Most Recommended Women's Ski & Snowboard Goggles of 2023-2024


Check out Curated Experts' top most recommended ski and snowboard goggles for women. Note, however, that we don't believe in "best of" lists here at Curated – everyone is different and we believe in finding the best gear for you and not generally for the masses. Don't forget to chat with a Winter Sports Expert here on Curated for free, personalized recommendations on the best goggles for your needs.

Ryan Frank, Snowboarding Expert
Andrew Veld, Ski Expert
Elias Lawson, Ski Expert
By Goggles ExpertsRyan, Andrew, Elias and others
The Smith I/O MAG S Goggles are a top pick for women skiers and snowboarders who value high-quality optics and versatility. The goggles feature spherical chromapop lenses that offer a wide field of view and enhance contrast, making it easier to spot changes in terrain. They come with two lenses for low and bright light conditions, which are easily interchangeable thanks to a magnetic system. The multilayer face foam ensures comfort throughout the day, and the anti-fog setup is touted as one of the best. However, they might not be ideal for those who struggle with fit, as some users reported air gaps and discomfort around the nose and forehead.
Ideal for
  • Skiers and snowboarders who value high-quality optics
  • Those who need versatile goggles for different light conditions
  • Users who prioritize a wide field of view
  • Individuals who want a comfortable, all-day fit
  • People who need reliable anti-fog goggles
Not ideal for
  • Individuals who struggle with finding a snug fit around the nose and forehead
Mary B, Ski Expert
Travis Gerhardt, Ski Expert
Taylor OShea, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Mary B, Travis Gerhardt, Taylor OShea
The Smith Showcase OTG Goggles are a top pick for women who wear glasses and want a low-profile solution for their snowboarding and skiing adventures. These goggles are designed for smaller adult faces and provide a wide field of view. The ChromaPop™ lens technology enhances contrast and color definition in any light condition, making them perfect for all-day wear. Their slimmed-down, low-bulk style allows for comfortable wear and top-shelf optical clarity.
Ideal for
  • Women with smaller faces
  • Individuals who wear glasses
  • All-day wear
  • Skiing and snowboarding in various light conditions
Leo Cocchiara, Ski Expert
Ryan Frank, Snowboarding Expert
Chris D., Ski Expert
by Curated experts Leo Cocchiara, Ryan Frank, Chris D.
The Anon WM3 Goggles + Bonus Lens + MFI® Face Mask for women is a high-end option that offers incredible versatility and comfort for any skier or snowboarder. The goggles come with two lenses, including a bonus low light lens, making them perfect for any weather conditions. The cylindrical perceive lenses offer a wide range of vision with crystal clear contrast, especially helpful on flat light days. The anti-fog coating and ventilation around the lens prevent fogging in extreme conditions, while the triple layer face foam ensures all-day comfort. The magnetic system makes lens swapping quick and secure.
Ideal for
  • Women skiers and snowboarders
  • Those needing clear vision in various light conditions
  • Individuals seeking comfort and durability
  • Those who need quick and secure lens swapping
  • People who ski or snowboard in extreme conditions
Travis Gerhardt, Ski Expert
Cole Snyder, Snowboarding Expert
Dennis Walton, Ski Expert
by Curated experts Travis Gerhardt, Cole Snyder, Dennis Walton

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  1. Smith I/O MAG S Goggles · Women's
  2. Smith Showcase OTG Goggles · Women's
  3. Anon WM3 Goggles + Bonus Lens + MFI® Face Mask · Women's
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