Most Recommended Titleist Drivers of 2023


Titleist is one of the most elite brands in golf, producing some of the best golf balls and golf clubs on the market. Their drivers are no exception. Curated Golf experts recommend Titleist drivers to customers of all experience levels every day. Check out this list of most recommended Titleist drivers, and then chat with an expert to see which Titleist driver would be best for you.

sebastian carranza, Golf Expert
Bobby Funkhouser, Golf Expert
Tim Norton, Golf Expert
By Golf Expertssebastian, Bobby, Tim and others

Titleist TSR2 Driver

25% off
The Titleist TSR2 Driver is a standout in the 2023 lineup, offering a blend of distance, forgiveness, and feel that will appeal to a wide range of golfers. Its aerodynamic design and Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness ensure speed and stability, while the SureFit hosel offers 16 different loft and lie adjustments for a personalized fit. The TSR2 is particularly suited for mid to high handicap players seeking maximum speed and distance, as well as those who appreciate a forgiving face that delivers consistent results, regardless of where the ball is struck. It's not the best choice for advanced players who consistently hit the sweet spot and desire workability, but for most, it's a top-notch driver that's sure to impress.
Ideal for
  • Mid to high handicap players
  • Players seeking maximum speed and distance
  • Players who appreciate a forgiving face
  • Players who need help getting the ball in the air
  • Players looking for an adjustable driver that can adjust for loft and shot shape
Not ideal for
  • Advanced players who consistently hit the sweet spot
  • Players looking to shape the ball on command
  • Players looking for the lightest driver possible designed for slower swing speeds
  • Players looking for a compact head shape
  • Players looking for a low-launch driver
Dustin M, Golf Expert
Kyle Emery, Golf Expert
Adam Ditcher, Golf Expert
by Curated experts Dustin M, Kyle Emery, Adam Ditcher

Titleist TSR3 Driver

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The Titleist TSR3 Driver is a top-notch choice for seasoned golfers who have a consistent swing and are looking for a driver that offers a wide range of adjustability. The TSR3's Speed Ring face technology and Adjustable CG Track System allow for fine-tuning of launch and ball flight. It's perfect for those with higher swing speeds seeking more control off the tee. The driver's sleek, traditional pear shape is a visual treat, and its performance is equally impressive. However, it's not the best fit for beginners or those needing maximum forgiveness.
Ideal for
  • Players with a consistent impact location
  • Players looking for a mid-launch, low-spin driver
  • Players who value the best possible feel, sound, and shape
  • Players who are looking to maximize distance while maintaining workability
  • Players who want to see a significant performance improvement in their game off the tee
Not ideal for
  • Beginner players shooting 88+
  • Players who need the most forgiveness possible
  • Players who are struggling to get the ball in the air
  • Players with slower swing speeds
Tim Norton, Golf Expert
sebastian carranza, Golf Expert
Kyle Emery, Golf Expert
by Curated experts Tim Norton, sebastian carranza, Kyle Emery

Titleist TSR1 Driver

25% off
The Titleist TSR1 Driver is a game-changer for golfers with moderate swing speeds. Its ultra-lightweight configuration and enhanced aerodynamics make it easier to generate more speed, while the Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness design optimizes ball speed across the entire face. This driver is perfect for those who need maximum forgiveness, struggle with getting the ball in the air, and are looking for more distance with their driver, all without changing anything in their swing.
Ideal for
  • Mid-high handicap golfers
  • Golfers who need an ultralight driver that will perform to its maximum capabilities
  • Golfers who need and prioritize maximum forgiveness
  • Golfers who struggle getting the ball in the air
  • Golfers who are looking for more distance with their driver, all while exerting the same effort
Not ideal for
  • Golfers looking to shape the ball on command
  • Low handicap golfers
  • Players who hit the ball abnormally high
  • Players with fast swing speeds
John L., Golf Expert
Evan Massena, PGA, Golf Expert
Aaron Rogers, Golf Expert
by Curated experts John L., Evan Massena, PGA, Aaron Rogers

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Titleist TSR4 Driver

25% off
The Titleist TSR4 Driver is a top pick for 2023, especially for low handicap players who prioritize accuracy and consistency. Its smaller head shape, dual CG design, and adjustable spin control settings make it a standout choice. The driver's improved aerodynamics offer piercing trajectories, while its multi-plateau variable face thickness design ensures maximum performance. It's perfect for golfers who are already accurate with their current driver and want to fine-tune their game.
Ideal for
  • Low handicap players
  • Players seeking a low spinning driver
  • Players who prioritize hitting fairways consistently
  • Players looking to fine-tune their game
  • Players who prefer a smaller head shape
Not ideal for
  • Players who are not very accurate with their current driver
  • Players who have trouble hitting fairways
Chris D., Golf Expert
Bobby Funkhouser, Golf Expert
by Curated experts Chris D., Bobby Funkhouser

Titleist Women's TSR1 Driver

25% off
The Titleist Women's TSR1 Driver is perfect for golfers seeking a forgiving, lightweight driver that can add club head speed. Its enhanced aerodynamics and easy-to-launch design make it a standout choice in the 2023 lineup of Titleist drivers.
Ideal for
  • Players seeking a forgiving driver
  • Golfers who want to increase their club head speed
  • Those who prefer a lightweight driver
  • Players who need help with launching the ball
Bobby Funkhouser, Golf Expert
by Curated expert Bobby Funkhouser

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  2. Titleist TSR3 Driver
  3. Titleist TSR1 Driver
  4. Titleist TSR4 Driver
  5. Titleist Women's TSR1 Driver
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