Most Recommended 1-Person Tents of 2023


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Meg R, Camping Expert
Nancy Ransom, Camping Expert
Jonathan Barrett, Camping Expert
By Tent ExpertsMeg, Nancy, Jonathan and others
The Nemo Hornet Tent is a top choice for ultralight backpacking, boasting a packed weight of just 2lb 6oz for a 2-person tent. It's easy to set up with a 1-pole system and offers ample space for one person with gear or two people with additional storage in the vestibules. Despite its lightweight, it's durable and can withstand challenging conditions. However, it's not ideal for harsh weather conditions or for those seeking a spacious interior.
Ideal for
  • Ultralight backpacking
  • 3-season camping
  • Backpacking with a partner
  • Stargazing with bug protection
  • Adventures requiring compact and lightweight gear
Not ideal for
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Camping with pets or a lot of gear
  • Taller individuals or those seeking spacious accommodations
  • Winter camping
  • Exposed ridge-line camping in windy conditions
Johnny V, Camping Expert
Connor Hult, Camping Expert
Taylor Nelson, Camping Expert
by Curated experts Johnny V, Connor Hult, Taylor Nelson

MSR Elixir Tent

The MSR Elixir Tent is a top pick for 2023, ideal for those who value durability, ease of setup, and versatility. Its sturdy construction and full-coverage rainfly make it perfect for camping in inclement weather. Despite being a bit heavy, it's praised for its quick and easy setup, spacious interior, and two large vestibules. It's a versatile choice, suitable for both backpacking and car camping, and can comfortably accommodate up to three people or even your furry friends.
Ideal for
  • First-time campers
  • Camping in inclement weather
  • Group camping with up to three people
  • Campers with pets
  • Versatile use - both backpacking and car camping
Not ideal for
  • Winter outings
  • Long backpacking trips due to its weight
Nancy Ransom, Camping Expert
Amy B, Camping Expert
Alex Hitt, Camping Expert
by Curated experts Nancy Ransom, Amy B, Alex Hitt

Nemo Dragonfly Tent

The Nemo Dragonfly Tent is a top choice for the ultralight backpacker who values comfort and durability. Weighing in at just over 2 lbs, this tent is perfect for multi-day trips where weight is a critical factor. It's easy to set up with color-coded poles and offers a spacious feel with its high-arching main pole. Despite its lightweight design, it's robust enough to withstand windy conditions, making it a reliable companion for any backpacking adventure.
Ideal for
  • Ultralight backpacking
  • Multi-day hiking trips
  • Situations where weight and space are critical
  • Users who value easy setup
  • Windy conditions
Not ideal for
  • Winter camping
  • Scenarios requiring a 3.5 to 4 season tent
  • Users who prefer a tent they can stand up in
Alex Dolan, Camping Expert
Alex Light, Camping Expert
Gregg Mason, Camping Expert
by Curated experts Alex Dolan, Alex Light, Gregg Mason

