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Most Recommended Faction Skis of 2021


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  1. Faction Ski Candide 2.0 Skis · 2021
  2. Faction Ski Candide 2.0 X Skis · 2021
  3. Faction Ski Dictator 2.0 Fg Skis with M11 Gw Bindings · 2021
100 / 100
Faction Ski Candide 2.0 Skis · 2021

Faction Ski Candide 2.0 Skis · 2021

$699.00 to $799.00
34% off

The Candide 2.0 is one of the better all-mountain options that we have today. This ski can take you just about anywhere while still being able to show off in the park. Nimble yet stable when you need it to be and capable of floating you down your favorite powder stash.

Ski Expert Jason Martellaro
Jason Martellaro
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Jul 19, 2021

This ski is great all around the mountain, soft enough to plow through crud but still feels solid under foot. Charges through the big mountain and trees, but isn't afraid of taking park laps.

Ski Expert Will James
Will James
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Jul 19, 2021

It's a soft flexing freestyle ski that holds solid lines on the hardpack while still being wide enough to get you into the soft stuff for those days it starts dumping at noon.

Ski Expert Jacob S.
Jacob S.
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Jul 19, 2021 free shipping$419.37
Ask your expert about matching the price on free shipping$599.95
Powder7 Ski Shop+ free shipping$549.93
78 / 100
Faction Ski Candide 2.0 X Skis · 2021

Faction Ski Candide 2.0 X Skis · 2021

30% off

Faction has some really innovative ski engineering that enable their skis to do it all! The poplar and beech core is light and poppy for sending it off a jump, but maintain enough stiffness to connect carving turns on the mountain. Faction integrates a titanal layer under the binding to reinforce the ski where it's most useful and provide a solid mounting point for your bindings. These skis also feature an extra thick edge which adds to the durability and overall last of the ski.

Ski Expert Zach Muller
Zach Muller
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Apr 1, 2021

The perfect ski for a freestyle skier looking to push the boundaries inbounds. With a full twin tip the Candides are perfect for the park but also have the stability to be an all-mountain ski.

Ski Expert PK Vincze
PK Vincze
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

This ski is designed to ski the whole mountain while jumping off everything you possibly can. It is moderately stiff which is great for forgiveness while allowing you to ski fast.

Ski Expert Macleod Morehouse
Macleod Morehouse
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Feb 22, 2021
REI+ free shipping$699.00
73 / 100
Faction Ski Dictator 2.0 Fg Skis with M11 Gw Bindings · 2021

Faction Ski Dictator 2.0 Fg Skis with M11 Gw Bindings · 2021

25% off

A flat-tailed, all-mountain machine! Made in Austria, this excellent deal on skis and bindings are great for someone who loves groomers but often likes to ski a bit of the fresh stuff. The bindings can support GripWalk and alpine soles so once you narrow down a pair of boots, there will be no issues with compatibility. Overall, this is a killer deal on a ski that likes to go fast, but keeps you dialed in and in control. Incredibly lightweight with just fiberglass and a wood core!

Ski Expert Grayson Nichols
Grayson Nichols
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Apr 9, 2021

High-quality, durable skis that include great bindings in price! 96mm underfoot, with a progressive shape and dependable wood core that will perform well all over the mountain. Easy to turn in all conditions, plenty capable of going fast, and fun for everything from groomers to bumps to trees.

Ski Expert Katie Mac
Katie Mac
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Apr 9, 2021
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