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There are lots of great fly rods out there, but how do you know which one is the best one for you? Here at Curated, our independent experts recommend rods to customers just like you every day. Check out this list of our experts' top-recommended fly rods under $250, then chat with a Fly Fishing expert to make sure you find the perfect rod for you.

Chris Pinckney, Fly Fishing Expert
Wilson Jones, Fly Fishing Expert
Andrew N., Fly Fishing Expert
By Fishing ExpertsChris, Wilson, Andrew and others

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod

The Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod is a top-notch choice for both beginners and intermediate anglers. Its moderate fast action allows for a variety of casting styles and is forgiving of beginners' mistakes. It's also a great backup rod for more advanced anglers. The rod is well-suited for medium casting ranges, throwing streamers or bass bugs, and light saltwater applications. It's backed by Orvis' excellent 25-year no-fault warranty, making it a worry-free choice for all anglers.
Ideal for
  • Beginner to intermediate fly fishermen
  • Casting at medium ranges
  • Throwing streamers or bass bugs
  • Light saltwater applications
  • Anglers who value a long-term warranty
Not ideal for
  • Throwing nymphs or dries on TN tailwaters
  • Short casts
  • Fishing big waters with a fast action rod
  • Throwing big streamers and heavy line frequently
  • Anglers who are concerned about wrist fatigue from a heavier rod
Joseph Smith, Fly Fishing Expert
Matt Beam, Fly Fishing Expert
John T., Fly Fishing Expert
by Curated experts Joseph Smith, Matt Beam, John T.
The Douglas LRS Fly Rod is a top pick for those seeking a versatile and durable fly rod. Its lightweight and high sensitivity make it an excellent all-around trout stick. The carbon fiber reel seat insert not only adds style but also helps reduce weight. The cork grip with rubber/cork edges ensures durability over time. Plus, it's suitable for use in lakes, rivers, or the sea, making it a go-to rod for any fishing enthusiast.
Ideal for
  • Fishing in various water bodies including lakes, rivers, and the sea
  • Trout fishing
  • Those seeking a lightweight and highly sensitive rod
  • Those who value durability in their fishing gear
  • Those who appreciate stylish yet functional design elements
Stefan E., Fly Fishing Expert
by Curated expert Stefan E.
The Orvis Clearwater® 6-Piece Fly Rod is a versatile and powerful tool for any fly fisher. Its length and power make it ideal for controlling drifts and reaching far banks, and it can handle big bass with ease. It's a great rod for beginners and veterans alike, with plenty of power for longer casts and the versatility to handle a variety of dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. Plus, it's a rod that can grow with you as you further your skills in fly fishing.
Ideal for
  • Controlling drifts
  • Reaching far banks
  • Handling big bass
  • Longer casts
  • Handling a variety of dry flies, nymphs, and streamers
Not ideal for
  • Saltwater fishing
  • Fast action or as much feel as some of the much more expensive luxury rods
  • May lose some distance in this rod, being more of a beginner/ intermediate rod
Rob F., Fly Fishing Expert
Andrew Pfaffinger, Fly Fishing Expert
Tellan Lloyd, Fly Fishing Expert
by Curated experts Rob F., Andrew Pfaffinger, Tellan Lloyd

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The Temple Fork Outfitters Pro III Fly Rod is a versatile, quality rod at an affordable price. It's the successor to the highly rated Pro II series, and its fast action is sure to make it a favorite. The rod features a composite checkerboard reel seat insert and quality grade cork with EVA foam ends for ultimate durability. With line weights from 3wt-10wt, it's suitable for a wide range of fishing scenarios.
Ideal for
  • Anglers looking for a versatile, all-around rod
  • Those who value durability in their fishing gear
  • Fans of the Pro II series looking for an upgrade
  • Anglers of all skill levels, thanks to the range of line weights
Stefan E., Fly Fishing Expert
by Curated expert Stefan E.
The Douglas ERA Fly Rod is a fantastic choice for those looking to venture into saltwater fishing without breaking the bank. Its fast action blank allows for smooth, effortless casting, and it performs well within a 60' range. It's also beginner-friendly, making it easy to learn to cast. However, it may feel heavy if used for casting all day and loses power when casting beyond 60'.
Ideal for
  • Beginners learning to cast
  • Budget-conscious buyers
  • Saltwater fishing within a 60' range
  • Those looking for a budget-friendly backup rod
Not ideal for
  • Long duration casting
  • Casting beyond a 60' range
Skyler B, Fly Fishing Expert
Stefan E., Fly Fishing Expert
by Curated experts Skyler B, Stefan E.

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  1. Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod
  2. Douglas LRS Fly Rod
  3. Orvis Clearwater® 6-Piece Fly Rod
  4. Temple Fork Outfitters Pro III Fly Rod
  5. Douglas ERA Fly Rod
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