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Published on 07/28/2022 · 8 min readLooking for a gas grill to spice up your summer barbeques? Look no further! Grill Expert David Wilson breaks down the top gas grill options on the market.
By Grill Expert David W

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Do you love outdoor cooking? Does a beautifully charred piece of meat get your motor running? Are you hunting for the perfect gas grill? If so, you're in luck!

Outdoor cooking has swept the nation in recent years, and many folks, including me, have clumsily struggled through the myriad of grill options and spent far too much money trying to find the right gas grill. The search ends today as I'll show you the perfect gas grill for your large group, small group, or even your camping trip!

Why a Gas Grill?

In the world of grills, there are many options. There are charcoal grills, flat tops, and, of course, gas grills. Charcoal grills are nostalgic and bring to mind meat being seared over an open fire. They produce delicious food, but you have to have a bit more time to fire up the charcoal and bring the grill up to cooking temperatures. Flat tops (sometimes gas, sometimes electric) are the current rage with huge cooking areas and a large number of square inches for your food. While all the space is nice, flat tops aren’t for everyone as they require regular cleaning and oiling in order to maintain the cooking surface.

This is where a gas grill shines! Gas grills heat up quickly, are typically fueled by inexpensive propane tanks or hard-lined natural gas, require very little maintenance, and often have a number of available options such as warming racks, cast iron grates, and side shelves. Some gas grills offer griddles allowing you to cook all sorts of things that a standard grill grate wouldn’t allow (did someone say pancakes and bacon?).

I personally love gas grills and, while I’d happily ramble on for a bit, I’m sure you are ready for the nitty-gritty. Here are my rankings for the three best gas grills for you and your family.

Best Overall Gas Grill: The Weber Genesis S-435

There are many fantastic gas grills on the market, but my favorite grill is the Weber Genesis S-435. Why? Great question! Weber grills are known for their supreme construction, and the Genesis is a stellar example of this. This grill is constructed of high-quality stainless steel which will keep rust at bay and offers up to 994 sq. inches of cooking area for the four-burner grill or 787 sq. inches of cooking area for the three-burner setup.

In addition to the large cook area, both the four and three-burner setups give you Weber's "Sear Zone" which allows you to properly cook and sear multiple steaks at the same time, getting that crispy texture and delicious flavor that you love. Nobody wants their steaks coming off the grill two at a time, and the Sear Zone takes care of that problem!

Want to do more than just sear steaks? The Genesis S-435 also gives you the ability to sauté veggies, prep sauces, and make other sides for your meal on the side burner. Also, with a quick change of the custom-fit grillware (that can be purchased separately), the Genesis gives you the ability to bake, roast, or steam other types of food. It's truly one of the more versatile gas grills on the market!

The Genesis works with a typical propane tank as well as a natural gas line which will fuel up to 48,000 BTUs of cooking power and fires up easily with a built-in igniter. On top of all of this, you also get a massive storage area under the primary cooking area which is a great place to stash all of your grilling accessories as well as the ability to add on Weber CONNECT Smart Technology with real-time food monitoring.

The bottom line, this is a fantastic grill with features that will make your cooking experience easy and delicious.


  • Loads of space
  • Sear Zone
  • Quality materials and construction
  • Smart Tech
  • Basically everything


  • It's a little pricey for some people
  • An infrared burner would be nice

Best Budget Gas Grill: The Broil King Gem 310

Often I'm asked for a gas grill option that looks like one of the high-end grills but without the high-end price tag. After walking through all of the big box stores and testing out numerous budget-friendly grills, I stumbled on the Broil King Gem 310 Propane Gas Grill. If you're looking for a grill that will look good on your patio and make great burgers, chicken, and vegetables while on a budget, then this grill might be just the option for you.

