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Sometimes you need great waders on a budget. Curated experts make sure to take each fisher's budget into account every time they make recommendations. This list brings together their top recommendations for waders under $500. Want a more personalized fit? Don't forget to talk to a Fly Fishing expert for free advice and recommendations on the best waders for your needs.

Lawson T., Fly Fishing Expert
Josh H., Fly Fishing Expert
Chase Chapman, Fly Fishing Expert
By Wader ExpertsLawson, Josh, Chase and others
The Orvis Men's Clearwater Wader is a top pick for anglers seeking a value-priced, feature-packed wader. Its lightweight and durable design, coupled with convenient features like side buckles for conversion to waist-high waders and a hand warmer side pocket, make it a standout choice. Its modern fit eliminates traditional wader bulk, and the updated anatomical neoprene booties with integrated gravel guards add to its appeal. However, for those spending months on the water or planning to wear them in super cold days, additional layers or a different model might be necessary.
Ideal for
  • Anglers seeking a value-priced, full-featured wader
  • Those who prefer a modern, less bulky fit
  • Anglers who need a durable and long-lasting wader
  • Anglers who fish during summer and spring seasons
  • Anglers who appreciate added features like hand warmer side pocket and zipper stash pocket
Not ideal for
  • Anglers who spend months on the water every year
  • Anglers who plan to wear them in super cold days without additional layers
Kendrick Wilson, Fly Fishing Expert
Jesi Scott, Fly Fishing Expert
Lawson T., Fly Fishing Expert
by Curated experts Kendrick Wilson, Jesi Scott, Lawson T.
The Orvis Women's Clearwater Wader is a top-notch choice for entry-level anglers, particularly women, due to its tailored cut for fit and comfort. Ideal for light wading and boat fishing, these waders are designed to endure several seasons of use. They offer the flexibility to layer up for colder days or go light on warmer ones. The waders also feature a large front pocket for essentials like phones and fishing licenses. However, they may not be suitable for heavy-duty use or saltwater fishing.
Ideal for
  • Entry-level anglers
  • Women anglers due to its tailored cut
  • Light wading and boat fishing
  • Anglers who need versatility in dressing for varying weather conditions
  • Anglers who need a large pocket for essentials
Not ideal for
  • Heavy-duty use
  • Saltwater fishing
  • Frequent use
  • Hot weather conditions
Baily Dent, Fly Fishing Expert
Denny Gregory, Fly Fishing Expert
Chris Sanchez, Fly Fishing Expert
by Curated experts Baily Dent, Denny Gregory, Chris Sanchez
The Redington Men's Crosswater Waders are a perfect match for value-conscious anglers and beginners. These waders are lightweight and breathable, making them comfortable for extended use. They come with all the essential features like gravel guards, a wading belt, and adjustable suspenders. The fit is slightly loose, allowing room for layering on colder days. However, they may not be suitable for heavy use as they may lack the durability of higher-end waders.
Ideal for
  • Value-conscious anglers
  • Beginners
  • Those who need a chest wader
  • Those who don't use waders more than 50 days per year
  • Those who prefer lightweight and breathable waders
Not ideal for
  • Those looking for a tight fit
  • Heavy use
Matt Beam, Fly Fishing Expert
Kendrick Wilson, Fly Fishing Expert
by Curated experts Matt Beam, Kendrick Wilson

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The Orvis Men's Clearwater Bootfoot Wader is a one-stop solution for those who love to fish during the spring and fall seasons. It's designed to keep you dry, however, the boots may not offer the best support or traction. Despite this, it's a great choice for those who prioritize dryness and convenience over high-performance footwear.
Ideal for
  • Fishing enthusiasts
  • Spring and fall fishing seasons
  • Those who prioritize dryness
  • Those who prefer convenience of combined waders and boots
Not ideal for
  • Those who need high support boots
  • Those who require boots with excellent traction
Mike M., Fly Fishing Expert
by Curated expert Mike M.
The Orvis Men's Ultralight Convertible Wader is a dream come true for the all-season angler. Its lightweight, breathable, and easily converts from chest to waist with simple magnetic snap buttons. Although it can be a bit tricky to put on with layers, it's a minor issue that becomes easier with time. Its modern fit, waterproof breathable nylon shell fabric, and external storage pocket with a water-resistant zipper make it a top-quality, long-lasting choice.
Ideal for
  • Year-round fishermen
  • Those who value comfort
  • Those who prefer lightweight gear
  • Those who appreciate quality and durability
Not ideal for
  • Those who wear multiple layers
Matt Beam, Fly Fishing Expert
Stefan E., Fly Fishing Expert
by Curated experts Matt Beam, Stefan E.

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  1. Orvis Men's Clearwater Waders
  2. Orvis Women's Clearwater Waders
  3. Redington Men's Crosswater Waders
  4. Orvis Men's Clearwater Bootfoot Waders
  5. Orvis Men's Ultralight Convertible Waders
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