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Most Recommended CAPiTa Snowboards of 2021


At Curated, we know that the best CAPiTA snowboard for one rider might not be the best CAPiTA snowboard for another. Our independent experts recommend CAPiTA boards every day to riders of all sizes, skill levels, and riding styles, and this is a list of their top recommendations. Want to find the perfect CAPiTA snowboard for you? Chat with a Snowboard expert and get free personalized recommendations.

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  1. CaPiTa Women's Birds of A Feather Snowboard
100 / 100
CaPiTa Women's Birds of A Feather Snowboard

CaPiTa Women's Birds of A Feather Snowboard


Twin-shaped all-mountain/freestyle deck from CaPiTa, it's a best-selling women's board that truly does it all! Kevlar bound sidewalls and carbon stringers add to the durability and performance of the board. 5/10 flex rating for a great balance of stability and maneuverability, Rocker/Camber/Rocker profile for good pop off of kickers as well as a nice float in the powder. All-around a badass deck for the ladies!

The Birds of a Feather is a top-selling all-mountain women's board for a reason, it rips! An all-mountain machine that rips groomers, ducking in and out the trees, and allows you to shred at whatever speed you feel is comfortable. Great for someone who's looking to progress their riding and doesn't want a board that will slow them down.

Sam J.
Verified Snowboard Expert • Reviewed May 14, 2021

Just about anything you want it to, good luck finding something it doesn't excel in.

Victor Von Claus
Verified Snowboard Expert • Reviewed Jul 14, 2021
Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shop$459.95
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