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Most Recommended Rossignol Snowboards of 2021


Curated experts make thousands of recommendations to snowboarders every season taking into account key factors, such as skill level, preferred terrain, and riding style. If you love Rossignol as a brand and are on the hunt for the best Rossignol snowboard for your next adventure, check out the top most recommended Rossignol snowboards by Curated experts. And then don’t forget to chat with a Snowboard expert here on Curated for free, personalized recommendations on the best snowboard for your needs.

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  1. Rossignol XV Sashimi LG Snowboard
  2. Rossignol XV Sashimi LG Snowboard
100 / 100
Rossignol XV Sashimi LG Snowboard

Rossignol XV Sashimi LG Snowboard

From $299.96
$450.00 to $599.95
Up to 50% off

A huuuuuuge tip, medium flex, and set back camber/rocker profile means that this thing is maaaaaaade for powder. This thing is super surfy.

Snowboard Expert Benjamin Cousino
Benjamin Cousino
Verified Snowboard Expert • Reviewed Aug 2, 2021 free shipping$359.97
84 / 100
Rossignol XV Sashimi LG Snowboard

Rossignol XV Sashimi LG Snowboard


Powder!! Interesting flex design on this one- it's stiffer under the front foot for power through the deep stuff and then softens mildly through the waist and back foot to give you a forgiving, gentle, maneuverable feeling. Creates an intensely fun ride! Built to take on the groomers and heavy carves when you're in the mood for them with just as much confidence!

Snowboard Expert Brianna Dornisch
Brianna Dornisch
Verified Snowboard Expert • Reviewed Aug 2, 2021

Directional Freeride has a wide rockered nose for mindless float. Reverse directional Flex under the front foot for increased power and control that progressively softens through the waist and rear foot for confident stability and nimble maneuverability.

Snowboard Expert Jen Simon
Jen Simon
Verified Snowboard Expert • Reviewed Aug 2, 2021
Level Nine Sports$389.97
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