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Eureka! Midori Tent

The Eureka! Midori Tent is a top pick for 2023, perfect for the solo camper or a duo of a human and a furry friend. Its lightweight design (4lbs 7oz) makes it ideal for both car camping and backpacking. The tent offers ample space with a 30 sq ft interior, two doors for easy access, and two vestibules for gear storage. The increased headroom and durable fabric add to its appeal. It also features a rain fly for weather protection and a vented design to handle condensation.
Ideal for
  • Car camping
  • Backpacking
  • Camping with pets
  • Budget-conscious campers
  • Camping in various weather conditions
Kat Smith, Camping Expert
Gregg Mason, Camping Expert
Loui L, Camping Expert
by Curated experts Kat Smith, Gregg Mason, Loui L
The Eureka! Solitaire AL 1 Person Tent is a top pick for solo adventurers in 2023. Its lightweight design, weighing in at just over 3lbs, makes it perfect for backpacking trips. This 3-season tent offers durability and protection from the elements without sacrificing comfort. It's compact, but still has enough room for one person and their gear. The tent's unique design, which includes a mesh 'window' for ventilation, makes it a standout choice for those seeking a solo camping experience.
Ideal for
  • First-time backpackers
  • Solo excursions
  • Lightweight backpacking
  • 3-season camping
  • Camping with a small pet
Not ideal for
  • Those needing standing room
  • Extended indoor stays due to weather
Meg R, Camping Expert
Adam L., Camping Expert
Jon H., Camping Expert
by Curated experts Meg R, Adam L., Jon H.
The MARMOT Tungsten 1P Tent is a top pick for 2023, perfect for solo adventurers who value comfort, durability, and versatility. This 3-season tent offers excellent weather resistance, keeping you warm and dry in most conditions. It's lightweight at 3lbs 8oz, yet provides ample interior space (20sq. ft) and an 8.75 sq. ft vestibule for gear storage. The tent's great ventilation makes it ideal for hotter environments, and its compact packed size ensures it won't take up too much pack space.
Ideal for
  • Solo adventurers
  • 3-season camping
  • Taller campers
  • Hotter environments
  • Campers needing gear storage space
Alex Light, Camping Expert
Kat Smith, Camping Expert
by Curated experts Alex Light, Kat Smith
The Black Diamond Spotlight Bivy · Wasabi is a top pick for the minimalist adventurer who values weight and space efficiency. It's designed for all four seasons, and despite its lightweight design of 1lb 7oz, it provides more room than similar models. The single DAC Featherlite pole offers extra head and shoulder space, and the mesh panel with an awning ensures good ventilation. It's not suitable for casual camping, but it's a killer choice for those who need a compact, easy-to-use shelter.
Ideal for
  • Minimalist adventurers
  • Four-season camping
  • Those who value weight and space efficiency
  • Users needing extra head and shoulder space
  • Those who require good ventilation
Not ideal for
  • Casual camping
Etienne Arent, Camping Expert
Victor Von Claus, Camping Expert
by Curated experts Etienne Arent, Victor Von Claus
The Nemo Dragonfly Bikepacking 1 Person Tent is a top pick for solo adventurers, particularly bikepackers. Its compact design, lightweight (2lbs 4oz), and easy-to-pack frame poles make it perfect for long-distance travels. The tent offers increased interior height, high tub flooring for privacy and rain protection, and gear loops for organization. Its subdued color and non-reflective materials blend seamlessly with the environment, while color-coded poles ensure intuitive setup. However, it may not be ideal for those seeking the lightest option, as it weighs 3lbs 8oz.
Ideal for
  • Solo adventurers
  • Bikepackers
  • Long-distance travelers
  • Those who prefer a higher interior height
  • Those who value privacy and rain protection
Not ideal for
  • Those seeking the lightest tent option
Grayson Nichols, Camping Expert
Tessa Smith, Camping Expert
Carrie Sue Gamboa, Camping Expert
by Curated experts Grayson Nichols, Tessa Smith, Carrie Sue Gamboa
The Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo Tent is a dream come true for those who crave ultralight backpacking without breaking the bank. Weighing a mere 26 oz with a spacious 26 square foot floor area and an 8.5 square foot vestibule, it offers ample space and storm protection. Its rigid structure can withstand unfavorable conditions, and with a single adjustable trekking pole, setup is a breeze in under 2 minutes. However, to ensure full water resistance, seam sealing is required before use.
Ideal for
  • Ultralight backpackers
  • Budget-conscious campers
  • Solo adventurers
  • Campers in storm-prone areas
  • Campers who prefer quick and easy setup
Not ideal for
  • Campers who prefer a tent ready for use without additional waterproofing
Victor Von Claus, Camping Expert
by Curated expert Victor Von Claus
The MSR ThruHiker Mesh House 1 Person Tent is a minimalist's dream, offering basic shelter for three seasons. It's designed for solo adventurers who prefer to travel light. The tent can be pitched using trekking poles and paired with a wing or tarp for weather protection. This makes it a top pick for the Most Recommended 1-Person Tents of 2023.
Ideal for
  • Solo adventurers
  • Minimalist campers
  • Three-season camping
  • Lightweight backpacking
  • Those who use trekking poles
Not ideal for
  • Campers seeking full weather protection
  • Those who prefer traditional tent setup
  • Winter camping
Jonathan Barrett, Camping Expert
by Curated expert Jonathan Barrett

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Result Summary
  1. Nemo Hornet Tent
  2. MSR Elixir Tent
  3. Nemo Dragonfly Tent
  4. Eureka! Midori Tent
  5. Eureka! Solitaire AL 1 Person Tent · Jasmine Green, Mediterranean Blue, Dark Shadow
  6. MARMOT Tungsten 1P Tent
  7. Black Diamond Spotlight Bivy · Wasabi
  8. Nemo Dragonfly Bikepacking 1 Person Tent · Green
  9. Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo Tent
  10. MSR ThruHiker Mesh House 1 Person Tent · Red
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