It uses standard liquid propane and features electronic ignition, three burners that allow you to control the temperature across multiple areas on the grill, a built-in thermometer located on the grill lid, side tables, and even porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates! One great thing about the three burners is that they allow you to control the temperature across the grilling surface which lets you use the secondary elevated grill grate as a warming rack. These are features that you typically don't see until you get into higher-priced grills!

The Broil King comes with 295 sq. inches of cook surface and plenty of space on the side tables to stash your cooking gear and spices while creating your backyard barbecue masterpiece. This much cooking space will allow you to make a dozen burgers in no time! The grill also comes with wheels which makes it incredibly easy to move around.

If you are looking for a great backyard grill option that won't break the bank while still offering build materials that match higher-cost grills, then this might just be the gas grill for you.

What I Like

  • Three burners
  • Large cooking surface
  • Compact patio-friendly size
  • Standard propane grill

What I Don't Like

  • I’d like it to have more grilling space but at this price, it’s a great value

Best Portable Grill: The Weber Q2200 Gas Grill

While some folks want big and fancy grills, others don’t need hundreds of square inches of grilling space and simply want to cook a hamburger or two for a quick dinner for themselves or maybe one other person. Perhaps they want a grill that they can take to the park for a picnic, the stadium for tailgating, or into the woods for a campout. If that sounds like all that you need, then the Weber Q2200 Gas Grill might just be the grill for you.

While small, this grill packs a punch, featuring porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates with over 280 sq. inches of cooking space. The Q2200 also offers a removable pan to catch drips and grease and to help avoid flare-ups. The folding side tables, while smaller than the larger grill options, give you a great place to stash your cooking utensils, temperature probes, spices, or a cold drink while you prep and cook your meal.

With such a small footprint, you could easily use this grill on a small table, picnic table, or the tailgate of your vehicle while cooking up to a dozen burgers at a time!

If you are looking to cook for yourself or a small group and grill space is an issue, then you should definitely check out the Weber Q2200 Gas Grill.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Easily portable
  • Plenty of cook space (for a portable grill)
  • Large side tables that fold away
  • Porcelain-enameled grates
  • Integrated grease catch pan


  • Not enough space for a large group
  • A little heavier than expected

Bonus: How to Keep these Gas Grills Clean

One of the best parts about cooking on a gas grill is the ease of maintenance. Most grills will come with grates that have some type of stick-resistant coating, making cleaning a breeze. Here are a few steps to help you keep that grill sparkling clean and ready to cook at a moment’s notice.

Step One: Use a bristle-free grill brush after each cook to scrape away any leftover debris. The bristle-free brush will keep you from getting pesky wires stuck in your food the next time you cook!

Step Two: Brush or spritz some oil on your grate. This will help keep the grates from rusting (if the coating has worn off) in between cooks.

Step Three: Wipe down all the exterior surfaces (tables, lid, cabinets) with cleaning wipes or soap and water. This will help keep debris off the grill which makes your life easier down the road when you don’t have to scrape off the stuck-on debris.

Step Four: Take the grates off and thoroughly clean the area under the grates around the burners every once in a while.

If you follow these easy steps, your grill should remain clean and ready for you to use whenever the mood strikes.

Gas grills come in many shapes and sizes and are truly the workhorse of any outdoor kitchen. Hopefully, now you are ready to grab a grill that suits your needs and get to cooking. If you want to talk through your purchase, reach out to a Grills Expert here on Curated, and we’d be happy to help you! Happy grilling!

David W, Grill Expert
David W
Grill Expert
I've been grilling and smoking meats for years and I love to grill or smoke delicious food and share it with the people that I love! I'm a member of a world championship Memphis BBQ Network rib team..Whether you are new grilling or a seasoned pro- let's find the perfect grill!
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Written by:
David W, Grill Expert
David W
Grill Expert
I've been grilling and smoking meats for years and I love to grill or smoke delicious food and share it with the people that I love! I'm a member of a world championship Memphis BBQ Network rib team..Whether you are new grilling or a seasoned pro- let's find the perfect grill!

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