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Most Recommended Nordica Ski Boots of 2021


Curated experts make thousands of recommendations to skiers every season taking into account key factors, such as skill level, preferred terrain, and skiing style. If you love Nordica as a brand and are on the hunt for the best Nordica ski boots for your next adventure, check out the top most recommended Nordica ski boots by Curated experts. And then don’t forget to chat with a Ski expert here on Curated for free, personalized recommendations on the best ski boots for your needs.

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  1. Nordica Speedmachine 100 Ski Boots 26.5 · 2021
  2. Nordica Speedmachine 110 Ski Boots · 2021
  3. Nordica Speedmachine 85 Women's Ski Boots 25.5 · 2021
  4. Nordica Promachine 130 Ski Boots · 2021
  5. Nordica Sportmachine 120 Ski Boots
100 / 100
Nordica Speedmachine 100 Ski Boots  26.5 · 2021

Nordica Speedmachine 100 Ski Boots 26.5 · 2021


The Nordica SpeedMachine is a resort-shredding all-mountain performer of a boot that is a perennial bestseller. This boot features some of the industry's best customization features, such as a fully moldable liner and shell. Both the liner and the shell can be heat-molded by your local ski shop, and Nordica's patented infrared technology makes for a perfect custom fit. The boots also have an easy-entry soft plastic flap on the tongue to take them off and put them on more easily. A soft instep reduces pressure points. The 4-buckle design allows you to dial in the tightness across your entire foot/ankle/calf, and forward-canted lean allows for a more natural skiing stance when you're crushing slopes!

All-mountain skiing. These boots are great for cruising on groomers and beginning to get into tougher terrain. These boots have a 100mm last, but are not the tightest fitting boots on the market by any means!

Harrison Brown
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Jul 16, 2021
REI+ free shipping$319.93
Ask your expert about matching the price on REI. free shipping$399.99
87 / 100
Nordica Speedmachine 110 Ski Boots · 2021

Nordica Speedmachine 110 Ski Boots · 2021

From $499.95

A really popular option this year! Comfortable and tons of performance! A 100mm last width for average/medium width. They use Nordicas Tri-force shell which is a design only reinforced in key areas to maintain a strong boot with a low weight! 3D Custom cork liners will mold to your feet and give a comfortable yet snug, performance fit!

One of the best boots for dialing in fit. A four buckle boot with a heat-moldable liner. 100mm last is great for medium-wide feet and a total cork heat moldable liner is great for customizing your fit. In addition, the shell itself is customizable at some boot shops that have infrared heaters to customize problem areas. 110 flex is moderate stiff to give you great performance.

Jasper Kirsten
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed Mar 30, 2021 free shipping$499.99
Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shop$499.95
87 / 100
Nordica Speedmachine 85 Women's Ski Boots  25.5 · 2021

Nordica Speedmachine 85 Women's Ski Boots 25.5 · 2021

From $399.95
$399.99 to $500.00
Up to 20% off

An 85 flex is perfect for intermediate skiers, It will offer great control and comfort! Adjustable cuff around calf can be made narrower or wider as needed, East instep and they use Nordicas "triforce construction" which is a lighter, thinner shell only reinforced in key areas for maximum performance and the lowest weight possible.

Comfortable, warm, easy to put on - these are great boots!! A really good step up from rentals they will give your wife room to improve without being overkill and too stiff. Nordica makes performance boots and these should last quite a while!

Mariah Wear
Verified Ski Expert • Reviewed May 16, 2021
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75 / 100
Nordica Promachine 130 Ski Boots · 2021

Nordica Promachine 130 Ski Boots · 2021


Built from lightweight material that is reinforced to offer the 130 flex. The liner is heat moldable and customizable so it's worth taking these to a ski shop and getting them molded properly to maximize the fit. Micro-adjustable buckles and a customizable shell help dial in the fit to perfection.

Level Nine Sports$524.99
75 / 100
Nordica Sportmachine 120 Ski Boots

Nordica Sportmachine 120 Ski Boots


These fit similar to the boots used for rental fleets. Great for those who aren't winning any medals, but still want to have comfort and control for under $500! free shipping$349.96
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