Most Recommended Burton Men's Snowboards of 2023-2024


If you're a fan of Burton and are on the hunt for a new snowboard, check out Curated Experts' top most recommended Burton men's snowboards. Note, however, that we don't believe in "best of" lists here at Curated – everyone is different and we believe in finding the best gear for you and not generally for the masses. Be sure to chat with a Snowboard Expert here on Curated for free, personalized recommendations on the best snowboard for you.

Clint Hobbs, Snowboarding Expert
Ziggy Avjean, Snowboarding Expert
Shane H., Snowboarding Expert
By Snowboard ExpertsClint, Ziggy, Shane and others

Burton Cartographer Snowboard · 2024

25% off
The Burton Cartographer Snowboard 2024 is a top pick for intermediate and advanced All-Mountain riders who love to explore the entire mountain and hit a mix of terrain. Its directional shape with a tapered nose allows for easy turning and endless float through powder. The board's medium flex offers more pop in the tail and a resilient nose that's easy to control. It's also built for speed and carving, with a durable, sintered base that keeps you going fast all day. However, it may not perform as well in icy conditions and its flex may be a factor for some riders.
Ideal for
  • Intermediate and advanced All-Mountain riders
  • Riders who love to explore the entire mountain
  • Riders who enjoy a mix of terrain
  • Riders who prefer speed and carving
  • Riders who need a durable, fast board
Not ideal for
  • Riders who prefer icy conditions
  • Riders who are concerned about flex
Matt Kelly, Snowboarding Expert
Ben Toll, Snowboarding Expert
Shane H., Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Matt Kelly, Ben Toll, Shane H.
The Burton Ripcord Snowboard 2024 is a versatile, user-friendly board that's perfect for beginners and intermediate riders looking to progress their skills. Its forgiving nature, easy turn initiation, and stability make it a confidence booster on challenging slopes. The board's soft flex, directional shape, and rocker-flat-rocker profile make it easy to control and maneuver, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting use. It's an all-mountain board that can handle various terrains and conditions, making it a top recommendation for the 2023-2024 season.
Ideal for
  • Beginners and intermediate riders
  • All-mountain riding
  • Riders looking to progress their skills
  • Various terrains and conditions
  • Riders seeking a forgiving, easy-to-control board
Not ideal for
  • Backcountry
  • Competitive racing
  • Advanced freestyle
  • The big jumpline
Leonid Cha, Snowboarding Expert
Ben Toll, Snowboarding Expert
Alexander McNeish, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Leonid Cha, Ben Toll, Alexander McNeish
Blauer Board Shop$419.95

Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard · 2024

25% off
The Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard 2024 is a game-changer in the snowboarding industry. It's an all-mountain board that's perfect for any skill level, handling all conditions with ease. Its twin shape allows easy riding in both directions, making it ideal for those first linking turns and carves. The board's Flying V profile offers a surfy, playful feel, excelling in powder and on groomers. It's a board that grows with you, making it a favorite among newbies and pros alike.
Ideal for
  • All skill levels
  • All mountain riding
  • Powder and groomer conditions
  • Progressive skill development
  • Surfy, playful ride feel
Not ideal for
  • Specific style of riding
Ben Toll, Snowboarding Expert
Alex Dolan, Snowboarding Expert
Ray M, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Ben Toll, Alex Dolan, Ray M

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Burton Custom X Snowboard · 2024

25% off
The Burton Custom X Snowboard 2024 is a top-tier choice for advanced riders seeking an all-mountain board with exceptional performance across diverse terrains. Its unique Channel system allows easy setup of bindings, while the carbon-fueled snap and twin flex inspire speed and exploration. This board is known for its stability, control at high speeds, and durability, making it a versatile choice for various riding styles.
Ideal for
  • Advanced riders seeking an all-mountain board
  • Riders who enjoy high-speed stability and control
  • Riders looking for a durable board for rough conditions
  • Riders who appreciate a responsive and precise ride
  • Riders who enjoy heavy park sessions, corduroy crushing, and sidehit savages
Not ideal for
  • Beginner level riders
  • The 'Pow day only' rider
Vincent P., Snowboarding Expert
Ray M, Snowboarding Expert
Michele J., Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Vincent P., Ray M, Michele J.

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Result Summary
  1. Burton Cartographer Snowboard · 2024
  2. Burton Ripcord Snowboard · 2024
  3. Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard · 2024
  4. Burton Custom X Snowboard · 2024
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