Most Recommended Hestra Gloves & Mittens of 2023


If you love Hestra as a brand and are looking for the best Hestra gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm on your next winter sports adventure, check out the top most recommended Hestra gloves and mittens by Curated Experts. Then, be sure to chat with a Ski or Snowboard Expert here on Curated for free, personalized advice and recommendations on the best winter sports gloves and mittens for your needs.

max pilling, Ski Expert
Craig Piefer, Ski Expert
Kevin Nocom, Ski Expert
By Gloves Expertsmax, Craig, Kevin and others
The Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Gloves are a top-notch choice for those seeking warmth, comfort, and durability in extreme weather conditions. Made from a blend of synthetic and leather materials, these gloves offer excellent insulation and breathability. They are perfect for heavy users or snow professionals who need to keep their hands warm and dry in cold, harsh environments. The gloves also come with wrist wraps to prevent loss, and their large cuffs make them easy to wear over the cuff of your jacket. However, they may not be ideal for warm, wet days or backcountry use due to their size and bulk.
Ideal for
  • Heavy users or snow professionals
  • Use in extreme weather conditions
  • Those needing high insulation and breathability
  • Use in resort
Not ideal for
  • Warm, wet days
  • Backcountry use due to size and bulk
  • Those who prefer gloves that stay clean-looking
Craig Piefer, Ski Expert
Nick Sramek, Ski Expert
Doug Nowak, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Craig Piefer, Nick Sramek, Doug Nowak
The Hestra Women's Heli Ski Gloves are the epitome of quality and warmth, making them a top choice in the 2023 Hestra Gloves & Mittens list. These gloves, handmade with goat leather, are not only durable but also offer superior comfort and dexterity. The unique powder skirt around the wrist cuff ensures snow stays out, keeping your hands dry and toasty. Available in various styles, these gloves are covered by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty, truly making them a gold standard in the industry.
Ideal for
  • Individuals seeking high-quality and durable gloves
  • Those who need superior warmth and comfort in cold conditions
  • Users who value dexterity in their gloves
  • People who prefer a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on their gloves
  • Those who prefer handmade gloves with goat leather
Jake Renner, Ski Expert
Elias Lawson, Ski Expert
Elizabeth H., Ski Expert
by Curated experts Jake Renner, Elias Lawson, Elizabeth H.
The Hestra Women's Fall Line 5 Finger Insulated Gloves are a top choice for freeriders and skiers who value warmth, comfort, and quality. Crafted from the softest, high-quality cowhide leather, these gloves are perfect for on-piste skiing or off-piste adventures. They come with a wrist strap to prevent dropping and a carabiner for easy storage. Available in black or cork brown, these gloves are not only practical but stylish too.
Ideal for
  • Freeriders looking for a warm and comfortable ski glove
  • Skiers who value high-quality leather and premium stitchwork
  • Individuals who want extra grip for grabbing skis mid-air
  • People who prefer gloves with fantastic insulation
  • Those who appreciate practical features like a wrist strap and carabiner for easy storage
Chris D., Ski Expert
Jake Renner, Ski Expert
Ray M, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Chris D., Jake Renner, Ray M

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The Hestra Men's Power Heater Gauntlet Gloves are a game-changer for those who brave the harshest conditions. These gloves take Hestra's legendary designs and add a heating element, ensuring your hands never get cold, even on the coldest days on the mountain. The gloves are insulated and waterproof, providing added warmth and protection. The goat leather palms offer excellent grip and dexterity, while the synthetic down traps heat and repels moisture. The slightly longer gauntlet can be worn over or under your jacket, adding to the gloves' versatility.
Ideal for
  • People who often face harsh weather conditions
  • Those who need all-day warmth for their hands
  • Individuals who value excellent grip and dexterity in gloves
  • People who prefer versatile gloves that can be worn over or under jackets
  • Those who prefer gloves that trap heat and repel moisture
Zachary Simon, Ski Expert
Ray M, Snowboarding Expert
Landen Black, Ski Expert
by Curated experts Zachary Simon, Ray M, Landen Black
The Hestra Ergo Grip Active Wool Terry Gloves are a top pick for 2023 due to their versatility and durability. Ideal for high activity levels, these gloves offer maximum fingertip sensitivity, making them perfect for outdoor and ski activities. With a lightweight, warming wool liner, hardwearing goatskin leather, and windproof, breathable fabric on the backhand, these gloves ensure comfort and warmth. The pre-curved fingers, minimal excess material, and strategically positioned seams provide optimal grip. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty, adding to their appeal.
Ideal for
  • High activity levels
  • Outdoor activities
  • Skiing
  • Situations requiring maximum fingertip sensitivity
  • Those seeking durable and versatile gloves
Sarah Caldwell, Snowboarding Expert
Chris D., Ski Expert
Kat Miller, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Sarah Caldwell, Chris D., Kat Miller

Hestra Ergo Grip Incline 5-Finger Gloves

25% off
The Hestra Ergo Grip Incline 5-Finger Gloves are the perfect companion for winter sports enthusiasts, especially skiers and snowboarders. Their close-fitting, dexterous design ensures a secure grip and control of gear, while the full leather exterior offers durability and a supple feel. The gloves also feature foam insulation for light warmth and padded protection. The short cuff with a neoprene seal and hook-and-loop tab provides a secure fit that keeps out snow and cold air, making these gloves a top pick in the Most Recommended Hestra Gloves & Mittens of 2023.
Ideal for
  • Winter sports enthusiasts
  • Skiers
  • Snowboarders
  • Those needing a close-fitting glove
  • Those needing a glove with excellent dexterity
Leo Cocchiara, Ski Expert
Chris D., Ski Expert
Taylor OShea, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Leo Cocchiara, Chris D., Taylor OShea
The Hestra Touch Point Active Gloves are a versatile addition to any outdoor enthusiast's gear. They serve as a perfect base layer for those extra chilly days, but also function as a light glove for warmer seasons. The gloves are touch screen compatible, allowing users to operate their devices without exposing their hands to the cold. They can be machine washed and are suitable for a variety of activities such as hiking, running, and attending sporting events.
Ideal for
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who need a versatile glove for varying weather conditions
  • Individuals who frequently use touch screen devices outdoors
  • People who participate in outdoor activities such as hiking and running
  • Individuals looking to extend the life of their gloves with an additional layer
Travis Gerhardt, Ski Expert
Jess LeBorgne, Snowboarding Expert
James Moore, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Travis Gerhardt, Jess LeBorgne, James Moore

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  1. Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Gloves
  2. Hestra Women's Heli Ski Gloves
  3. Hestra Women's Fall Line 5 Finger Insulated Gloves
  4. Hestra Men's Power Heater Gauntlet Gloves
  5. Hestra Ergo Grip Active Wool Terry Gloves
  6. Hestra Ergo Grip Incline 5-Finger Gloves
  7. Hestra Touch Point Active Gloves
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