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Sarah Caldwell, Camping Expert
Steven Nistler, Camping Expert
Robert M, Camping Expert
By Backpack ExpertsSarah, Steven, Robert and others
The Gregory Amber 65 Backpack for women is a top recommendation for those seeking a backpack that offers a blend of functionality and affordability. Its 65L volume range makes it perfect for extended trips, while its super adjustable and breathable back-panel ensures comfort during long hauls. The pack's numerous internal and external pockets provide ample organization options, and it's hydration compatible, making it ideal for outdoor adventures. An included rain-cover adds to its practicality.
Ideal for
  • Extended trips
  • Outdoor adventures
  • Users needing ample storage and organization options
  • Users seeking comfort during long hauls
  • Users seeking a hydration compatible backpack
Elizabeth H., Camping Expert
Alex Dolan, Camping Expert
by Curated experts Elizabeth H., Alex Dolan
The Gregory Amber 55 Backpack in Nocturne Blue is a versatile choice for women who enjoy backpacking trips of any length. Its key feature is the widely adjustable torso length, allowing for a perfect fit. However, it may not be suitable for ultralight backpacking.
Ideal for
  • Women
  • Backpacking trips of any length
  • Users who need a pack with a widely adjustable torso length
Not ideal for
  • Ultralight backpacking
Robert M, Camping Expert
by Curated expert Robert M
The Gregory Paragon 48 Backpack is perfect for those who love to go on 1-3 night excursions, or even longer if they prefer a minimalist approach. It's also a hit among ultra-lighters for multi-day outings. The backpack's breathable, adjustable, and comfortable suspension system, hydration sleeve for water reservoir, and multiple compartments for easy organization and gear access make it a standout choice.
Ideal for
  • 1-3 night excursions
  • Minimalist approach
  • Multi-day outings for ultra-lighters
  • Users who need a breathable, adjustable, and comfortable backpack
  • Users who prefer easy organization and gear access
Samuel Allen, Camping Expert
by Curated expert Samuel Allen

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The Gregory Amber 55L Backpack in Arctic Grey is a top choice for women embarking on multi-day trips. Its adjustable torso and hip belt sections allow for a personalized fit, ensuring ultimate comfort during long hikes. The pack's hip belt pockets are perfect for keeping snacks and small gear handy. It's also hydration system compatible, making it easier to stay hydrated on the go. With well-organized pockets and an integrated raincover, this backpack is designed to keep your belongings dry and secure.
Ideal for
  • Women
  • Multi-day trips
  • Hikers who value comfort and adjustability
  • Those who need a hydration system compatible pack
  • Individuals who prefer well-organized pockets and rain protection
Not ideal for
  • Individuals with a torso measurement outside of 14-19 inches
Amy B, Camping Expert
by Curated expert Amy B

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Result Summary
  1. Gregory Amber 65 Backpack- Women's
  2. Gregory Amber 55 Backpack- Women's · Nocturne Blue
  3. Gregory Paragon 48 Backpack- Men's
  4. Gregory Amber 55L Backpack · Arctic Grey
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