Rome Ravine Snowboard · 2020

Rome Snowboards

Rome Ravine Snowboard · 2020

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Product details
Model year
Sintered Base
Wood Core
Snowboard bend
Snowboard shape
Snowboard Expert Colby Henderson
Recommended by Colby and 82 other Winter Sports Experts
277 reviews
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What it’s good for

This board is a super fun free rider with a softer flex than most boards in it class, it can still turn up the head but it super playful and fluid as well. does everything well including digging a trench in groomers. 3D bevel in the nose helps add float and increase the smoothness of turn initation ...stance is set back about 15mm and it has about 10 mm of taper..meaning the nose is 10mm wider than the tail..all of this makes for a sick freeride option!

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