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If you love the brand Helly Hansen and are looking for the best Helly Hansen jacket for your next winter sports adventure, check out the top most recommended Helly Hansen jackets by Curated experts. Note, however, that we don't believe in "best of" lists here at Curated – everyone is different and we believe in finding the best gear for you and not generally for the masses. Don't forget to chat with a Ski or Snowboard expert here on Curated for free, personalized advice and recommendations on finding the best jacket for your needs.

Brent Roberts, Snowboarding Expert
Alisha Scheifley, Ski Expert
Jessica B., Snowboarding Expert
By Jacket ExpertsBrent, Alisha, Jessica and others
The Helly Hansen Men's Alpha 3.0 Insulated 3L Jacket is a top-tier, fully-featured ski jacket, designed in the Arctic North of Finland. It's perfect for resort and sidecountry riding, offering exceptional freedom of movement with its 4-way stretch, and warmth with its lightweight Primaloft insulation. This jacket is also fully waterproof, making it one of the most waterproof options on the market. It's a trusted choice for resorts to keep their employees warm and dry, and it will do the same for you. However, it may not be ideal for highly active riders due to its insulation.
Ideal for
  • Resort and sidecountry riding
  • Moderate aerobic activity in wet, windy conditions
  • Those who prefer less bulk and more warmth
  • Those who need a durable, waterproof jacket
Not ideal for
  • Highly active riders
  • Bodyboarding in the creek
  • Those who prefer a more stylish look
Jessica B., Snowboarding Expert
Greg Alfaro, Ski Expert
Tim Scialabba, Ski Expert
by Curated experts Jessica B., Greg Alfaro, Tim Scialabba
The Helly Hansen Women's Motionista Lifaloft 2L Insulated Jacket is a top pick for those seeking a blend of warmth, comfort, and flexibility. Its LifaLoft insulation and HellyTech waterproof/breathable membrane ensure warmth and dryness in various climates. The jacket's four-way stretch fabric and articulated arms offer superior mobility, making it perfect for dynamic activities like skiing. It also features a Lifepocket to keep your phone warm and preserve battery life. However, it may run small for curvy ladies and may not be ideal for extremely cold conditions.
Ideal for
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Dynamic outdoor activities
  • Versatile weather conditions
  • Those who prefer not to layer
  • Those needing to keep their phone warm
Not ideal for
  • Extremely cold weather conditions
  • Curvy ladies
  • Warmer days on the slopes
Jessica B., Snowboarding Expert
Zachary Simon, Ski Expert
Elizabeth H., Ski Expert
by Curated experts Jessica B., Zachary Simon, Elizabeth H.
The Helly Hansen Men's Sogn Shell 2.0 Jacket is a top recommendation for those who love skiing on powdery and wet days. Its superior water resistance ensures you stay dry all day long. The jacket's versatility allows it to be worn in almost any condition, provided you layer appropriately. It's packed with features like the 3 Layer Helly Tech Pro fabric, freeride fit, powder skirt, multiple pockets including a lifepocket for your phone battery, and built-in RECCO reflectors. However, it's not ideal for those who easily get cold.
Ideal for
  • Skiing on powdery and wet days
  • Those who need a versatile jacket for varying conditions
  • Those who value multiple pockets and additional features
  • Those who prefer a freeride fit
Not ideal for
  • Those who easily get cold
Nathaniel Cavo, Ski Expert
Henry Kvietok, Ski Expert
Elizabeth H., Ski Expert
by Curated experts Nathaniel Cavo, Henry Kvietok, Elizabeth H.

