Most Recommended Tour Edge Wedges of 2023


Tour Edge crafts wedges with great feel and versatility. At Curated, we don't believe there is a "best" wedge; we believe there is a best wedge for you based on your goals, budget, skill level, etc. Check out our experts' most recommended Tour Edge wedges, and chat with a Golf expert for free advice and recommendations on the best wedge for your needs.

Jorge Arteta, Golf Expert
Bobby Funkhouser, Golf Expert
Nathan Hancock, Golf Expert
By Golf ExpertsJorge, Bobby, Nathan and others
The Tour Edge Hot Launch Super Spin VibRCor Wedge is a top choice for 2023, offering a high level of spin, control, and forgiveness. Its unique VibRCor technology delivers a remarkable feel, while the beveled leading edge and cambered sole ensure consistent, high-flying shots from any lie. The toe-weighted design elongates the sweet spot for consistent distance and control, and the maxed CNC grooves provide pro-like control and spin. This wedge is ideal for golfers of all skill levels, particularly those looking to improve their short game.
Ideal for
  • Golfers seeking a forgiving wedge with enhanced feel
  • Golfers looking for a wedge that offers high spin and control
  • Golfers who want a wedge that can handle any lie
  • Mid-high handicappers seeking a solid, affordable wedge
  • Golfers looking for a wedge they can grow with
Not ideal for
  • Golfers who prefer a wedge with more bounce and sole options
  • Golfers who prefer a smaller topline
  • Golfers who want to work the ball left or right on demand
  • Golfers who prefer a heavier club
Ari T, Golf Expert
David L. Brown, Golf Expert
Jorge Arteta, Golf Expert
by Curated experts Ari T, David L. Brown, Jorge Arteta
The Tour Edge Hot Launch 523 VIBRCOR Wedge is a top-notch choice for golfers looking to enhance their short game without breaking the bank. Its unique VibRCor Technology offers a softer feel and dampens vibrations, while the cavity back design ensures extreme forgiveness. The CNC grooves are designed to maximize spin and control, making it a perfect addition to any golfer's arsenal. Plus, it's backed by a lifetime warranty from Tour Edge, a brand with over 40 years of experience.
Ideal for
  • Golfers looking to upgrade from the wedges from their iron set
  • Players wanting a high-quality, forgiving wedge
  • Golfers seeking to improve their short game
  • Players looking for a wedge with cutting-edge technology and forgiveness
  • Golfers wanting a wedge that offers great turf interaction and feel
Bobby Funkhouser, Golf Expert
Dalton Ellis, Golf Expert
Tyler Jones, Golf Expert
by Curated experts Bobby Funkhouser, Dalton Ellis, Tyler Jones
The Tour Edge Women's Hot Launch Super Spin VibRCor Wedge is a top pick for 2023, perfect for golfers seeking forgiveness, great feel, and high launch. Its VibRCor technology offers sound dampening and vibration control, enhancing the overall feel. The deep grooves of the wedge provide excellent spin control, making it ideal for high shots around the green and consistent overall wedge play.
Ideal for
  • Golfers seeking forgiveness and great feel
  • Players who prefer high launch and good spin
  • Those who need spin control around the green
  • Golfers who value consistency in their wedge game
  • Players who appreciate sound dampening and vibration control
Not ideal for
  • Golfers who need lower bounce
  • Players who prefer a thinner top line
Nathan Hancock, Golf Expert
by Curated expert Nathan Hancock

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  1. Tour Edge Hot Launch Super Spin VibRCor Wedge
  2. Tour Edge Hot Launch 523 VIBRCOR Wedge
  3. Tour Edge Women's Hot Launch Super Spin VibRCor Wedge
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