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Most Recommended Lib Tech Snowboards of 2022

If you're on the hunt for the best Lib Tech snowboard, check out this list of Curated experts' top recommended picks. Note, however, that we don't believe in "best of" lists here at Curated – everyone is different and we believe in finding the best gear for you and not generally for the masses. Chat with a Snowboard expert here on Curated to make sure you find the perfect Lib Tech snowboard for you and your riding style!

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  1. Lib Tech Orca Snowboard · 2022
  2. Lib Tech Dynamiss Snowboard
  3. Lib Tech TRS Snowboard
  4. Lib Tech Orca Split Snowboard · 2022
100 / 100
Lib Tech Orca Snowboard · 2022
#1 in the Top Lib Tech Snowboards of 2022
Lib Tech

Lib Tech Orca Snowboard · 2022

30% off

As you can see in the name, this board is a predator. Designed by world-renowned freerider, Travis Rice, the Orca rips through powder and cuts up groomers like there's no tomorrow. The pop on this board is rather powerful so if you want to take flight, look no further. The rocker underside adds stability and quick turn initiation. Also it has magne-traction that allows for amazing edge hold.

Snowboard Expert Sarah Taruscio
Sarah Taruscio
Verified Snowboard Expert • Reviewed Sep 14, 2021
Blauer Board Shop$519.99
82 / 100
Lib Tech Dynamiss Snowboard
#2 in the Top Lib Tech Snowboards of 2022
Lib Tech

Lib Tech Dynamiss Snowboard

30% off
  • Aggressive, high-performance snowboarding.
  • The directional nose, slightly tapered tail, and poppy Aspen/Paulownia core make this an awesome board for any terrain.
  • Magne-Traction ensures that no matter the conditions you will be able to confidently and comfortably hold an edge.
Snowboard Expert Mike Leighton
Mike Leighton
Verified Snowboard Expert • Reviewed Sep 14, 2021
We haven't found this product listed elsewhere. If you find a lower price, let your expert know - we'll match it!
76 / 100
Lib Tech TRS Snowboard
#3 in the Top Lib Tech Snowboards of 2022
Lib Tech

Lib Tech TRS Snowboard


The Total Ripper Series "TRS", is an all mountain freestyle twin designed for the rider who is doing it all from the park to pow, and wants that one board quiver to become your right hand man on the mountain. Lib considers this a slopestyle board for winning X-games medals to backcountry Natural Selection riding. Features libs most powerful profile, the C3 camber, designed for poppy precise riding, great edge hold, carves like a beast, and has just enough rocker to provide good float off trail in soft snow. Magnatraction side cut for added edge hold in icy conditions. Sintered base for speed. Eco sublimated bio bean top sheet is a beaut! Light weight core construction.

Snowboard Expert Chuck Schembre
Chuck Schembre
Verified Snowboard Expert • Reviewed Mar 1, 2022

TRS is short for Total Ripper Series. This board is designed for progressive and aggressive freestyle riding all over the mountain. The C3 camber blended with a mild rocker between the feet make this board quite versatile.

Snowboard Expert David Watts
David Watts
Verified Snowboard Expert • Reviewed Sep 15, 2021
71 / 100
Lib Tech Orca Split Snowboard · 2022
#4 in the Top Lib Tech Snowboards of 2022
Lib Tech

Lib Tech Orca Split Snowboard · 2022


Anything backcountry related, trees, steeps, powder, all of it! Quickly becoming a legend, the Orca is a backcountry killing weapon! C2x camber profile has a small rocker zone paired with two long camber zones underfoot. A powerful, stable board that turns really easily in a tight space, or can charge down any steep. The elongated camber zones should help while touring, as opposed to a board with a bigger rocker zone. You seem to lose grip while ascending with the latter.

Snowboard Expert Shane Andersen
Shane Andersen
Verified Snowboard Expert • Reviewed Sep 28, 2021
We haven't found this product listed elsewhere. If you find a lower price, let your expert know - we'll match it!
Expert Q&A
All Lib Tech boards are made at the Mervin Manufacturing facility located in Sequim, Washington. Tucked between the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges, the factory sits in Pacific Northwest heaven. Mervin, who also designs and manufactures GNU, Roxy, and Bent Metal, is actually the last major snowboard manufacturing building in the United States!
Aside from the Burton EST binding design, all bindings will be compatible with Lib Tech snowboards - whether they have a 4x4, 4x2, or a 3 hole mounting disc. As with any brand of snowboard, you will want to base your choice of binding on your ability level and riding style. When you can sync up the flex level of board and binding, the result will be a buttery smooth ride!
Heck yes! All Lib Tech snowboards are waxed and ready to shred as soon as you receive them!
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