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Most Recommended Rome Snowboards under $400

If you are a fan of Rome as a brand and are looking to buy a new snowboard under $400, check out Curated Experts' top most recommended Rome snowboards within this budget. Note, however, that we don't believe in "best of" lists here at Curated – everyone is different and we believe in finding the best gear for you and not generally for the masses. Be sure to chat with a Snowboard Expert here on Curated for free, personalized advice on the best snowboard for your needs.

Result summary
  1. Rome Mechanic Snowboard · 2024
  2. Rome Royal Snowboard · Women's · 2024
  3. Rome Slapstick Snowboard · Kids' · 2024
  4. Rome Hype Snowboard · Women's · 2024
Rome Mechanic Snowboard · 2024
#1 in the Top Rome Snowboards under $400

Rome Mechanic Snowboard · 2024

The Rome Mechanic Snowboard 2024 is a fantastic choice for those looking to progress in the sport without breaking the bank. It's a soft flexing, playful all-mountain freestyle deck with a flat out rocker profile, making it perfect for cruising the resort. Its medium flex and rocker/flat/rocker profile offer a lively ride, ideal for the all-mountain rider who loves to surf and cruise. It's also suitable for beginners or park riders, thanks to its true-twin shape and 5/10 flex. Plus, it's got some sick graphics!
Ideal for
  • Beginners
  • Park riders
  • All-mountain riders
  • Those who enjoy a playful, lively ride
  • Those looking for a quality ride without breaking the bank
Blauer Board Shop$399.95

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Rome Royal Snowboard · Women's · 2024
#2 in the Top Rome Snowboards under $400

Rome Royal Snowboard · Women's · 2024

The Rome Royal Snowboard Women's 2024 is a perfect choice for beginner to intermediate riders, especially those with a penchant for freestyle. Its soft flexing twin shape, flat to rocker profile, and bamboo hot rods make it playful, easy to control, and great for carving. It's a catch-free ride that's ideal for cruising groomers, making turns, hitting first jumps, and even park riding. However, it may not be the best for big mountain and knee-deep powder scenarios.
Ideal for
  • Beginner to intermediate riders
  • Freestyle enthusiasts
  • Riders who want a forgiving flex
  • Riders learning to connect turns and carve
  • Park riders who want a soft, playful board
Not ideal for
  • Big mountain riding
  • Knee-deep powder scenarios
Blauer Board Shop$399.95
Outdoor Gear Exchange$399.95
Rome Slapstick Snowboard · Kids' · 2024
#3 in the Top Rome Snowboards under $400

Rome Slapstick Snowboard · Kids' · 2024

The Rome Slapstick Snowboard · Kids' · 2024 is an excellent choice for young riders who are ready to take on more challenging terrain. With a 4/10 flex, True Twin shape, and a camber profile with a hint of rocker, this board is designed for stability and easy turn initiation. The Diamond 3D tech in the nose and tail prevents edge catching, making it ideal for those looking to develop their skills. Plus, its pop and high-speed stability make it a board that won't be outgrown quickly.
Ideal for
  • Young riders ready to tackle more challenging terrain
  • Riders looking to develop their skills
  • Riders seeking a board with easy turn initiation
  • Riders interested in freestyle skills
  • Riders needing a board with high-speed stability
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Rome Hype Snowboard · Women's · 2024
#4 in the Top Rome Snowboards under $400

Rome Hype Snowboard · Women's · 2024

The Rome Hype Snowboard · Women's · 2024 is a fantastic all-mountain board that offers a playful yet powerful ride. It's packed with tech and delivers precision at high speeds. It's great for any conditions, making it a fun and versatile choice for all snowboarding enthusiasts.
Ideal for
  • All-mountain snowboarding
  • Riders seeking a playful yet powerful board
  • High-speed precision
  • Versatile conditions free shipping$399.95
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