Academy Propaganda   Snowboard · 2020


Academy Propaganda Snowboard · 2020

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Product details

The Academy Propaganda Snowboard is a staple park board in Academy’s lineup. This board is best for beginner park riders who are honing their skills, yet is advanced enough to suit expert park riders too.

Key Features:

  • Zero Camber – Flat between the feet for maximum stability to help stick sketchy landings off of jumps/rails.

  • True Twin Shape – This board has the same shape and flex at the nose and tail, so it can be ridden switch and feel/handle the same as it rides regular.

  • Soft Flex – This flex is ideal for park and beginner riders because it is more forgiving and easier to control than stiffer flexing boards.

  • FDS Dampening System – A thin rubber foil that provides a lighter and snappier feel on Academy’s freestyle boards.

  • Low Profile Tip / Tail – The low profile in the tips gives the board maximum contact with the snow which allows for more powerful pop and extra stability on landings.

Model year
Sintered Base
Wood Core
Snowboard bend
Snowboard shape
True Twin
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What it’s good for

Medium flex park centric board that is winning awards left and right. The Academy Propaganda is a zero camber board with tons of pop, stability and high end materials to be able to ride the whole mountain. Sweet option and even sweeter graphic.

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