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Bataleon Party Wave Snowboard · 2021

Bataleon Party Wave Snowboard · 2021

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Product details

The Bataleon Party Wave Snowboard is a wider and shorter board that’s meant to be ridden 5-10cm shorter than your usual size. It’s best for intermediate and expert riders who want a smaller board to slash through powder and all other terrain at the resort.

Key Features:

  • Medium/Soft Flex – 4 on a scale of 1-10, this flex is best for riders who want a more playful and forgiving ride that can still handle some speed.

  • Mellow Camber – Traditional camber is slightly reduced to provide a little more of a surfy ride.

  • POW 3BT™ with SideKick™ – The SideKick sidebase uplift gives the board extra upward lift when turning in powder. This, paired with the large nose, makes the board float effortlessly in powder.

  • ABS Solid Walls – The sidewalls with ABS technology are flexible and strong.

  • Super Slick X Base – This upgrade to traditional extruded bases adds extra speed, but retains the ease of maintenance.

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    Top reviews
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    Charles Schembre
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

    All-mountain free ride board providing extra float and turn initiation with its 3D base. The 3D base essentially uplifts the side base from the center base giving the board serious carving ability. This board is wide and should be ridden about 5-10 cm shorter than your regular length. Great all-mountain board for the rider who wants a board that excels in powder.

    Bryan Burtis
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 24, 2021

    Great all mountain board that will easily float in powder but also maintain a great edge when you leave the powder. This board has a 3D base that basically lifts the side base from the center base allowing for exceptional carving capabilities. Recommended 5-10cm shorter than you typically ride.

    Chris Martorana
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Feb 11, 2021

    The board's width will excel in powder. Due to that width, I recommend a shorter length. This board features an uplift at the widest parts of the nose which will facilitate carving in all conditions.

    Trent Whiting
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

    Directional shape is great for carving and the wide nose and swallow tail make it great for finding pits of powder. It's not so aggressive that you won't be able to ride it on trail either.

    Arielle B
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Nov 6, 2020

    Short and wide, designed for all the play (on and off piste). Meant to be ridden 5-10cm shorter than normal and will definitely be fun in all the powder days ahead of you!

    Jon Kunkler
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

    POWDER. and trees. Small and light for backcountry excursions on your back. Having fun throwing out rooster tails and popping natural hits.

    Halston R
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Jan 21, 2021

    DEEP POW DAYS! With a wider waist and swallow tail, just try to submarine this board!

    Robert Yuan
    Verified snowboard expert
    Reviewed Oct 24, 2020

    Trees, powder, carving, butters, and having a good time.