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The Helly Hansen Men's Alpha Lifaloft 2L Insulated Jacket is a top pick for passionate skiers and resort-goers. Its LifaLoft™ insulation makes it lightweight yet warm, perfect for those who prefer to travel light. It's packed with ski-friendly features like underarm vents, a detachable and helmet-compatible hood, a RECCO® Advanced Rescue system, and a LIFE POCKET+™ for phone battery longevity in the cold. It's also the go-to jacket for the Swedish Ski Alpine Team, which speaks volumes about its quality and performance.
Ideal for
  • Passionate skiers
  • Resort-goers
  • Those who prefer lightweight gear
  • People who need to regulate body temperature during high output skiing
  • Those who value phone battery longevity in cold conditions
Not ideal for
  • People with larger builds due to its slimmer fit
  • Snorkeling
Qise I., Snowboarding Expert
Sarah Caldwell, Snowboarding Expert
Jon B., Ski Expert
by Curated experts Qise I., Sarah Caldwell, Jon B.
The Helly Hansen Men's Ridge Infinity Shell Ski Jacket is a top-tier choice for ski enthusiasts. Its innovative LIFA INFINITY fabric ensures exceptional waterproofing and breathability, while its design features, including pockets, zippers, a hood, and a powder skirt, are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The jacket's durability is also noteworthy, thanks to its 3-layer HellyTech construction. Additional features like a special phone pocket, RECCO transponder, helmet-compatible hood, and 2-way zippers make it a favorite among high-end mountain ski patrollers.
Ideal for
  • Ski enthusiasts
  • Outdoor adventurers
  • Environmentally conscious consumers
  • High-end mountain ski patrollers
Elias Lawson, Ski Expert
David Robinson, Ski Expert
Luke Hinz, Ski Expert
by Curated experts Elias Lawson, David Robinson, Luke Hinz
The Helly Hansen Women's Alphelia Lifaloft 2L Insulated Jacket is a top choice for women seeking a technical jacket that is not only warm and dry but also environmentally friendly. Its key features include a detachable hood, an insulated pocket for your phone, and stretchability. It's lightweight, making it perfect for resort riding in any condition and easy to pack for travel. The jacket's Primaloft synthetic insulation is excellent in damp conditions, and it has a great weight-to-function ratio. However, it may not be as robust in terms of waterproofing as other options and might lack some durability for those who tend to be rough on their ski jackets.
Ideal for
  • Women seeking a technical, environmentally friendly jacket
  • Resort riding in any condition
  • Travelers due to its lightweight and easy-to-pack nature
  • Damp conditions due to its Primaloft synthetic insulation
  • Those who value a great weight-to-function ratio
Not ideal for
  • Backcountry skiing or other high-intensity physical activity
  • Those who require high durability in their ski jackets
Ciara Peters, Ski Expert
Greg McCandless, Ski Expert
Evan Heim, Apparel Expert
by Curated experts Ciara Peters, Greg McCandless, Evan Heim
The Helly Hansen Men's Ridge Infinity Shell Jacket is a top pick for avid skiers and riders who spend a lot of time on the mountain. Its 3-layer shell design is perfect for all-season use, providing excellent waterproofing and breathability. The jacket is loaded with features like a powder skirt, wrist gaiters, an insulated phone pocket, and a helmet-compatible hood. It also stands out for its eco-friendly aspects, including a 50% recycled face fabric and PFC-free waterproofing.
Ideal for
  • All-season skiers and riders
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who value eco-friendly products
  • Individuals who need a durable, waterproof jacket
  • People who appreciate well-thought-out pockets and features
  • Those who prefer highly visible colors in their outdoor gear
Iain Kuo, Ski Expert
Katie Mac, Ski Expert
Ray M, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Iain Kuo, Katie Mac, Ray M
The Helly Hansen Men's Elevation Infinity 2.0 Shell Jacket is a top-of-the-line, versatile piece designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Its waterproof and windproof features make it perfect for skiing or any winter activities. It's also designed with backpack-friendly pockets, making it great for backcountry adventures. The jacket is equipped with a Recco Chip for safety. However, it's not insulated, so layering is necessary for colder days.
Ideal for
  • Outdoor winter activities
  • Skiing
  • Backcountry adventures
  • Very wet conditions
  • Windy conditions
Not ideal for
  • Warm weather
  • Without insulated midlayers on cold days
Bill S, Ski Expert
Kat Fulwider, Ski Expert
James Fallon, Ski Expert
by Curated experts Bill S, Kat Fulwider, James Fallon
The Helly Hansen Men's Ridge Shell 2.0 Jacket is a top-of-the-line shell jacket that excels in stormy, wet conditions. Its waterproof and breathable fabric, combined with its layering capabilities, make it ideal for those braving the elements on the east coast or in deep powder. Its hand warmer pockets, lightweight tech, and rugged durability also make it a standout choice for colder weather days.
Ideal for
  • Stormy weather
  • Rainy conditions
  • Snowy conditions
  • Layering
  • Colder weather days
Not ideal for
  • Providing warmth without layering
Stephen B, Snowboarding Expert
Alisha Scheifley, Ski Expert
Jon Kunkler, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Stephen B, Alisha Scheifley, Jon Kunkler

Helly Hansen Men's Alpha 4.0 Ski Jacket

25% off
The Helly Hansen Men's Alpha 4.0 Ski Jacket is perfect for serious skiers. Its Primaloft insulation is body-mapped to keep the jacket light and warm. It's super waterproof and environmentally friendly, making it a favorite among HH enthusiasts.
Ideal for
  • Serious skiers
  • Those who prefer lightweight jackets
  • Those who need warmth during skiing
  • Environmentally conscious consumers
  • Helly Hansen brand enthusiasts
Ciara Peters, Ski Expert
by Curated expert Ciara Peters

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  1. Helly Hansen Men's Alpha 3.0 Insulated 3L Jacket
  2. Helly Hansen Women's Motionista Lifaloft 2L Insulated Jacket
  3. Helly Hansen Men’s Sogn Shell 2.0 Ski Shell Jacket
  4. Helly Hansen Men’s Alpha LIFALOFT™ Insulated Ski Jacket
  5. Helly Hansen Men's Ridge Infinity Shell Ski Jacket
  6. Helly Hansen Women's Alphelia LIFALOFT™ Ski Jacket
  7. Helly Hansen Men's Ridge Infinity Shell Jacket
  8. Helly Hansen Men's Elevation Infinity 2.0 Shell Jacket
  9. Helly Hansen Men's Ridge Shell 2.0 Jacket
  10. Helly Hansen Men's Alpha 4.0 Ski Jacket
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