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Arbor Foundation Snowboard · 2021

Arbor Foundation Snowboard · 2021

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Product details

The Arbor Foundation Snowboard is an ideal board for beginner riders that are looking to take the step to buy their first board to advance their riding.

Key Features:

  • The System Rocker – The System Rocker design provides riders with a surfy and forgiving ride, perfect for first-time riders and advanced riders alike.

  • Directional Twin Shape – Slightly differently shaped nose than tail to help float in powder with a twin flex pattern.

  • Soft Flex – This flex is ideal for park and beginner riders because it is more forgiving and easier to control than stiffer flexing boards.

  • Grip Tech Sidecut – This adds four extra contact points at the binding inserts as a natural way to provide extra control when extra traction is necessary.

  • Extruded Base – This tough base is easy to maintain and repair.

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Top reviews
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Charles Schembre
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Mar 19, 2021

A high quality do-it-all board for folks who are still pretty novice and looking for something to help get them to next level and conquer the whole mountain. This board is rocker shaped, so this means it shaped sort of like a "banana" and the points of contact of the board are in between your feet. The board's shape will help you progress your turning into nice S shapes, and if you want to start learning how to butter around and make flat ground 360's to progress your riding even more, this is the perfect board. The board has a soft flex and will be very playful and easy to move around.

Mason Whitehead
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Mar 17, 2021

This board lands squarely in the "do-it-all" category, meaning it will perform wherever you wanna take it. It will be a great board to progress your riding on, and if you ever decide you want to make your way out of the trees and try your luck on some rails, jumps, or even some powder, this board's soft flex and rocker profile will let you have fun wherever you want to go.

Jon Kunkler
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Mar 10, 2021

The Arbor Foundation is a beginner-oriented, all-mountain board that's great for riders looking to expand their skills and ride all over the mountain or anyone that likes a forgiving board with a playful, surfy feel.

  • This is a directional twin with their "system" rocker profile that makes turning easier and gives a fun, surfy feel.
  • Arbor makes a quality product, and this board has reinforced sidewalls that wrap all the way around and an upgraded core that is light and durable.
  • GripTech edges add confidence on firm days.
  • A well-balanced board!
  • 3/10 soft, forgiving flex.
Eric Sage
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Mar 10, 2021

This board from Arbor features a Rocker profile wrapped with Grip Tech that helps the board hold its edges! The grip tech side cuts help cut through the Ivey conditions as well. You'll be able to carve through any terrain confidently on this directional twin board as you progress in your career. The directional twin helps stay on top of powder! On top of this board being beautiful it is very durable and should last long into your career easily paying for its self over renting!

Gregory H
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jan 29, 2021

This board is a great on especially for the price. It is a directional true twin rocker that you can progress with and ride for a long time. It says intermediate/beginner rider in its profile and the price would agree with that but I have some gnarly shredders use this bad boy with a smile on their face. It has a softer flex and is a really solid all mountain ride.

Diego Betts
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jan 29, 2021

This forgiving and fun board will be great for learning to ride. It has a mellow flex and full rocker, making it forgiving and harder to catch an edge. It will initiate turns easily and allow you to progress your skills. You can't go wrong learning on this board!

Alex V.
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Dec 30, 2020

This Foundation snowboard is great to learn on and have something to ride for a long time. Rocker profile is ideal for learning as it lifts the contact points off the snow and allows for easy turn initiation. Grip tech underfoot helps grip on ice.

Jen Simon
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jan 19, 2021

The Rocker System combines a progressive parabolic arc rocker profile with a tri-radial Grip Tech sidecut design. This will allow you to enjoy a more natural and clean transition in turns with a high-performance surfy ride.

Dave Riley
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Feb 15, 2021

It’s a great all-mountain board. So good for beginners, but that doesn’t mean you’ll grow out of it anytime soon. You’ll gain confidence and then progress, and you'' still love this board years down the road.

Colby Henderson
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Mar 17, 2021

This is a GREAT option for getting your turns dialed in and gaining confidence on the mountain. It is a board that will last you multiple seasons as you progress.