Most Recommended Women's Sleeping Pads under $150


Finding the right sleeping pad can be a daunting task. Fortunately, our unbiased experts make recommendations to campers and backpackers every day, and they can help you find the perfect sleeping pad, too! Check out this list of their most recommended women's sleeping pads under $150, and then chat with a Camping & Hiking expert for a personalized recommendation.

Mariah Wear, Camping Expert
Padraic S, Camping Expert
Alex Light, Camping Expert
By Sleeping Pad ExpertsMariah, Padraic, Alex and others
The Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad for women is a fantastic choice for those seeking a balance between comfort, insulation, and value. It's a self-inflating pad offering 1.5 inches of cushioning and an R-value of 3.9, providing excellent insulation from the cold ground. It's designed with a wider shape from hips to knees, catering to women's specific shape. Although not the lightest option, it's still reasonably lightweight and perfect for backpacking into 3 seasons. It's easy to inflate, deflate, and pack up, making it a low-maintenance choice.
Ideal for
  • Value-oriented consumers
  • Backpacking into 3 seasons
  • Women due to its specific shape
  • Those seeking comfort and insulation
  • Those preferring low-maintenance gear
Not ideal for
  • Those seeking the lightest option
Amy B, Camping Expert
Gregg Mason, Camping Expert
Mariah Wear, Camping Expert
by Curated experts Amy B, Gregg Mason, Mariah Wear
The Sea To Summit Comfort Light Self Inflating Mat is a women's-specific sleeping pad that offers a unique blend of comfort and practicality. Its lightweight, oval cut design makes it perfect for backpacking, while the additional insulation in the hip and foot areas ensures warmth during three-season camping. The pad is 2 inches thick, providing ample cushion for side sleepers. It's easy to use, self-inflating in just a few minutes, with the option to blow up for added firmness. However, it's a bit bulkier and heavier than air pads, making it less ideal for those prioritizing packability.
Ideal for
  • Women
  • Backpacking
  • Three-season camping
  • Side sleepers
  • Those who prefer self-inflating pads
Not ideal for
  • Those prioritizing packability
  • Those looking for a lightweight option
Ty Huard, Camping Expert
Kami B, Camping Expert
by Curated experts Ty Huard, Kami B
The Sea To Summit Comfort Plus SI Mat- Women's is a dream come true for those seeking comfort and warmth during their camping adventures. This self-inflating pad, with a thickness of 3 inches and an R Value of 5.1, provides excellent insulation, making it perfect for cold weather camping. Its women-specific build offers additional insulation in core areas. Although slightly heavier and bulkier, its comfort and insulation make it a worthy companion for car-camping or overland camping.
Ideal for
  • Cold weather camping
  • Side-sleepers or anyone with back issues
  • Car-camping or overland camping
  • Those who prioritize comfort and warmth
Not ideal for
  • Backcountry use
  • Those who prioritize lightweight and compact gear
Kami B, Camping Expert
Alex Light, Camping Expert
Padraic S, Camping Expert
by Curated experts Kami B, Alex Light, Padraic S

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  1. Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad · Women's · Cayenne
  2. Sea To Summit Comfort Light Self Inflating Mat · Women's
  3. Sea To Summit Comfort Plus SI Mat- Women's
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