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Most Recommended Icelantic Women's Skis of 2022-2023

If you are a fan of Icelantic as a brand and are on the hunt for new skis, check out Curated Experts' top most recommended Icelantic women's skis. Note, however, that we don't believe that there's a "best" ski out there; there's a best ski for you and your needs. Be sure to chat with a Ski Expert here on Curated for free, personalized advice and recommendations on the best ski for your needs.

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  1. Icelantic Maiden 101 Skis · Women's · 2023
Icelantic Maiden 101 Skis · Women's · 2023
#1 in the Top Icelantic Women's Skis of 2022-2023

Icelantic Maiden 101 Skis · Women's · 2023

From $848.95

The Maiden 101 is their signature ladies freeride ski - What does this mean? It means they're ready to slash powder, navigate tree runs, plow through chopped up snow, and rail down fresh groomers... All while remaining playful and composed in tough terrain. Approachable for intermediate skiers, but the Maiden's can also be pushed hard as you progress!

Ski Expert Elias Lawson
Elias Lawson
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Oct 19, 2022

This ski combines the features from Icelandic's Nomad and their signature "Fly-Weight" core, making it the ultimate women's-specific freeride ski. This ski has a rockered tip and tail with 2mm of camber underfoot, which allows the ski to excel skiing some sick powder, charging through some crud, and having fun all over the mountain.

Ski Expert Libby Gardner
Libby Gardner
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Oct 19, 2022

A daily driver for women who want a ski that can ski the soft snow and edge and pivot with ease.

Ski Expert Gunnar O
Gunnar O
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Oct 19, 2022
REI+ free shipping$849.00 free shipping$849.00 free shipping$848.95
Teton Wasatch Ski Co.$849.00
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