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Sequoia W., Camping Expert
Sean Wells, Camping Expert
Johnny Addleman, Camping Expert
By Sleeping Bag ExpertsSequoia, Sean, Johnny and others
The North Face Dolomite One 15 Sleeping Bag is a versatile choice for those who traverse multiple climates. Its two-layer design allows users to switch between a 50-degree top synthetic layer and a 30-degree mid-layer. The rectangular shape offers comfort, and it includes features like a watch pocket. While it's not ideal for ultralight backpacking due to its weight, it's a strong contender for car camping trips and overlanding.
Ideal for
  • Crossing multiple climates
  • Car camping trips
  • Overlanding
  • Those who value comfort and versatility
Not ideal for
  • Ultralight backpacking
Gregg Mason, Camping Expert
by Curated expert Gregg Mason
The North Face Wasatch 0 Sleeping Bag - Men's is a top pick for 2023 due to its lightweight design, perfect for cold weather camping. With a cozy fitted hood and ample space to roll over, it ensures comfort in the great outdoors. Its weight of 3.14 lbs and length of 84 inches, combined with offset quilted construction, effectively lock in the heat, making it an ideal choice for those braving the cold.
Ideal for
  • Cold weather camping
  • Those who value comfort in sleeping bags
  • Individuals who prefer lightweight camping gear
  • People who need ample space in their sleeping bags
Kate Wilson, Camping Expert
by Curated expert Kate Wilson
The North Face Eco Trail Down 35 Sleeping Bag is perfect for the eco-conscious adventurer. Made from 100% recycled materials, it's lightweight and features a unique J-zip for enhanced mobility and venting. It's also equipped with tie-down loops for securing the bag to a sleeping pad, preventing midnight slips. However, with a 35-degree rating, it's not suitable for cold weather or winter trips.
Ideal for
  • Eco-conscious consumers
  • Lightweight backpacking
  • Camping in mild climates
  • Those who value mobility and ventilation in a sleeping bag
Not ideal for
  • Cold weather/winter trips
Amy B, Camping Expert
by Curated expert Amy B

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Result Summary
  1. The North Face Dolomite One 15 Sleeping Bag- Men's
  2. The North Face Wasatch 0 Sleeping Bag - Men's
  3. The North Face Eco Trail Down 35 Sleeping Bag- Men's
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