Most Recommended Black Diamond Tents of 2023


Shopping for a Black Diamond tent? Here's a list of our experts' most recommended Black Diamond tents. If you want a more personalized recommendation, make sure to chat with a Camping & Hiking expert for free advice on finding the perfect tent for you.

Dani F., Camping Expert
Victor Von Claus, Camping Expert
Kate Monforti, Camping Expert
By Tent ExpertsDani, Victor, Kate and others
The Black Diamond HiLight Tent is a top pick for the adventurous souls who brave the elements all year round. This 4-season tent is lightweight yet sturdy, making it perfect for winter backpacking. Its unique 'Flow Manifold' system helps draw out moisture and retain heat, ensuring a comfortable stay in any weather. However, it might not be the best choice for those who prefer spacious camping or need extra room for their gear, as it lacks a vestibule.
Ideal for
  • 4-season camping
  • Winter backpacking
  • Camping in rough and cold conditions
  • Budget-conscious campers
Not ideal for
  • Spacious camping
  • Summer camping
  • Campers needing extra space for gear
Kate Monforti, Camping Expert
Morgan Perlman, Camping Expert
Andrew Muse, Camping Expert
by Curated experts Kate Monforti, Morgan Perlman, Andrew Muse

Black Diamond FirstLight Tent

20% off
The Black Diamond FirstLight Tent is a minimalist's dream, perfect for mountaineering expeditions and cold weather backpacking trips. Its lightweight and space-efficient design, coupled with its quick and easy setup, make it a top choice for adventurers. However, its single-wall design may lead to condensation build-up, making it less ideal for humid environments.
Ideal for
  • Mountaineering expeditions
  • Cold weather backpacking trips
  • Minimalist adventurers
  • Those needing quick and easy setup
  • Those preferring lightweight gear
Not ideal for
  • Humid environments due to potential condensation build-up
  • Those needing a vestibule as it's a separate purchase
  • Those preferring multi-door tents
Amy B, Camping Expert
Alex Light, Camping Expert
Dani F., Camping Expert
by Curated experts Amy B, Alex Light, Dani F.
The Black Diamond Spotlight Bivy · Wasabi is a top pick for the minimalist adventurer who doesn't want to compromise on comfort. Its lightweight design, weighing in at 1lb 7oz, makes it perfect for all-season backpacking. The bivy offers more space than traditional options, thanks to a single DAC Featherlite pole, and features a mesh panel with an awning for ventilation and a large zippered entry for ease of use.
Ideal for
  • Minimalist adventurers
  • All-season backpacking
  • Those needing a lightweight shelter
  • Those desiring more space than traditional bivy options
  • Those requiring easy ventilation and access
Not ideal for
  • Casual camping
Etienne Arent, Camping Expert
Victor Von Claus, Camping Expert
by Curated experts Etienne Arent, Victor Von Claus

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  1. Black Diamond HiLight Tent
  2. Black Diamond FirstLight Tent
  3. Black Diamond Spotlight Bivy · Wasabi
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