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Line Skis Sir Francis Bacon Skis · 2020

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Product details

Stiffer and narrower than it used to be, the 2020 Sir Francis Bacon has become more of an all-mountain tool than in previous years.

Key Features:

  • 107mm Underfoot – The over 100mm width starts to lean this ski into the powder ski category without being too wide. This ski will do much better in soft snow, but won’t be totally out of place on a groomed run.

  • Rocker/Camber/Rocker Profile – This ski has rocker in the tip and tail, meaning that it will have some float in powder and be easy to turn.

  • 16m Turn Radius – This is a relatively short radius for a ski of this width, meaning that it will be very maneuverable, but not as good for straightlining.

Model year
Waist width (mm)
Ski Expert Ike B
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What it’s good for

Twin tip, mid-fat powder ski! Line skis are known to be poppy and lively, and these are no exception. Their wood core puts them in the mid-weight range, but they are still narrow enough to be fun even when conditions aren't crazy deep.

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