Lib Tech Dynamiss C3 Snowboard Women's · 2020

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Lib Tech Dynamiss C3 Snowboard Women's · 2020

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Product details

The Lib Tech Dynamiss is an aggressively-cambered freeride-oriented board that’s ideal for advanced female riders who are looking for a one-board quiver killer.

Key Features:

  • C3 Camber – This profile offers the benefits of full camber - pop, control, and edge hold - with the addition of a slight rocker section between the feet, so you can still have a forgiving ride.

  • Medium/Stiff Flex – This flex is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders who want to be able to ride fast and have responsive edge to edge transitions, but don’t want to lose the board’s playfulness for more surfy runs.

  • Directional Shape – The board stance is setback and the nose is extended for extra float in powder.

  • Magne-Traction® – Proprietary edge technology uses strategically located edge serrations to provide additional traction on icy surfaces.

Extruded Base
Wood Core
Snowboard bend
Snowboard shape
Snowboard Expert Nick Nash
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What it’s good for

This is a great board for all your powder needs. It has a 20+mm set back built in to allow you to float on pow. Lib Techs Mange Traction make it great at holding edges in all conditions, even on ice if you ever make it out towards the ice coast. The slight rocker shape in the middle is just another plus for making this a powder board by helping keep that nose out of the snow. But the camber under the feet make it a great board to really power into between turns.

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