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Bataleon Disaster Snowboard · 2021

Bataleon Disaster Snowboard · 2021

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Product details

The Bataleon Disaster Snowboard is a soft flexing park board ready to tackle all the jumps and jibs riders can throw at it.

Key Features:

  • Low Camber – Traditional camber that is slightly lower than the industry standard to provide increased pop and edge control.

  • Jib 3BT™ – This park oriented profile has a wide center base for stability on landings, presses, and for loading up ollies with a short uplift section. The low angle uplift begins outside the bindings for decreased risk of hangups while jibbing.

  • True Twin – This board has the same shape and flex at the nose and tail, so it can be ridden switch and feel/handle the same as it rides regularly.

  • Super Slick X Base – This board has an extruded base that has the highest molecular content possible for extruded types, making it ride faster but still easy to maintain.

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    Top reviews
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    Diego Betts
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 26, 2021

    A super soft board meant for freestyle and jibbing, but will be super forgiving for somebody getting into the game and wanting a board that will be mellow and catch-free for learning to link turns and be out all day. The 2.5/10 flex on this means that you can get off your game a little bit and not get whipped around when an edge catches. Great for someone learning, but still stable enough to take it into the park and freestyle terrain when you get better.

    Jameson W.
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021

    Progression: Work your way from green runs to blue runs in no time. Want to explore in the park a little or have some fun on side jibs? This is your board for gaining confidence each and every ride.

    Andrew Wood
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021

    Awesome park/all mountain slayer, features the 3bt tech in the nose and tail which works like the hull of a boat for super smooth turning and added float in deeper snow

    Robin Santarius
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 15, 2021

    Great all mountain ripper, The bowl shape in the tip and tail known as 3bt makes this board super playful.

    Mike Osborne
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Nov 2, 2020

    Fun all mountain twin. Good, forgiving shape.