Ask the Experts: What do you always bring on a bike ride?

Published on 05/13/2023 · 3 min readNot sure what to bring with you on your next bike ride? Here's what nine Curated experts never leave home without.

Brent Roberts

Brent is a road cyclist, mountain biker, and cross racing series competitor living in Omaha, Neb.

"Biking to work: In my bag is a hand pump, spare tube, tire lever, and a water bottle. Biking for distance: In my pockets are energy chews, water, and Clif bars! Mountain biking: I always bring a 1.5L Camelback full of water."

Photos by Brent Roberts

Tim Remick

Tim is an enthusiastic bike racer living in San Diego.

"On my rides, I always have a multi-tool, tube, CO2, levers, water, and a couple of snacks."

Andre Alexander Asselin

Andrew is a lifelong mountain biker and trail rider living in Salt Lake City.

"My friends say I bring too much stuff… I've got a pump, tube, water bottle, four-person medical kit, multi-tool, gloves, knee pads, zip ties (big and small), duct tape/electrical tape, a patch kit, plugs, tire levers, CO2, cutters, snacks for everyone, extra sunglasses, and a bungee cord! My hardtail made me well aware of all the things that can go wrong on the trail!"

Dalton Charest

Dalton is a XC mountain bike racer and international travel guide living in Bend, Ore.

"When it comes to my handy pockets and depending on the ride, I don’t leave home without a multi-tool, a pair of tire levers, a tire patch kit and tube, a pump, some CO2s, a goo or granola bar for fuel, water bottle, and a credit card for roadside cafe treats."

Baily Zellers

Bailey is a certified mechanic, cerfited wheel builder and certified suspension tech living in Paia, Maui.

"Always bring a speaker—a Rogan/Bill Burr podcast playing while coming home makes a good day. Also, extra tube."

Rutledge S.

Rutledge is a cycling enthusiast who has worn all the hats for the biking industry as a shop manager, a bike mechanic and even a Garmin regional representative. Currently living in Littleton, Colo.

"I always make sure to have a multi-tool, pedal levers, patch kit, hand pump or CO2 cartridge, bacon strips (plugs for tubeless), an energy bar, and water. That’s the bare minimum for a one- to two-hour ride. I add more food and water if it’s over that, along with a spare tube."

Photo by Rutledge S.

Zaal Rottunda

Zaal is a longtime mountain biker with experience throughout the industry, from racing to sales, living in Oceanside, Calif.

"Extra tubes, a spare chain, a couple of salt capsules or electrolyte supplements, sunblock, first aid, and water. From my experience, the worst things are getting lost, injured, or having your bike suffer mechanical failures. I like to keep things that can easily get the bike running again, as well as keep myself safe and healthy should I be out longer than intended."

Lisa C.

Lisa is a frequent commuter, mountain biker, and overall bike enthusiast currently living in Denver.

"Phone is really the big one for me in the metro area. I can usually save myself with a debit card and a phone in the city. I love commuting by Ebike and it’s important to be prepared. Things that are helpful for city commuting: a durable phone case with a card pocket (something that won't break if you take a dinger); a rain jacket; a good pair of sunnies; a lock; and a good backpack or pannier with lots of breakdown pockets to organize for the day, ideally waterproof or with a rain cover."

Photo by Lisa C.

Adam Mock

Adam is a mountain biker who's passionate about adventure, challenging himself, and finding new experiences.

"A GoPro and accessories, a tool bag (with supplies to patch a flat, CO2 canisters, a multi-tool, and tire levers), extra tube, Clif bars, a microfiber glasses cloth/bag, first aid supplies, a pressure gauge, lip balm, paper towels, and a hydration bladder."

For more on what Adam keeps in his bag, check out the video below!

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