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Every day, Curated Winter Sports experts recommend ski and snowboard goggles to riders and skiers gearing up to head out on the slopes. This list brings together their top recommended goggles under $100. Note, however, that we don't believe in "best of" lists here at Curated – everyone is different and we believe in finding the best gear for you and not generally for the masses. Want to make sure you find the perfect goggles for your next trip? Talk to a Winter Sports Expert here on Curated to get free, personalized recommendations on the right goggles for your needs.

Clint Hobbs, Snowboarding Expert
Noah Rial, Ski Expert
George J, Snowboarding Expert
By Goggles ExpertsClint, Noah, George and others

Smith Squad Goggles

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The Smith Squad Goggles are a reliable choice for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. They are known for their ChromaPop lenses that enhance color and contrast, providing excellent clarity in all conditions. The goggles come with a spare lens for low light situations and a microfiber goggle bag. They feature a semi-rimless design and an oversized cylindrical lens for an increased field of view. The built-in Airflow technology ensures active ventilation, while the Fog-X anti-fog inner lens guarantees fog-free performance. They are a perfect fit for medium-to-large faces.
Ideal for
  • Ski and snowboard enthusiasts
  • People who prefer goggles with enhanced color and contrast
  • Those who need a spare lens for low light conditions
  • Individuals who prefer goggles with a wide field of view
  • People with medium-to-large faces
Not ideal for
  • People who prefer a more flashy goggle design
  • Those who prefer a spherical lens design
  • Individuals with smaller faces due to the size of the lenses
George J, Snowboarding Expert
Noah Rial, Ski Expert
Clint Hobbs, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts George J, Noah Rial, Clint Hobbs
The Smith Frontier Goggles are a game changer for those seeking high-end goggles at an affordable price. They offer excellent ventilation, a wide field of view, and top-notch optics. The goggles are particularly suited for sunny or bright light conditions, but also perform well in low or flat light. They are durable and comfortable, with a cylindrical lens for improved sight. However, they lack the option to purchase spare lenses.
Ideal for
  • Beginners and entry-level riders
  • Those seeking high-end goggles at a great price
  • Users who need good ventilation and a wide field of view
  • Sunny/bright light conditions, but also perform well in low/flat light
  • Those who value comfort and durability
Not ideal for
  • Those looking for a high-end pair with all the latest technology
  • Those who might need to buy spare lenses
Clint Hobbs, Snowboarding Expert
Gino Meyer, Ski Expert
Zachary Simon, Ski Expert
by Curated experts Clint Hobbs, Gino Meyer, Zachary Simon
The Giro Index 2.0 Goggles are a top pick for those who wear glasses on the slopes, thanks to their Over The Glasses (OTG) technology. They offer a comfortable fit with double-layer face foam and an anti-fogging coating for clear vision. However, they may not be the best choice for low-light conditions or night skiing. These goggles are also praised for their compatibility with various helmet styles.
Ideal for
  • People who wear glasses while skiing or snowboarding
  • Riders seeking a comfortable fit
  • Those who want clear vision with anti-fogging features
  • Individuals who use various helmet styles
Not ideal for
  • Low-light conditions or night skiing
Shannon Rooney, Ski Expert
Matt Francomano, Snowboarding Expert
Kevin Kuyper, Ski Expert
by Curated experts Shannon Rooney, Matt Francomano, Kevin Kuyper

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Scott Faze II Goggles

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The Scott Faze II Goggles are a top-notch choice for ski and snowboard enthusiasts looking for a budget-friendly option. They offer a wide field of view thanks to their spherical lenses, ensuring you never miss a detail on the slopes. The ACS lens ventilation and anti-fog design keep your vision clear, while the comfortable fit makes them suitable for long wear. Plus, they're compatible with helmets or hats, making them a versatile choice for various light conditions.
Ideal for
  • Ski and snowboard enthusiasts
  • Those needing a wide field of view
  • Users in various light conditions
  • Long wear
  • Helmet or hat users
Zachary Simon, Ski Expert
Billy King, Snowboarding Expert
by Curated experts Zachary Simon, Billy King
The Smith Daredevil Goggles are perfect for kids who love to ski or snowboard. They are designed to fit perfectly with a Smith helmet, ensuring maximum safety and comfort. The goggles are simple yet high-quality, with a lens that works well in any lighting conditions. They protect children's eyes from the glare off the snow, making their winter sports experience both fun and safe.
Ideal for
  • Kids who ski or snowboard
  • Use with Smith helmets
  • Protection from snow glare
  • All lighting conditions
Michele J., Snowboarding Expert
by Curated expert Michele J.
The Smith Rascal Goggles are perfect for young snow enthusiasts looking for high-quality eyewear at an affordable price. These goggles are known for their comfort, thanks to the single layer face foam, and clear visibility due to the anti-fog treated lens. They also feature the same great tech as Smith's adult optics, including anti-fog technology and a secure fit. The youth fit is on the smaller side, making them ideal for kids.
Ideal for
  • Young snow enthusiasts
  • Those looking for affordable, high-quality goggles
  • Those who need clear visibility in flat light conditions
  • Those who value comfort and a secure fit
Iain Kuo, Ski Expert
Zachary Simon, Ski Expert
by Curated experts Iain Kuo, Zachary Simon

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  1. Smith Squad Goggles
  2. Smith Frontier Goggles
  3. Giro Index 2.0 Goggles
  4. Scott Faze II Goggles
  5. Smith Daredevil Goggles · Kids'
  6. Smith Rascal Goggles · Kids'
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