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Most Recommended Electric Bikes of 2022

On the hunt for a new electric bike? Curated experts give free e-bike recommendations every day to customers just like you. This list highlights what they are loving right now, but make sure you chat with a Cycling expert to get personalized recommendations on the best electric bike for you.

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  1. Cannondale Treadwell Neo Electric Bike
  2. Retrospec JAX REV 500 Bike
100 / 100
Cannondale Treadwell Neo Electric Bike
#1 in the Top Electric Bikes of 2022

Cannondale Treadwell Neo Electric Bike

Riding to the bike paths, riding the paths, and riding up the hills from the paths. The motor will let you get up hills EFFORTLESSLY and being a "quality" option, it's still a great price for a first e-bike, getting a very nice aesthetic as well!

Cycling Expert Hunter Brankamp
Hunter Brankamp
Verified • Reviewed Sep 14, 2021

E-biking anywhere you please. Discreet look is clean and inconspicuous. Great saddle for comfort.

Cycling Expert Leo C
Leo C
Verified • Reviewed Sep 14, 2021

Road riding, exploring, hills, dirt roads, and commuting!

Cycling Expert Dalton Charest
Dalton Charest
Verified • Reviewed Sep 14, 2021
We haven't found this product listed elsewhere. If you find a lower price, let your expert know - we'll match it!
98 / 100
Retrospec JAX REV 500 Bike
#2 in the Top Electric Bikes of 2022

Retrospec JAX REV 500 Bike


Riders looking for a super solid - yet simple build, good range, and a price tag that comes in way lower than the competition. The 3x20'' tires are fat enough to provide stability and confidence through most terrain while still being nimble enough to be an ultra fun ride! The lower profile allows the rider more control over the bike, and the disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power. The simple single gear design keeps maintenance costs low with a clean appearance - but the added fenders, headlight, and rear rack provide many upgrades found on much more expensive bikes. Riders can expect a 30-40 mile range on the battery, and the JAX's class 2 ranking means that you have a full throttle option to fall back on if your legs get tired. Did I mention that it folds up for easy storage?

Cycling Expert Nick DeyArmond
Nick DeyArmond
Verified • Reviewed Jun 10, 2022
Bicycle World$1,449.99
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