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K2 Mindbender 98 TI Alliance Skis · 2020

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Product details

The K2 Mindbender 98 Ti Alliance is a women’s mid-width all around ski that is equally at home both on and off piste.

Key Features:

  • 98mm Underfoot – The ~100mm width is very versatile and narrow enough to make the ski maneuverable on hardpack, but wide enough to be able to ski powder reasonably well.

  • Rocker/Camber/Rocker Profile – This ski has rocker in the tip and tail, meaning that it will float in powder and be easy to turn.

  • Y Beam Technology – Precision turning at the front of the ski while the rear is easy to break loose. This provides the maneuverability needed for steeper freeride skiing.

  • Titanal – Titanal is a metal in the ski that reduces vibration and increases stability at speed. A ski with Titanal will excel on icy slopes.

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Top reviews
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David Goodman
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Feb 1, 2021

It's called an all-mountain ski for a reason. The Mindbender series is designed to take on any part of the mountain! They have a shorter sidecut (turning radius) so that you can rip through the trees with no problem, a nice wide shovel tip to give the ski a little more float on those deeper days, and a tip and tail rocker to make sure it can tackle the whole mountain. Works well on the steeps and can lay a trench in the snow if you are up for it. Don't forget that TI in the name as well! K2 gave this ski a lightweight aspen wood core to complement the Y-shaped Titanal® layer in the ski to give the ski a little more torsional stiffness (how the ski twists) to really let it charge when you want to.

Nicholas Fink
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Nov 21, 2020

This ski allows you to ski any conditions with confidence. 98mm underfoot strikes a great balance for both firm and soft snow conditions. Stiff and stable enough to handle firm conditions and blast through crud, but with a shape that makes it float above it's waist width. These are true quiver killers.

Aaron Bandler
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Nov 15, 2020

A sturdier ski with a titanal layer makes this a strong groomer ski, it will hold an edge and be able to ski fast. It has a all mountain rocker profile featuring a wide rockered tip so that you will float on powder. Short to Medium turn radius will allow for a variety of speeds comfortably.

Cam Baker
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Nov 21, 2020

This is a really versatile ski. It's a little heavier because of the titanal but that makes it more stable for skiing fast. Hard to go wrong with these skis, especially if you ski a really wide variety of terrain.

Mikaela C.
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Sep 28, 2020

All mountain security and plenty of fun. This ski totes the All Terrain rocker that many K2 lovers have come to love due to it's versatility in the crud and fluff along and superior control on hard pack.

Sean Smith
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Oct 5, 2020

Great ski all over the mountain but really shines in the trees and backbowls and a fantastic feel on groomers for a ski with a 98 waist.

Mariah Wear
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Jul 31, 2020

98mm underfoot should provide plenty of float in the deep snow and this ski can still charge on groomers and crud with no issues.

Dan Lee
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Oct 5, 2020

This ski is super fun all mountain, crushing off piste terrain, while laying solid carves on the front side.

Oliver Kennedy
Verified ski expert
Reviewed Sep 19, 2020

Busting through anything! 98 underfoot is plenty enough for some deeper patches too.