Most Recommended Titleist Irons of 2023


Looking for the best Titleist irons to up your game? We don't believe that there is a "best" set of Titleist irons. We believe that there is a best set for you. Check out our unbiased experts' top ten most commonly recommended Titleist irons, then chat with a Curated golf expert to see what's best for you.

Christopher Colburn, Golf Expert
Rob Mora, Golf Expert
Jared T., Golf Expert
By Golf ExpertsChristopher, Rob, Jared and others
The Titleist 2023 T350 Irons are a game-changer for golfers seeking a high-quality forged iron that offers maximum forgiveness, exceptional feel, and increased distance. These irons are easy to launch and feature a new hollow-body construction, refined Max Impact Technology, a dual-taper forged face, and dual tungsten weighting. They are ideal for higher handicap players desiring a forged set of irons.
Ideal for
  • Players seeking a super forgiving iron
  • Players desiring a high-quality forged feel
  • Higher handicap players wanting a forged set of irons
  • Players looking to add distance to their game
  • Players who prefer irons that are easy to launch
Bobby Funkhouser, Golf Expert
Evan Groh, Golf Expert
Aaron Rogers, Golf Expert
by Curated experts Bobby Funkhouser, Evan Groh, Aaron Rogers
The Titleist 2023 T200 Irons are a top-tier choice for golfers seeking a perfect blend of distance, forgiveness, and control. These irons are designed with a multi-material hollow body construction, providing fast ball speeds and a high launch. The T200 Irons are a fantastic combination of a player's iron, in look and feel, and a game improvement iron, with great distance and forgiveness. The reengineered chassis creates a stiffer structure, enhancing the feel and performance across the entire surface. The Tour-inspired shape of T200 remains consistent, giving players confidence from a distance iron that looks clean and has less offset. The Variable Bounce Sole, developed for T100, allows the club to flow faster through the turf, even after contact. The use of dense D18 tungsten and a 2000* aerospace brazing process allows for more precise CG optimization, making these irons ideal for mid-handicap range players with solid ball striking abilities.
Ideal for
  • Mid Handicap range players with solid ball striking abilities
  • Players seeking a blend of performance, distance, feel and forgiveness
  • Golfers seeking distance and forgiveness in a players style iron
  • Players who appreciate a clean, confident shape and effortless turf interaction
  • Golfers looking for a high quality set of forged irons with some forgiveness
Not ideal for
  • Players who may need time to adjust to the smaller head size
Randy Boratyn, Golf Expert
John L., Golf Expert
Eric A., Golf Expert
by Curated experts Randy Boratyn, John L., Eric A.

Titleist T100S Irons

23% off
The Titleist T100S Irons, the most recommended Titleist Irons of 2023, are a top choice for skilled golfers who prioritize control, precision, and shot shaping. They are designed with a compact blade shape, thin topline, minimal offset, and a traditional player's profile. The irons are 2 degree strong by design and fully forged with a new Muscle Channel design that offers increased launch and ball speed. They are also the chosen iron set used by professionals on the PGA Tour. However, they may not be ideal for beginners due to their design elements and lower forgiveness.
Ideal for
  • Skilled golfers who prioritize control, precision, and shot shaping
  • Players looking for a combination of both control and feel
  • Low to Mid Handicap players looking for a compact head, playability and some forgiveness
  • Players who prefer a more traditional look and feel
  • Players who want to improve their iron play
Not ideal for
  • Beginners
  • High Handicap players looking for max forgiveness
  • Players seeking maximum distance
WeiWei Gao, Golf Expert
Sam C., Golf Expert
Christopher Thompson, Golf Expert
by Curated experts WeiWei Gao, Sam C., Christopher Thompson

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The Titleist 620 CB Irons are a top pick for 2023, offering a perfect blend of workability, trajectory control, and traditional lofts. These irons are ideal for players who value consistency and precision over maximum distance. The compact head design packs modern tech for added forgiveness, while the sleek look and small cavity back provide a buttery smooth feel. These irons are the 'Mercedes Benz' of golf clubs, offering a great middle option between the T100 and MB from Titleist.
Ideal for
  • Low handicap golfers
  • Players looking for workability and trajectory control
  • Players who value consistency and precision
  • Players who prefer a buttery smooth feel
  • Players who want a mid/high launch without sacrificing distance
Not ideal for
  • Golfers who prefer maximum distance and forgiveness
  • Players who are not great ball strikers
  • Players who need extra help in the distance department
  • Higher handicap players
Joshua Burgbacher, Golf Expert
Jameson H, Golf Expert
Jacob Wetzel, Golf Expert
by Curated experts Joshua Burgbacher, Jameson H, Jacob Wetzel
The Titleist T400 Irons are the ultimate choice for players seeking maximum speed, distance, and performance. These irons are packed with the latest technology from Titleist, including a hollow club head for greater speed and high-density tungsten weighting for optimal launch. They are the longest irons in the Titleist family and are perfect for those looking to upgrade from the AP3s. However, they may not be suitable for pros or those looking for workability and traditional lofts.
Ideal for
  • Players seeking maximum speed, distance, and performance
  • Players who need extreme forgiveness
  • Players who tend to dig the ball
  • Poor ball strikers
  • Players looking to upgrade from the AP3s
Not ideal for
  • Pros
  • Players with fast swing speeds/shaping shots/low trajectory
  • Players on a bit of a budget
  • Players looking for workability
  • Players looking for traditional lofts and a smaller club head
Damian Stebner, Golf Expert
Michael C, Golf Expert
Eric A., Golf Expert
by Curated experts Damian Stebner, Michael C, Eric A.

