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Reece Kothe, Ski Expert
John McCarthy, Ski Expert
Jessica B., Snowboarding Expert
By Jacket ExpertsReece, John, Jessica and others

Flylow Men's Roswell 2L Insulated Jacket

50% off
The Flylow Men's Roswell 2L Insulated Jacket is a top pick for those seeking a high-performance, durable and versatile winter jacket. It's praised for its superior waterproofing, warmth, and breathability, thanks to its Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish and 80g insulation. The jacket's design features, including wrist gaskets with optional thumb loops, 14-inch underarm vents, a powder skirt, and a helmet-compatible hood, make it a favorite among winter sports enthusiasts. However, it may not be the best choice for super warm days due to its insulation.
Ideal for
  • Winter sports enthusiasts
  • Those seeking a durable and versatile jacket
  • People who prefer a freeride/looser fit
  • Individuals who value high-quality insulation and waterproofing
Not ideal for
  • Super warm days
Jessica B., Snowboarding Expert
Jason Regan, Snowboarding Expert
John McCarthy, Ski Expert
by Curated experts Jessica B., Jason Regan, John McCarthy

Flylow Men's Quantum Pro 3L Jacket

40% off
The Flylow Men's Quantum Pro 3L Jacket is a top-tier shell jacket, perfect for snowboarding, backpacking, and backcountry riding. It's known for its 20K waterproofing/breathability, removable powder skirt, and fully taped seams, ensuring you stay dry even on the wettest days. Its lightweight, 3-layered 100% polyester shell makes it easy to pack. However, it may not provide enough warmth on its own. Its high-quality construction and thoughtful features like multiple pockets and ample ventilation options make it a standout in the Flylow lineup.
Ideal for
  • Snowboarding
  • Backpacking
  • Backcountry riding
  • Wet and snowy conditions
  • Intense activities requiring body temperature regulation
Not ideal for
  • High intensity activities where bulkiness could be an issue
  • Scenarios requiring warmth on its own
Jessica B., Snowboarding Expert
Josh Leet, Snowboarding Expert
Gunnar Gronowski, Ski Expert
by Curated experts Jessica B., Josh Leet, Gunnar Gronowski

Flylow Men's Malone Shell Jacket

45% off
The Flylow Men's Malone Shell Jacket is a standout choice for those seeking a lightweight, flexible, and supremely waterproof hardshell jacket. It's perfect for spring days, backcountry tours, and skiers who tend to overheat when the sun comes out. The jacket's breathable jersey backing and stormshell polyester fabric construction allow for excellent heat control and unrestricted movement. However, it's not a standalone option for extremely cold days and needs to be paired with other clothes.
Ideal for
  • Spring days
  • Backcountry tours
  • Skiers who run hot
  • Layering and heat control
  • People seeking a lightweight, flexible jacket
Not ideal for
  • Super cold days without additional layers
Andrius P., Ski Expert
Kevin Kuyper, Ski Expert
Wilhelm Nesterovic, Ski Expert
by Curated experts Andrius P., Kevin Kuyper, Wilhelm Nesterovic

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The Flylow Men's Dante Insulated Jacket is a top pick for resort skiers who value comfort, warmth, and functionality. Its breathable and waterproof design, coupled with a two-layer insulation system, ensures warmth in all conditions. The jacket also features a pass pocket for RFID cards and ample storage space, making it perfect for all-day skiing adventures.
Ideal for
  • Resort skiers
  • All-day skiers
  • Those needing ample storage
  • Skiers in varying weather conditions
Bill S, Ski Expert
by Curated expert Bill S

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  1. Flylow Men's Roswell 2L Insulated Jacket
  2. Flylow Men's Quantum Pro 3L Jacket
  3. Flylow Men's Malone Shell Jacket
  4. Flylow Men's Dante Insulated Jacket
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