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Most Recommended Rossignol Ski Boots of 2021


Curated experts make thousands of recommendations to skiers every season taking into account key factors, such as skill level, preferred terrain, and skiing style. If you love Rossignol as a brand and are on the hunt for the best Rossignol ski boots for your next adventure, check out the top most recommended Rossignol ski boots by Curated experts. And then don’t forget to chat with a Ski expert here on Curated for free, personalized recommendations on the best ski boots for your needs.

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  1. Rossignol Pure Comfort 60 Ski Boots
  2. Rossignol Alltrack Elite 90 LT Gw Women's Ski Boots 24.5 · 2021
  3. Rossignol Pure Heat Ski Boots · 2022
  4. Rossignol Alltrack 70 Ski Boots
100 / 100
Rossignol Pure Comfort 60 Ski Boots

Rossignol Pure Comfort 60 Ski Boots


Made by a real reputable brand, this is a boot that matches utmost comfort with sturdiness and durability. Nab these for plenty of fun for winter seasons to come with a women's-specific design and an-ultra comfy inner liner that feels like a warm hug around for your foot!

This boot made by Rossignol is designed with comfort and warmth in mind. It is wider than the traditional women's ski boot allowing for easy entry and reduced foot fatigue, allowing for full days at the resort! This boot is a great option for the blue-run ripper who wants to feel good the whole day! No more pinched toes or numb feet with these boots! Their 60 flex level allows for all-mountain exploration when you feel like it!

Tholen B.
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Mar 31, 2021
Level Nine Sports$149.96
93 / 100
Rossignol Alltrack Elite 90 LT Gw Women's Ski Boots  24.5 · 2021

Rossignol Alltrack Elite 90 LT Gw Women's Ski Boots 24.5 · 2021


The Alltrack Elite 90 is also somewhat similar to the Cochise 105. This boot takes a lot of the same great options and puts it into a 90 flex. This would be a better option if you think that you won't be quite as aggressive. This is a good boot for an advanced skier who is more moderate in terms of aggression. This boot is also slightly narrower at 98mm, which means that the precision will be greater, but it may be a little bit tighter around the front of the boot — reiterating why it can be a good option for an advanced skier, but the flex of the boot caters more towards a moderate level of aggression.

This boot is primarily for those with skinny to normal width feet at 98mm last. A low-volume fit maximizes the responsiveness of the boot and it's designed specifically for the female foot. Built from lightweight material in combination with the walk mode and the tech toe inserts, this boot is ready to tour as well. Grip walk soles provide traction when not clipped into the binding, and customizable thinsulate liners mold to your feet and keep them warm.

Jasper Kirsten
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Jun 28, 2021

The boot is designed to ski the whole mountain — suitable for every terrain and offers great comfortability while walking. It features inserts that make it compatible with all alpine touring bindings. The sole features, like the rubber tread, offer a more natural walking motion.

Celine S
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Jun 28, 2021
Powder7 Ski Shop+ free shipping$449.95 free shipping$449.95
82 / 100
Rossignol Pure Heat Ski Boots · 2022

Rossignol Pure Heat Ski Boots · 2022


Say goodbye to cold feet! This boot features a heated liner. This boot includes rechargeable Therm-ic boot heating technology and plush fleece liner. The fit of this boot is slightly narrower than other options and the 100 flex is geared for intermediate-to-advanced women skiers but it's a great boot to grow into.

Merino wool lined boots with comfy 102 mm last wide enough to have you feeling great right out of the box. Flex index of 70 to instill confidence while cruising the mountain.

Tim Scialabba
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Mar 21, 2021
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73 / 100
Rossignol Alltrack 70 Ski Boots

Rossignol Alltrack 70 Ski Boots


Great women's-specific design for a boot that loves to ski all kinds of terrain. The release-able cuff has a great range of motion feel in the walk-mode, makes going to and from the parking lot a breeze, and I really like the lightweight liner they implemented in this one. Amazing all-around comfort profile with a 102mm last.

Suburban Ski and Bike$224.96
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