would be an amazing gift for nearly any player. Understanding just a few things about how the golfer in your life swings and what they are playing now in the woods and driver—including the shaft flex and loft—would be helpful to ensure they get the best specifications in the new driver.

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5. Sun Mountain 4.5LS 14-Way Supercharged Stand Bag

A blue and black golf stand bag

The perfect golf bag gift for the player that likes to walk, protect their clubs, and use electronic devices throughout the round. This bag from Sun Mountain is lightweight and durable, plus it's equipped with 14 dividers to separate each club protecting each grip, 10 essential pockets to organize their playing essentials, and a lithium ion battery source capable of powering your portable speakers, recharging your range finder, and keeping your phone charged at the same time. Al Czervik will have nothing to say about the power of this bag and any golfer would be happy to have their clubs in this incredibly well-designed carry bag.

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6. Odyssey Triple Track Seven Putter

A black and white golf putter

Every golfer can improve their putting. Controlling the speed and direction of the ball is always the goal, and the Odyssey Triple Track 7 is built to assist players to do just that. The wider shape flanges on either side in the back of the putter and it's longer size all help to make mishits on the face go straighter and aligning the putter on track to hit the ball on line, easier. Available to fit different player's heights and grip size preferences, this putter can fit a multitude of players and with tour-inspired face inserts, the feel golfers get striking putts with them will have your golfer enjoying the gift. Add in Callaway's Triple Track Golf Balls and you may have helped solve their putting woes.

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7. Titleist TS1 Driver

A black golf driver with silver accents and a label reading TS1

Titleist is well known for performance. The TS1 is no exception, but when it is advocated for the moderate swing speed player, junior golfer, woman golfer, or senior golfer, it is hard for some people to believe that it can work for so many players. With all the T-Series Driver's technology in a lighter body and shaft, this driver is perfectly built to bring accuracy and distance to players who are not swinging with fast tempos and speed. Hosel adjustability gives the golfer in your life the ability to change the loft to increase or decrease ball flight height and face angle adjustments to help control slice spin, allowing it to be fine-tuned for each golfer's needs. If looking for a great driver gift for a golfer who may not swing the fastest but wants something cool and high performing to play, give them the gift of the TS1!

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8. Cobra F-Max Airspeed Complete Set

A black and blue golf bag with several golf clubs

This Cobra F-Max set is an optimal choice for a number of golfer types and a great gift to fill a golfer's need of a high-quality starter set; a forgiving, solid alternative to building a set; or to simply have a lightweight option to improve clubhead speed. Designed to be fast, with lighter heads and shafts, Cobra offers golfers the complete package and you the ability to gift them a set they will use well for years to come. it's set configuration covers all the needed distance shots and cavity-backed iron control for improved approach shots to the green. Lightweight, regular, or senior flex graphite shaft options help complete the "airspeed" packaged design useful to increase clubhead speed and distance for those who do not have the fastest tempos.

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9. Callaway Big Bertha REVA Irons Set

A chrome and black golf club labelled as the Callaway Big Bertha

If the lady in your life is looking to take their iron game up a level or would like a high-quality iron design to keep their distance and love for the game on point, the REVA set should be on your radar. With a ton of Callaway Big Bertha technology to improve ball speeds from any mishits on the face, expanding the hitting zone, and making for a more pleasurable day on the golf course, the REVA wraps that all into a lightweight body she will enjoy hitting into the greens. Whether moving on from a starter set, getting more time to improve her game, or just wanting easier distance, this higher quality iron option is ideal for many female players. Customizable for length, lie angle, shaft weight, flex, and set composition, a quick but detailed conversation with our Curated experts will assist you in getting the perfect specifications in the set for her swing, body type, and ability.

Currently available for preorder - talk to a Curated expert for more info!

10. Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls

A tall and narrow black box labelled as Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. One golf ball peeks through a diamond-shaped window

So far on this list, I haven't recommended any gifts for the lower handicap, more accomplished player. Their games may be too individualistic and need too specific equipment to make recommendations without a lengthy discussion with them. Perhaps the perfect gag gift—a book of funny golf quotes—or getting advice from their golf pro would be helpful to iron out a great gift. Or possibly, gifting the number one golf ball on the PGA Tour: the incredibly popular ProV1 golf ball. You can hardly go wrong with this gift for this type of player as they can always trade in for the ProV1X at any typical golf shop. If you're unsure what to get the scratch golfer in your life, try a dozen ProVs. They will know you respect their hard work.

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11. Cobra SPEEDZONE XTREME Junior Driver

A black golf driver with yellow accents reading Cobra King SZ

This is the ideal gift for a big brother or sister, or junior or high school golfer with a powerful, advancing love and ability at the game of golf who needs a stellar driver that matches their trajectory. Possibly my favorite idea for a golf gift as a PGA Junior League Coach, Instructor, and a junior golfer back in the day! Using a single fixed back 17-gram weight to work with lighter and shorter length shafts, the Junior SPEEDZONE offers all the incredible face technology in the same SPEEDZONE XTREME design but optimized to launch a junior swing. Hosel adjustments for the loft to dial in the best carry distance, and face angle adjustments to control side spin, this driver offers a significant amount of ball flight trajectory control to benefit any junior's driving game. Three varying length shafts with one free upgrade with purchase allow the driver to grow as your junior does enable the driver to last for a few years. Let your kid really take it to another level with this incredible golf gift.

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12. Voice Caddie VC300SE Range Finder

A black triangular range finder

The Voice Caddie range finder is a unique golf gift that will be incredibly useful to many players, allowing them to get accurate and convenient distances to their target on the greens. Hands-free and tap activated, this small GPS system attaches easily to a player’s hat or belt clip for quick access and to avoid worrying about losing it through the round. They will get voiced distances to the front, back, and center of the greens for any course they play to provide the information they need to make a proper club and swing selection from any location. The perfect golf gift for any player who wants this data in a nice-sized device!

13. Tour Edge HL Super Spin Wedge

A chrome golf wedge labelled Tour Edge

For the newer, higher handicap golfer in your life that maybe plays seldomly, doesn't have a good wedge set in their bag, or doesn't need the priciest equipment, Tour Edge has them covered. Whether they need one wedge or three to enable them to learn more short game techniques and launch the golf ball with varying trajectories to stick it close to any pin, the loft options available in these wedges allow you to purchase the needed clubs to get them this ability. Finely milled grooves, in a forgiving wedge design, allow players to get spin from a plethora of different lies around the greens and is a great gift option as these greenside shots account for a large percentage of shots they typically face. The perfect gift to accompany golf lessons so their scoring game is well designed.

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14. TaylorMade SIM Max Hybrid

A black golf hybrid with blue accents and a label reading SIM Max

A few golfers have difficulty hitting longer irons in the 3, 4, and 5-irons, and sets are typically built without a 3-iron so players can switch to these easier-to-launch hybrids. One of the best designs, with twist-face technology to keep off-center hits going long, the TaylorMade SIM Max Hybrid is offered in a few different lofts, meaning it will help this player get improved distance from this shot. Whether the golfer in your life needs an older hybrid replaced or would like to try this type of club to fill those longer iron shots in their set, they would greatly benefit from having this club in their bag. Give the gift of easier distance in this shot and their game will be grateful to you.

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