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Lib Tech Dynamiss C3 Snowboard Women's · 2020

Lib Tech Dynamiss C3 Snowboard Women's · 2020

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Product details

The Lib Tech Dynamiss is an aggressively-cambered freeride-oriented board that’s ideal for advanced female riders who are looking for a one-board quiver killer.

Key Features:

  • C3 Camber – This profile offers the benefits of full camber - pop, control, and edge hold - with the addition of a slight rocker section between the feet, so you can still have a forgiving ride.

  • Medium/Stiff Flex – This flex is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders who want to be able to ride fast and have responsive edge to edge transitions, but don’t want to lose the board’s playfulness for more surfy runs.

  • Directional Shape – The board stance is setback and the nose is extended for extra float in powder.

  • Magne-Traction® – Proprietary edge technology uses strategically located edge serrations to provide additional traction on icy surfaces.

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Product specs
Snowboard type
All Mountain, Freeride
Snowboard skill level
Model year
Snowboard flex
Binding Mount Pattern
Edge Tech
Effective Edge (mm)
Made in the USA
Rocker Type
Sidecut Radius (m)
Stance Range (in)
18.5 - 23.5
Stance Setback (in)
Tail Width (mm)
Tip Width (mm)
Waist width (mm)
1 Year
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Top reviews
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Adam E
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Mar 15, 2021

This board is a solid choice for an aggressive experienced rider who rides the whole mountain yet prefers powder. The directional tapered shape gives it great float. The C3 mostly camber profile gives it a lively dynamic feel. Its serrated magne-traction edges are some of the most aggressive around giving you solid edge hold and confidence in icy conditions. Nimble and easy turning through the trees and stable when you hit the gas. Great for aggressive and dynamic all around riding without feeling clunky. Great when the powder is light, but also good as things get tracked out, heavy or when moguls start to form and areas get scraped off exposing ice. While not a true twin, you can ride it switch from time to time or on a long cat track to give your calves a rest.

Dan Porras
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Feb 1, 2021

This is an amazing board to add to any quiver. It can do it all, although it really shines on steep, fast powdery terrain. It has a light 75% aspen core which is great if you like to hike with your board because less fatigue means better riding right?! The directional stance with a 1" setback will float over anything like a breeze. It has Magne-traction edges which aid immensely in icy conditions and it's wide underfoot for better float and stability on those landings. It's a great board for an experienced all-mountain rider that constantly wants to push the limits! Medium to firm flex will handle everything!

William Cameron
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Feb 1, 2021

A directional board will help keep you afloat in deep pow. A little flex and good pop from the aspen core make it perfect for those freestyle riding conditions most experienced riders are looking for. Pow hunters unite! If you have not heard of BNA (banana tech), it's a pretty unique layout for rocker/camber. It will be super responsive for quick maneuverability because of the camber just outside of your underfoot. Finally, the medium stiffness will help you cut through the chop after a long day of riding powder and help you to get a little tricky with it when you wanna show off.

Nick Nash
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Mar 15, 2021

This is a great board for all your powder needs. It has a 20+mm setback built in to allow you to float on pow. Lib Tech's Magne-Traction makes it great at holding edges in all conditions, even on ice. The slight rocker shape in the middle is just another plus for making this a powder board by helping keep that nose out of the snow. But the camber under the feet makes it a great board to really power into between turns.

Eli Dickes
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Feb 1, 2021

This board is going to devour any and all powder you put under it. The binding mounts are set back farther than your average board, giving some leverage which will help you stay on top of the pow. Because it's a medium stiffness directional board, this board is also going to serve well if you want to get some carving laps in, or if you run into a tracked out or icy face in the backcountry. Lib tech's Magne-traction is notorious for having exceptional traction when riding on the edges.

Jon Kunkler
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Feb 1, 2021

This is the women's version of the terrain-wrecker, and it is an awesome all-mountain board. This is a board that just feels easy, fun, and smooth the minute you jump on.

  • It is a tapered directional with a hybrid rocker profile and a true medium flex.
  • It is all about balance — fast yet stable, responsive yet playful.
  • This board is great in pow, on groom, and even rips, park, and pipe.
  • Like the terrain wrecker, it eats up choppy terrain with nice dampness and solid edge hold.
Cameron Dean
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Feb 1, 2021

This is a great board for almost anything but has some key features and specs that make it shine in the powder. Like 20mm set back and a bigger nose provides the float and the slight rocker in the middle only makes that better and gives it an easy to feel "float point" when riding. The directional shape and camber zones are where you will find this board's snap and stability while Magne-traction on the edges make all turns feel like you are glued to the snow, even on ice!

Ryan Ung
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Mar 15, 2021

Groomed runs, Powder. Advanced board with a hybrid profile of rocker in the center and camber outside of the feet for increased stability at high speeds and during hard carves. The board has a stiffness of rating of 5, medium to stiff, and is built to float well in the power while maintaining control on groomed runs. A size 149cm board is a balance between floating in the powder and being able to turn quickly without having too much board to maneuver.

Tucker Speer
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Feb 1, 2021

The Dynamiss is at home riding in deeper snow and making some deep trenches carving on the trails. The C3 camber profile gives the rider control and responsiveness to their turns. The mellow mag (lib tech's proprietary edge design) allows for great edge hold without being too aggressive, assuring that the rider is still in control of their ride. For an experienced rider in Colorado, this board would do very well.

Ian Bone
Verified snowboard expert
Reviewed Jan 27, 2021

Pow and all mountain riding. This board is a directional twin with a about 20mm setback to help on those pow days. The rocker camber hybrid allows this board to perform great in hardpack and in pow so the rider never feels like they are in a situation where they feel underboarded. Plus Lib Techs magne-traction helps cut into ice and tough snow to provide grip in the worst conditions