Most Recommended Salomon Snowboard Boots under $400


If you are a fan of Salomon as a brand and are looking to buy new snowboard boots under $400, check out Curated Experts' top most recommended Salomon snowboard boots within this budget. Note, however, that we don't believe in "best of" lists here at Curated – everyone is different and we believe in finding the best gear for you and not generally for the masses. Be sure to chat with a Snowboard Expert here on Curated for free, personalized advice on the best snowboard boots for your needs.

Yuri Czmola, Snowboarding Expert
Ryan Frank, Snowboarding Expert
By Boot ExpertsYuri, Zach, Ryan and others
The Salomon Scarlet BOA Snowboard Boots are perfect for those seeking a forgiving boot that emphasizes comfort and convenience. With a softer profile, these boots are great for progression. They feature a Fit-To-Ride design on a sneaker-inspired D-Light outsole, providing comfort and durability in a lightweight boot. The BOA system offers quick and easy access, making in and out of the boot simple. However, they might not be ideal for advanced, faster riders or those with wider feet.
Ideal for
  • Those seeking a forgiving boot
  • Riders who value comfort and convenience
  • Riders who prefer a softer profile for progression
  • Riders who appreciate a lightweight boot with board feel and dampening
  • Riders who prefer quick and easy access with the BOA system
Not ideal for
  • Advanced, faster riders
  • Riders with wider feet
Stephen Chappel, Snowboarding Expert
Ray M, Snowboarding Expert
Yuri Czmola, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Stephen Chappel, Ray M, Yuri Czmola
The Salomon Launch BOA SJ BOA Snowboard Boots · 2024 is a perfect choice for intermediate to advanced snowboarders who prefer a snug fit. The dual BOA system offers two zones of control, ensuring a secure heel hold and overall boot tightness. Its medium flex and great performance in all conditions make it a versatile pick.
Ideal for
  • Intermediate to advanced snowboarders
  • Snowboarders who prefer a tighter boot
  • Snowboarders who value support and comfort
  • Snowboarders who ride in varied conditions
Not ideal for
  • Beginners
  • Rail riders
Liz Swan, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Zach Amelotte, Liz Swan
The Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boots are perfect for beginner to intermediate riders seeking comfort and performance. With a softer flex, Fit-to-Ride construction, and heat-moldable foam liners, these boots offer maximum comfort and customization. The BOA system ensures easy lacing and a snug fit all day. The boots are durable, warm, and fit most bindings perfectly. They are versatile, suitable for almost all terrain types, and designed to help riders improve their skills.
Ideal for
  • Beginner to intermediate riders
  • Riders seeking comfort and performance
  • Riders who prefer a softer flex
  • Riders who need a boot that fits most bindings
  • Riders looking for a durable and warm boot
Not ideal for
  • Riders with a stiff, aggressive style
Kat Miller, Snowboarding Expert
Brandt W., Snowboarding Expert
Raul B, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Kat Miller, Brandt W., Raul B

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The Salomon Dialogue Dual BOA Snowboard Boots · 2024 are perfect for those seeking comfort and control on the slopes. With a mid-flex design, these boots provide a quick response, making them ideal for riders who value precision. The zonal double BOA system allows for an exact fit, ensuring comfort for all-day riding. These features make these boots a top pick for under $400.
Ideal for
  • All-day riding
  • Riders who value quick response
  • Riders who prefer a precise fit
Billy King, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated expert Billy King
The Salomon Ivy BOA SJ BOA Snowboard Boots are a top pick for riders seeking a boot that's technically responsive and durable. With a medium flex, they're versatile for all-mountain riding, ready to take it easy or tackle advanced trails. The heat moldable liner ensures a custom fit, while the dual zone lacing system provides convenience and control. These boots are perfect for riders of all levels, offering consistent performance right out of the box.
Ideal for
  • Riders seeking a technically responsive boot
  • Riders who want a durable boot that will last for years
  • Riders who enjoy all-mountain riding
  • Riders who value a custom fit and control
  • Riders of all levels
Alex V, Snowboarding Expert
Zach Hargreaves, Snowboarding Expert
Ryan Frank, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Alex V, Zach Hargreaves, Ryan Frank

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  1. Salomon Scarlet BOA Snowboard Boots · Women's · 2024
  2. Salomon Launch BOA SJ BOA Snowboard Boots · 2024
  3. Salomon Pearl BOA Snowboard Boots · Women's · 2024
  4. Salomon Dialogue Dual BOA Snowboard Boots · 2024
  5. Salomon Ivy BOA SJ BOA Snowboard Boots · Women's · 2024
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