Titleist 2021 T100 Irons

23% off
The Titleist 2021 T100 Irons are the ultimate player's iron, offering precision, control, and unrivaled feel. These irons are designed for advanced golfers who want a blade with a thin topline and minimal offset. They are low launching and very workable, perfect for shaping shots on command and controlling yardages down to the inch. The T100 Irons are the #1 iron on Tour, offering tour-inspired looks and a solid forged feel. They are not ideal for players needing a high launching set of irons or those who prefer a more forgiving iron.
Ideal for
  • Advanced golfers wanting a blade that has a thin topline and minimal offset
  • Players looking for a set of irons that is low launching and very workable
  • Players wanting the best of the best, a set of irons that will outperform any other set on the market and is tour-proven
  • Players wanting to play the iron used by the most touring professionals around the world
  • Players who are wanting to shape the ball on command, as well as hit flighted shots with ease
  • Low handicap golfers
Not ideal for
  • Players needing a high launching set of irons
  • Players needing a set of irons that's very forgiving
  • Players who prefer an iron that is designed for improving their game
  • Mid to High handicap golfers
John L., Golf Expert
Evan Massena, PGA, Golf Expert
Bobby Funkhouser, Golf Expert
by Curated experts John L., Evan Massena, PGA, Bobby Funkhouser
The Titleist 2023 T150 Irons are a perfect blend of performance and forgiveness, designed for players seeking more distance without sacrificing playability. The irons offer enhanced feel and consistency, refined control, and effortless turf interaction. The use of dense D18 tungsten allows for precise CG placement, resulting in outstanding MOI and launch dynamics. The T150 Irons are ideal for players who want a Tour-inspired iron that delivers confidence and improved performance on the course.
Ideal for
  • Players seeking more distance
  • Players who want a blend of performance and forgiveness
  • Low to mid handicap players
  • Players who want a Tour-inspired iron
  • Players looking for enhanced feel and consistency
Not ideal for
  • Mid Single Digit Players
  • Higher Handicappers
John L., Golf Expert
Mark D., Golf Expert
Bobby Funkhouser, Golf Expert
by Curated experts John L., Mark D., Bobby Funkhouser
The Titleist 620 MB Irons are the epitome of a true player's iron. These irons are designed for the best strikers of the ball, offering unparalleled feel, feedback, and shot-making capabilities. The classic blade forged style and reduced offset provide a player's look, while the progressive blade length and tour-refined sole ensure optimized play and improved turf interaction. However, these irons are not for the faint-hearted and are best suited for those consistently shooting scores around par.
Ideal for
  • Players looking for a blade forged style
  • Those who value shot-making and playability
  • Players who want a pure blade with a classic look
  • Golfers who are ready to compete beyond club championships
  • Best strikers of the ball
Not ideal for
  • High handicappers
  • Players not consistently shooting scores around par
Rob Mora, Golf Expert
Mike Gormley, Golf Expert
Scott Wolbers, Golf Expert
by Curated experts Rob Mora, Mike Gormley, Scott Wolbers
The Titleist 2023 T100 Irons are the perfect fit for low handicap players seeking precision control and unrivaled feel. The irons' fully forged dual-cavity construction and precision CNC face milling process provide a solid feel at impact and consistent contact for greater control. The enhanced back bar and refined body construction offer improved feel and control. The Variable Bounce Sole ensures effortless turf interaction, while the use of dense D18 tungsten provides better flight. These irons are ideal for players confident in their ball striking ability and looking for maximum trajectory control and the ability to flight shots in the wind.
Ideal for
  • Low handicap players
  • Players seeking precision control
  • Players desiring unrivaled feel
  • Players confident in their ball striking ability
  • Players looking for maximum trajectory control and the ability to flight shots in the wind
Not ideal for
  • High handicap players
  • Players seeking high forgiveness across the club face
  • Players looking for high workability
Jacob Wetzel, Golf Expert
Joshua Malutan, Golf Expert
John L., Golf Expert
by Curated experts Jacob Wetzel, Joshua Malutan, John L.

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  7. Titleist 2023 T150 Irons
  8. Titleist 620 MB Irons
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