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This review is my honest opinion of the racquet, which I purchased with my own money in June of 2021.

An expert playing tennis with Head Gravity MP Racquet.

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About this Review: This review is my honest opinion of the racquet, which I purchased with my own money in June of 2021.

My take

The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP is my all-time favorite racquet. It shines all over the court with a great feel, pinpoint accuracy, and easy spin. It’s a little lighter and more comfortable than most modern players’ racquets, making it versatile for many playing styles.

An expert playing tennis with Head Gravity MP Racquet.

About the gear

  • Model: 2021 Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP
  • Grip Size: 4 ⅜ / EU 3
  • String and Tension (lbs): Head Hawk Touch 17g 52lbs
  • Head size: 100 sq in.
  • Racquet Length : 27 in
  • Any Customizations: 1 Yonex Super Grap Overgrip, Head logo dampener

About me

  • Height: 5’11
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • Previous Racquet Played With: Head Graphene Touch Radical MP
  • Experience: 28
  • NTRP/UTA Rating: 5.0

Test conditions

  • When I bought these: June 2021
  • Days tested: 35
  • Court Surfaces: Hard
  • Match Play/Practice Session/Both: Both
  • Where I’ve used it: Kingsford, MI

How it performs


What I was looking for

My old Graphene Touch Radical MP lost some of its pop after a few years of use. I was looking for something with a more connected feel and control while maintaining the maneuverability of the Radical.

The Head Gravity MP Racquet in the color teal.

Why I chose this gear

My wife and I were both in the market for new racquets. After attending a Head demo day, we both were undecided between the Speed MP and Gravity MP frames, so we purchased one of each to play with more throughout the summer. After testing both for a few months, I chose the Gravity MP over the Speed MP because it offered a better feel, easier spin access, and was more forgiving.

I was deciding between this racquet as well as three others: Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP, Dunlop CX200, and Yonex Ezone 100

The Head Gravity MP Racquet in the color yellow.
An expert playing tennis with Head Gravity MP Racquet.

What I love about it

  • Control: The open 16x20 string pattern and more rounded 100sq. Inch head size makes the Gravity MP easy to hit with topspin for lots of control. This spin, paired with a low 62RA stiffness rating, makes it easy to put the ball where I wanted with lots of accuracy.
  • Feel: The Gravity MP has a thinner 22mm beam which makes the racquet feel very comfortable, along with the Spiral Fibers in the lower head of the racquet, which makes for a more crisp, clean feel on impact.
  • Maneuverability: The Gravity MP is very maneuverable with its moderate 323 RDC swing weight and 11oz strung weight. These two specs combine to make it easy to hit winners on the move as well as a fun racquet at the net.
  • Versatility: The Gravity MP is, in my opinion, one of the most versatile racquets on the market. It offers comfort, control, and easy access to spin, making it great for players that love to hug the baseline but also has touch and maneuverability to shine at the net in doubles.
  • Features: The two-sided color combination is a great look, and it’s the only racquet on the market to have that feature.

Issues I’ve encountered

  • Power: The Gravity MP doesn’t have the pure plow-through power of a heavier racquet like the Head Gravity Pro or a stiffer racquet like the Yonex Ezone 100.
  • Stability: At only 11oz strung weight and 323RDC swing weight, the Gravity MP can get pushed around by really big serves or deep, heavy groundstrokes. Using proper technique and taking the ball early really seems to help with this fault. The frame also has plenty of room for adding some weight to help stabilize it as well.
Handle and shaft of the Head Gravity MP Racquet.
Side of the Head Gravity MP Tennis Racquet.

Favorite moment with this gear

The Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP really helped my first serve be more consistent. I felt like it had more accuracy and allowed me to hit a heavier ball that was more difficult to return at the same pace as my previous racquet.

Value for the money vs. other options

The pricing of the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP is right in line with other performance racquets at $249 and offers good value for the money.

Final verdict

The Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP is my all-time favorite racquet. The combination of feel, control, spin, and maneuverability makes it shine from all areas of the court. It is a racquet that can be used by players of a wide range of abilities, from rising teens to 5.0+ players. I think it's ideal use case is for someone like me who may have lost a step and some strength from their early 20’s high-level playing days but still has the strokes in their game. The lighter weight and more forgiving feel give just the boost I need to compete like my brain wants, even if my body can’t quite perform like it used to.

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Head Gravity MP Racquet · Unstrung
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