Most Recommended XXIO Irons of 2023


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Austin E, Golf Expert
Bobby Funkhouser, Golf Expert
Eric A., Golf Expert
By Golf ExpertsAustin, Bobby, Eric and others

XXIO 12 Irons

32% off
The XXIO 12 Irons are perfect for golfers seeking to enhance their game without altering their swing mechanics. These irons are ultralightweight, designed with innovative flex technologies and unique materials to boost ball speed. They offer a superb balance of forgiveness, performance, and workability. The premium construction and lightweight graphite shaft make them a joy to use, and they're particularly beneficial for players with slower swing speeds.
Ideal for
  • Players with slower swing speeds
  • Players seeking to improve ball speed without changing swing tempo
  • Golfers looking for a balance of forgiveness and performance
  • Players who value premium construction and materials
  • Golfers aiming to reduce strokes on their scorecard
Not ideal for
  • Players who prefer mainstream brand names
Bobby Funkhouser, Golf Expert
Jameson H, Golf Expert
by Curated experts Bobby Funkhouser, Jameson H

XXIO 12 Lady Irons

32% off
The XXIO 12 Lady Irons are a top pick for 2023, particularly for older players with moderate to slow swing speeds. These irons are celebrated for their super soft feel, forgiveness, and performance-enhancing features. With boosted ball speed, progressive center of gravity, and loft-specific grooves, they offer enhanced distance and easy-swing technologies for effortless speed and purer strikes. The ultralightweight construction adds to the ease of use, making these irons a standout choice for those seeking improved performance on the course.
Ideal for
  • Older players
  • Players with moderate to slow swing speeds
  • Players seeking a super soft feel
  • Players looking for forgiveness in their irons
  • Players aiming to improve their performance on the course
Tyler Jones, Golf Expert
Chris D., Golf Expert
Bobby Funkhouser, Golf Expert
by Curated experts Tyler Jones, Chris D., Bobby Funkhouser
The XXIO 13 Single Iron is a perfect match for golfers with moderate swing speeds seeking an ultra-luxury, advanced modern set. Its exceptional performance, distance, and stunning aesthetics make it a standout choice. These irons are not just golf equipment, they are well-crafted jewels, making them a top pick for the Most Recommended XXIO Irons of 2023.
Ideal for
  • Players with moderate swing speeds
  • Those seeking an ultra-luxury golf set
  • Golfers who value advanced modern design
  • Players who prioritize performance and distance
  • Golfers who appreciate aesthetically pleasing equipment
Eric A., Golf Expert
by Curated expert Eric A.

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  1. XXIO 12 Irons
  2. XXIO 12 Lady Irons
  3. XXIO 13 Single Iron
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